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main art account: sambees

Thank you everyone who wished me luck with my move! I'm all settled in and am updating publicly again. Patreon pages and website pages are all caught up and I'm going to try to get DA caught up with the missing updates before next weekend. It's also been really nice seeing all the photos of people getting their books! I'm super happy with them and I'm really glad you guys are too ;;

The comic's sub is gone now, so I will also be re-organizing the page layout in this time. I've gotten a few offers for it but I wanted to make my feelings public since the generosity of anon on DA is great: Please do not buy this account a new sub. I am really against the new "core" campaign and think the $50 USD price tag is ridiculous. The comic doesn't need anything offered by core to function, the page will just be a bit less shiny. I don't wish to partake and I'm not renewing any subs on any of my accounts.

I have a new posting schedule! Patreon updates are 7 updates a month, public updates will be 3 updates a month.
More about patreon schedule:…
More about public schedule:…  

Chapter 1 Book Order Deadline Reminder

Sun May 15, 2016, 12:35 AM

Update: Hey guys! Just a reminder for people who don't follow me on twitter or tumblr that this coming Monday is the last day to get the the Demon Road Book 1 shipped with our first shipment on Wednsday!

Also that after Wednsday (June 1st) the packages will be broken up and it won’t be guaranteed that all the pieces of the set will be in stock once they are sold separately.…

Hello!! I've been super busy lately, and unfortunately the site that gets neglected the most with the comic is my DA when time gets tight ;; I'm going to get the DA pages caught up to the website pages this weekend OTL. But in better news! The time I've spent being crazy busy, I've spent with chutkat putting together my first online run of the book!

You can find more information about the package here:…

It includes some swank stuff covered in velvet soft touch finish and gold foil and includes bookmarks, postcards and sticker sets! Basically everything you see in the picture above.

I've also posted an improvement progress post to our tumblr that I hope to translate to DA when I get some more time:… showing the comic's artistic progress from chapter 1 page 4, chapter 2 page for, chapter 3 page 4 and in-between.

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Updates and Questions

Thu Mar 24, 2016, 2:30 PM

Hey guys! I was just able to hit a few milestones I've been working towards, including over 100 pages and starting Chapter 3. This is pretty exciting to me and I'm feeling very driven to keep on keepin' on.

Since I started working on the comic, a lot has changed in terms of where and how I've been posting, and the site where I had initially hosted this comic, while it has still exists, is dying a bit more each year and I rather fear it may just disappear one day. I don't feel it's run very well and it is already dragging it's feet behind the times as it is.

I've been thinking of moving my main hosting over to another site, since smackjeeves isn't mobile friendly and has a rather quickly shrinking community. Do you guys have a preference as to how and where you read comics? I'm looking at a few different sites, like hosting on tumblr or webtoon. I haven't had a great experience with Tapastic. Do you only read comics on DA? I'd love to hear your opinions on this.


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Official Update Schedule Starting Now

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 3, 2015, 3:24 PM

As of today, the Demon Road deviantart page is now caught up with the public webcomic page in terms of updates. And we are now at:

Deviantart: CH2 PG20
Website: CH2 PG20
Patreon: CH2 PG 35

It feels good to get caught up! Which means from this point forward, updates to deviantart will be made on the days the website is also updated, which is every 2 weeks on a Tuesday. This makes the next update on Dec 15. This does not effect the Patreon update schedule, which will still be at least once a week.


A request to leaving patrons:

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 11:39 PM

My Patreon feed has been kind of all over the place with the recent e-mail thing going on. Every month I get a few people coming and going and I’m pretty used to it. I don’t have a lot of patrons so it’s been generally pretty easy to keep track of everyone, but when there is a lot of activity really quickly, it gets a bit muddled.

My request is this: If you wish to/need to stop being a contributor, please send me a message on Tumblr or on Patreon before the Tuesday after you want to leave (I always bill on Tuesday so there is no need to worry about any charges before then, even if I’ve posted content, you won’t be charged for it) so I can make note of it.

It is not because I am keeping some sort of black list or anything (I can already see who comes and goes). But rather because I do still keep tabs of all my contributors like I did during the “dark age of taking donations” in the primitive time before Patreon. When I am gearing up to do things like giveaways or pre-releases or other Patreon backer exclusive things, I do still want to include the people who have been with me, but might not be with me the exact moment I am ready to work out my budgets for shipping or submitting my orders.  

I do my best to keep personal track of everyone and I do keep all my feed records. While my records tell me every time someone comes, goes or changes tiers, it doesn’t tell me where they where before or how much or for how long they’ve been backing the comic. Also, if they return, I believe Patreon starts them from 0 again in terms of Patreon’s “loyalty” system, which wouldn’t seem fair to exclude them from things based on Patreon’s weird record keeping system.

I get that there might be some anxiety that goes with telling someone you don’t want to or can’t support them anymore, I’ve been there, so I just want to state for the record: I am super grateful to everyone who has ever supported me and my comic, whether it was for a week, a month or since the beginning of the project. I am really flattered that you wanted to support me and did so for as long as you felt you could. I will never ask you why and I hope that you feel that no explanation will be needed. You owe me nothing and I owe you everything for allowing me some small time to do what I love. I will not be upset or offended that you have to go, I will be thankful to you that you came.

Every time.

You guys are the best and I want to keep doing for you what I can, when I can, even if you aren’t around during the moments that I am able to. Being given some warning so I can update your record allows me to do this.

If you don’t want to, that’s cool too and you of course still have my thanks<3

I know I am kind of a quiet person and it is often not clear what I am thinking or what’s going on with me, but I do notice everyone. I read everyone’s comments and I learn your names and I am super glad that you are here doing this with me. To anyone who is unsure, you are always welcome to talk to me.

