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Cinderella by demonrobber Cinderella :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 20 7
At midnight Cinderella dropped her glass phone
Sadly she went home alone
It was finger print protected
She was no longer connected
Prince Charming found her mobile
He liked her style
Whoever could unlock the phone he would wed
Cinderella was the lady, enough said
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 0
Vincent Van Gogh by demonrobber Vincent Van Gogh :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 20 5
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent cut off his ear in a rage
He was the greatest artist of his age
He was touched by madness
A life full of melancholic sadness
He painted Starry Night
A most beautiful site
He killed himself with a gun
The legend had only just begun
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 2 0
Horrorworld by demonrobber Horrorworld :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 17 0
A horror show with Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck in a haunted house
A pantomime with Cinderella
At the end she kills that Charming fella
Clap hands, take your stance
All join in The Thriller dance
A Winter spectacular with Bloody Snow White
Horrorworld is always a spine-chilling night
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 0
Winter Ghosts by demonrobber Winter Ghosts :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 35 10
Winter Ghosts
Winter Ghosts
Winter ghosts glide across the snow
With no particular place to go
Listen to their melancholic chants
Join them in a macabre dance
They sleepwalk across the decades
Despair grows as hope fades
Treat them well and they will set you free
Otherwise you will remain for eternity
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 2
The Puppet's Christmas Dream by demonrobber The Puppet's Christmas Dream :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 34 7
The Puppet's Christmas Dream
The Puppet's Christmas Dream
On Christmas Day dreams come true
Some puppets have dreams too
The puppet wants to be set free
She wishes to gain her liberty
She imagines sitting on a crescent moon
And dancing to a happy tune
On Christmas Day her wish is granted
The whole world now seems so enchanted
No more pulling of strings
What happiness her freedom brings
She loves to choose her own way
She loves to sing and play
We are all tied up in chains
"Set them free" the puppet exclaims
The puppet master considers this remark
There is a sudden flash and spark
All the chains fall to the ground
What a wonderful sound
The puppet master has set us free
Christmas is our day of liberty
Freedom is a glorious thing
Listen to the puppets sing
I hope this Christmas your dreams come true
The puppets are singing especially for you
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 5 2
Cheating Death by demonrobber Cheating Death :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 74 2
Cheating Death
Cheating Death
The witch was getting frail and old
She could feel the chill of the cold
She did not want to die
She started to cry
She resolved to cast a spell
That would make her young and well
She would now live forever
She thought she was oh so clever
She felt wonderful and free
She believed this was her destiny
She met princes and princesses
She indulged in many excesses
But as time past by
Her old friends started to die
She felt miserable inside
The sadness would not subside
Now she appreciates the value of friends
Her love and adoration for them never ends
The future is hard to foretell
She resolved to reverse the spell
Sometimes the things we want most
Are as elusive as a cheerful ghost
Youth is not always a cherished gift
The witch felt her gloom start to lift
She accepted death was close at hand
She would soon depart her beloved land
Shortly she would pass into another domain
Only her lifeless body would remain
Now she is with all her old friends
And that is where this story e
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 5 2
The Witch And The Grim Reaper by demonrobber The Witch And The Grim Reaper :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 52 11
The Witch And The Grim Reaper
The Witch And The Grim Reaper
(A story of redemption)
The witch was angry so she cast a spell
She sent her lover to eternal Hell
She discovered he had been cheating
Whilst she had been trick and treating
She was in a state of blind fury
She was found guilty of murder by a jury
Now the Grim Reaper is on her case
The witch finally succumbs to the chase
She submits and reconciles herself to Hell
Will she cope? Who can tell?
So be careful when you fall in love
Be as true as a pure white dove
The Grim Reaper drags her by the hair
She screams and screams but he does not care
He will take her to a place full of corruption and decay
In a final act of desperation she starts to pray
God hears her call and resolves to save the day
He strikes the Grim Reaper who is blown away
The witch is granted a new lease of life
And in time she becomes a happy and contented wife
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 3 0
Edgar Allan Poe by demonrobber Edgar Allan Poe :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 57 7
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe had a gift for prose
Where his ideas came from nobody knows
He created stories of horror and crime
They were quite disturbing most of the time
They could inspire a troubled dream
That would wake you up with a terrifying scream
The House of Usher was about a family doomed by a curse
Frightened they may be buried alive in a hearse
Death and plague were close at hand
He loved to unsettle his readers you understand
The Pit and The Pendulum and The Black Cat
He created nightmares in the study where he sat
Death and drinking were part of his life
He was devastated by the death of his young wife
His life was tragic and oh so sad
The greatest writer we ever had
:icondemonrobber:demonrobber 2 0


