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Daily Deviation
August 21, 2018
Royal Wyvern by DemonML
Featured by Astralseed
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Royal Wyvern

AAAAAAAAAAA Thanks for the DD!!!!! :heart:

My entry for the Gwent art contest over at…
Gave me some nice motivation to sit and punch out another painting c:

Art (c) :icondemonml:
Royal Wyverns/Witcher/Gwent (c) CD Projekt Red
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RipTide101's avatar

I search up "royal dragon", get this, and am not disappointed

good job :D

Gelefant's avatar
It does indeed look VERY royal.
dlambeaut's avatar
Regal job, indeed!
ackelb's avatar
Detalization of the art amazing! Wool and scales, beauty!
tilukonfdz's avatar
congrats on the DD!
LindArtz's avatar
Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
arsu997's avatar
This is amazing
ValentinaRDEste's avatar
Great work! Well deserved DD
Enaxn's avatar
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING???? like the anatomy the texture the painting everything i just so goddamn ON POINT?????? god that face THAT FACE IS JUST AMAZING!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! GOD THERE ARE ALL THESE TINY LITTLE HAIRS AND SCALES I'M JUST SCREAMING SO SO SO GOOD!!! omg those leathery-ass wing arms too with all those MUSCLES I'm just DEAD!!!! you are such a good artist i just cannot believe you I HOPE U WIN THE CONTEST!!!!!
DemonML's avatar
Thanks man c:
Really need to kick myself into doing more detailed paintings
DemonML's avatar
Aa Thank you c:
ChainOfMemorie's avatar
Loved the effect in the sky
Icoria's avatar
Wow! Where did all this come from??? You were awesome before, but you just seem to all the sudden have gotten 100000000000x better than even that! So much amazing detail and wonderful, appeasing colors! Great job! How long did this take you anyways? 
DemonML's avatar
I just started focusing on being more detailed I guess. I have been doing paintings like these for a while, but I'm usually too lazy to do them consistently ;u; Trying to change that!
Bandarai's avatar
Wow, this is stunning! The ‘swirling’ background really draws your attention to the dragon. :D

I love how much detail there is in the scales. All of the textures, really! Woah :heart:
DemonML's avatar
Thanks c: Yeah I had a bit of fun with the clouds
Revan005's avatar
CloudedHeu's avatar
Some of your best stuff detail wise, best of luck getting a prize La la la la
DemonML's avatar
Thanks! Yes I am trying to push myself to do more detailed paintings. I want them to be my gallery mainstay as opposed to the occasional indulgence.
ItsMercury's avatar
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