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Gelato In Rome

In the Digimon Frontier Special Drama CD: A Train Named Hope, Junpei suggests a trip to Italy to celebrate when Izumi starts university, and Izumi immediately starts figuring the logistics of bringing the entire Frontier crew together for the trip. Imagining this made me really happy, so I decided to draw it! And there you have it. Rome, summer 2010, the Frontier kids take a break from sightseeing to eat some delicious gelato.

Gelato flavors!

Izumi - Tiramisu, stracciatella and zabaglione
Junpei - Limoncello and pomegranate
Tomoki - Sicilian cassata and hazelnut, topped by a dollop of fresh whipped cream
Kouji - Coffee and pistachio
Kouichi - Coffee and torrone
Takuya has vowed not to eat gelato before his first professional game in Serie D, but his choice would be a hazelnut spread-based chocolate flavor and white chocolate. Probably with sprinkles.

Fun fact: Takuya’s team tracksuit is based on a real life team. So is the gelato place they’re at.
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Wait...Zoe's in college Italy, where she originally spent her childhood??? WOW!!! So "A Train Named Hope," the Frontier (DS4) Drama CD takes place in an alternate 2010 (same year as Last Evolution Kizuna), and the DS4 'destined kids are now teens/young adults now, TBH. :nod:

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She isn't going to college in Italy, she seems to be doing pretty well in Japan finally! When she lists the people who would be coming to visit Italy from Japan, she lists herself among them. But of course, Italy would always have an important place in her heart.

From where Koichi wears glasses ? It seems almost another someone.

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I just thought he'd look nice in glasses as he grows older! His dad has glasses, so it's not out of the question. Plus, turns out he's the studious sort, and that's how a lot of people I know ended up with glasses in their teens.

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You mean ice cream?

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I mean gelato! It can be described as Italian ice cream, but denser and more flavorful.

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Oh, It's Italian ice cream.

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Its gelato, its Italian. its like ice cream, but different

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