Patreon Scam E-mail

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 11:37 PM

Hey guys! A few people contacted me off site with concern about this and using Patreon. There is a scam e-mail going around that reads as follows:

“Unfortunately your data was leaked in the recent hacking of the

Patreon web site and I now have your information. I have your tax id,

tax forms, SSN, DOB, Name, Address, Credit card details and more

sensitive data. Now, I can go ahead and leak your details online which

would damage your credit score like hell and would create a lot of

problems for you. If you would like to prevent me from doing this then

you need to send 1 bitcoin to the following BTC address. ” In my inbox

this morning. Clever approach. Buy an email list. Send threatening email

to millions. Some of whom with have patreon accounts. Some of whom will

be Americans (tax id, SSN references show this to be targeting US

peeps). some of whom will get spooked into sending bitcoins. YOU HAVE


None of this is true. If you recieve an e-mail like this, feel free to delete it and move on. Patreon is already aware of the issue and there is no danger to you or anyone else.

“I learned yesterday evening that some Patreon users have been

receiving a scam email. The sender claims to have the recipient’s SSN,

credit card number and other personal information. I want to assure

everyone that the claims in this email are false, and we are already

working with federal law enforcement. Do not reply to the email—it is a

scam. The tax forms we store are securely encrypted with RSA 2048-bit

encryption, and we do not store full credit card numbers. If you receive

this email I suggest you flag it as spam and ignore any further emails.

Do not reply. Thanks.” – Jack Conte, CEO/Co-founder, Patreon

If you have any concerns, do feel free to change your password, it is always a good idea to do once and a while anyways :)

Return to DA and Patreon

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 11:13 AM

It's been an unpredictable and turbulent 2 years for me and Hunter. Shit happens for sure and I had hoped that it would have calmed down some by now, but it's gotten quite to the point where I miss being here and I miss doing this, and I need to do what I need to do to get back into it. I have quit my over-time stuffed studio job and returned to freelance.

Demon Road is not a comic I get to work on very often in my free time because most of my free time time is spoken for by my other project, Amaranthine Project: Avatar. This isn't a lack of dedication to Demon Road, but rather, that the deal has always been that Demon Road is something I can do when I can't do Avi (such as waiting on new linearts to colour and what not). My comic partner on this particular project has caught up which means it is back to this for me! But I've fallen quite in love with this Demon Road project and don't want it to fall behind again while it waits for a window in my free time.

As it stands, this time is divided between having to make a living (work) and Avi (free time). What I am hoping to do with Patreon is replace the jobs I would be doing for work with making art for you and Demon Road.

This isn't to say that this is going to hold Demon Road hostage. Even without funding, Demon Road is something I want to do and want to keep doing. On my own, I can schedule putting out a page here every two weeks, but with your support, I can get back to posting two and even three times a week!

In return, I am offering contributors more pages a week than my public posting schedule, exclusive and/or early access to sketches and artwork, character cameos when bit parts are needed, first dibs on production runs and, thanks to the generosity of my printer, even 20%-100% off Demon Road things in our shop!

I already have a few pages posted in the backroom for contributors to get the ball rolling and will begin posting publicly again on July 3rd. The frequency of my schedule will be announced with the page once your guy's patronage lets me know how often I will be able to afford to update!


I'm going to work to get updates on DA caught up to the updates on the website (which are into chapter 2 now). I am excited to be back!

Demon Road Convention List

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 30, 2013, 5:34 AM
Hello! This is just a quick list of conventions you can find us at where we'll have our Demon Road stuffs. Well have a small collection of posters, bookmarks and hard copy of chapter 1. Right now we only have Canadian conventions on our list, as it is hard to get into the American ones for us unless the convention invites us, however, we do have one or two American ones that we may also be attending on the slim chance we can get a table. We will be listed as "Fancy Owl Studio" on all dealers/AA maps.

:bulletgreen: confirmed | :bulletblue: trying for | :bulletwhite: undecided

:bulletgreen: April 26-28 - Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (booth 923)
:bulletgreen: May 17-19 - Otafest (artist ally)
:bulletgreen: May 24-26 - Anime North (dealers room)
:bulletgreen: Aug 16-18 - Otakuthon (artist ally, if someone will share a table with us)
:bulletgreen: Sept 13-15 - Comiccon de Montréal (artist ally)
:bulletwhite: Oct 4-6 - Escapist Expo (artist ally)
:bulletwhite: Nov 1-3 - Central Canada Comicon (artist ally)

If you're in Canada and there is an anime/comic/gaming con you'd like to suggest to us, feel free! Please note, that we will not consider: Dotcon or Animethon for moral reasons. We are also not considering Ai-kon for financial reasons without sponsorship or invitation from the convention. We are looking to go to Otakuthon, though we will not be bringing our Demon Road stuff this year so we have left it off our list. At this time we are not really looking at conventions in other countries to appear at on our own, however you are welcome to suggest us as guests to your local convention and we would be happy to go if invited.


DA is not the most ideal website for uploading comics, which is why it is not our main comic hosting site. We have tried, however, to make the experience as easy as possible for DA readers to read on DA. Each chapter will be placed into it's own folder to make them easy to track and find as well as to separate browsing them from general "newest" images that might otherwise be interspersed like splash pages and stamps due to their uploaded order. Comics within that folder are arranged oldest to newest. After you select the page you wish to start from you can use the browse buttons that appear at the top of the page to go forward or backwards within the chapter that you're reading.