Dead Girl by IrenHorrors Dead Girl :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,254 26 Melinoe by IrenHorrors Melinoe :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,692 58 Crookshanks hate hugs by IrenHorrors Crookshanks hate hugs :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,513 50 New Student by IrenHorrors New Student :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,246 105 Kiki's Delivery Service by IrenHorrors Kiki's Delivery Service :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 3,570 84 Bellamina by IrenHorrors Bellamina :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,356 21 Spirited Away by IrenHorrors Spirited Away :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,973 38 Fairy Evening by IrenHorrors Fairy Evening :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,876 38 Serpent's Bride by IrenHorrors Serpent's Bride :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,823 43 Jorogumo by IrenHorrors Jorogumo :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,482 57 Walk In The Sky by IrenHorrors Walk In The Sky :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,444 40 Freya by IrenHorrors Freya :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 4,643 89
The Future Isn't Always Bright
Two men, both in caps and gowns,
Smile for their mother together
On the first day of their lives
Where they are no longer boys.
On the right is Mark, confidently
Showing all of his teeth with a smile
That compliments the three tassels
Around his neck, each their own color:
Purple for straight A's in every semester,
Blue for never missing a single day,
And green for over five hundred hours
Of volunteer work, though he thinks
He deserved a second one for hitting a thousand.
His face is cleanly shaven, his gown wrinkle-free;
Mark's graduation picture paints him
As one who seeks and expects success.
On the left is Grant, who's in the act
Of rolling his eyes at Mark and smirking.
He raises two fingers over Mark's head,
Mockingly imitating a bunny rabbit.
Not a single tassel can be seen around his gown,
Which he chose not to spend time ironing
In favor of going out to drink before the ceremony.
In his free hand is an empty beear bottle,
On his feet sandals despite
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 13 11
Define Purity
The idea that a pure-hearted soul can earn
An eternity where they forever burn
For supposed "sins" from which they did not turn
Was a very uncomfortable fact to learn.
Is non-belief in one god truly a crime?
Do those without faith deserve pain for all time?
And are there those who will hear Heaven's bells chime
When they possess faith but have hearts full of grime? 
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 18 9
Welcome Home
Every day he goes to school, dread plaguing his heart.
He never holds onto his lunch money longer than an hour,
He’s the only one with a table all to himself at lunch,
And he’s been pelted with so many paper airplanes and spit wads
That he often won’t notice them until he goes to the bathroom
And sees his reflection covered in scraps and slobber.
Whenever his teachers ask him why he doesn’t talk to any of his classmates,
He no longer bothers mentioning the bullying, because he know they’ll say:
“You just need to give them a chance, they might change their mind about you.”
After his first attempt to do that ended with him shoved inside of a locker,
He vowed to never take the advice of his teachers again.
The highlight of his day is riding the school bus home.
Every day she goes to work, dread plaguing her heart.
She stops by Starbucks to pick up her boss’ coffee,
Endures him yelling about it being too cold or not having enough sugar
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 23 21
Stubborn Creatures
Squash them as much as you'd like.
Crush them, smother them, torment them.
They'll find a way to rise again.
Life has taught me the strength of the cockroach.
They keep scuttling about after every hit they take,
Even when it seems they can't take anymore.
They're considered pests, annoying little buggers,
But I see the beauty beyond their despised exterior.
The same creature that always used to have me
Searching for a shoe whenever I saw one
Now has my respect for its resiliency.
I have learned through life how it feels to be crushed,
How hard it is to take each blow and get back up.
Like the cockroach, we humans often feel a great weight
Threatening to break us, promising to put us down and keep us there.
We call cockroaches stubborn, but if they can handle
Wave after wave of seemingly overwhelming pressure,
Surely humans are more than stubborn enough to do the same. 
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 16 22
Here are links to Gothic music I have listened to recently on Bandcamp.

Firstly, Queen Of Thorns by Adrian Von Ziegler:…

Secondly, Tales Of The Lost Kingdom by Brunuhville…

I think both albums contain beautiful music. I hope you like them too.


gothic poet
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Birmingham, England



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