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California's state flag may be a bear, but one of our most iconic - if criminally underappreciated - native animals is the California Sea Lion.
I feel like pinnipeds in general are overlooked - but they really are some of the most graceful animals, just not on land.

If you ever visit Southern California beaches, there's a chance you will spot one of these guys hanging out. While used to people, and generally chill - you should never approach a Sea Lion. Yes, even if its just chilling with that group of surfer bros over there - they know not to touch it, so that means you shouldn't try to either. They have powerful jaws that will deliver a nasty - easily infected - bite.
Tourists love our seals, but for the love of God dont try to pet them or feed them.
Wanted to try drawing something unfamiliar for this weekend's speedpaint.

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So beautiful 😍😍
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I've seen some of these guys just hanging out at the wharf in San Francisco. Beautiful work!

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aww, looks like my dog :meow:

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Ooo that's so pretty!

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Very nice rendition of a Sea Lion in kelp.

In California (from Monterey) I've never approached one. However, in the Galapagos, I did swim with a sea lion pup for a little bit and it was quite playful. Never attempted to touch it, though, which Is my second-wisest choice on that trip.