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Ambiguous Morality

By DemonML
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Speedpaint of Di for :iconshinerai: ! Happy Birthday!
It was probably unwise to draw a character that is currently undergoing a design overhaul - but I've been wanting to draw Di for a while. As much as I love their noodle-form, I really need to practice drawing/painting humans more, and Di's human design is still super sharp - so I just had to try to draw them.

I hope you like it c:

Art (c) :icondemonml:
Di/Character (c) :iconshinerai:'s face
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© 2020 DemonML
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Oh my! I don't know why I never expect something from you - it gets more and more surprising that you don't forget me every year ;u; you are so sweet and you spoil me so much - thank you! I just can't thank you enough for making me feel so loved even after all this time.

I am happy that I can give you the opportunity to experiment! Going from creatures/dragons to humanoids is rough but I think you're doing a solid job already; you've really captured his likeness! I appreciate the little details like the pattern on his shirt, intermixed hair colors, and the skin textures. It's also nice to see a smile on his face, questionable intent or not xD

Anyway it's super nice to see some of his design changes portrayed by someone else! It allows me to understand how you interpret them and I really like it ;u; Also can't beat your ultra solid shading.

Thank you again for the lovely gift! I adore it and you ♥

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Thank you so much for the kind comment ^u^
I'm so glad you like the fanart I make of your characters. Your designs are always superb and so visually pleasing!
I really admire your art, and you've always been very kind to me; taking time to read and reply to all my comments, even when I was brand new to dA.
Now, reading how much you like my work in return is incredibly uplifting.
I'm sorry it takes so long for me to respond, but after receiving such nice feedback I wanted to make sure I gave an equally thoughtful reply.
I hope you had a lovely birthday - even amidst all this mess, and I hope you and your family stay safe.
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You're so welcome ;u; It really touches my heart to know that you like my work, haha. I'm like "man look that person watches me and they've become so awesome and they still like me" xD

No worries, I appreciate the response no matter when it comes c: I always want to leave thoughtful comments on pieces for me, esp. when so much care and love have gone into them ;u; Thank you for that again.

My birthday was alright! It's a mixed bag - it's a bit rough for me right now but everyone's got their own hardships right now c: Best wishes to you and your loved ones as well, in making it through this difficult time.

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