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The White Knight

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Character  Barioth
Fanart of a Barioth from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne because I really like the design.

art (c) :icondemonml:
Barioth/Monster Hunter (c) CAPCOM
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Always love your Monster Hunter art! Barioth is some real danger floof.

dragonblogger's avatar

Love this, very creative like a snow saber-toothed dragon hybrid.

NaokoElric2250's avatar

I'm sorry but his face just makes it look like he is fed up with the hunters' shite.

Still a great picture though.

Wolfmarks's avatar
Doesn't stay still for long
TacTheScribbler's avatar

Oh, yes! Always favorite Monster Hunter! Barioth is one of the neatest designs for sure.

tiny257's avatar
It looks like a saber toothed tiger and a dragon its really cool☺
DemonML's avatar

Yeah I think thats roughly what the designers were going for c:

Cartimay's avatar

Dark and cool at the same time.

DemonML's avatar

Ironic given the bright environment and light pelt. Thanks!

Cartimay's avatar

Its the fierceness of the creatures face that makes it dark.

star101star's avatar

Ooh! Big snow! And all the mightier with a big snow beast! Thank you for adding to my imagination.

SkyHighDisco's avatar

Gotham definitely sleeps safer tonight.

WatcherMagic's avatar

Aww, lookit the pretty Pain Kitty! :P

DemonML's avatar

They are indeed, an inflictor of much pain

RiskyRacoon's avatar
How would this thing ever close its mouth? XD
DemonML's avatar

I'd imagine the same way saber-toothed cats do.

RiskyRacoon's avatar
But their teeth are at the end of their mouths having the tooth so close to the hinge would mean the lower jaw needs a huge dent in it, I think @.@
RiskyRacoon's avatar
Okay that was super useful! The teeth are angled slightly out, it works.

Didn't realise this was an existing beast!!
ArtofLucien's avatar

this is a beast of beauty

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Evodolka's avatar

awesome :la:

love Barioth, even if he was the 1st monster to make me scream :XD:

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