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ALICE - Resident Evil

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by me DemonLeon3D 
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This is my first render using the incredible model from Alice RE1, this model is very faithful to Milla Jovovich in RE1. This Model created by my friend :iconandersongsm:

You can Buy this model here… 
Previews  Milla Jovovich By RHENDER ART And.gsm by AndersonGSM Milla Rigged 01 by AndersonGSM


These two models are super amazing. I'll do many others arts with them soon. Thank you so much for the models friends  :iconandersongsm: and :iconsteplont: 

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Hi friends, you can use my work in tumblr, instagram or any other site, but please don't forget the credits to me. I am a dummy! 

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Imagine If She Really Was In The Game Series... Unimpressed  

That Would Be Cool For Anyone Who's A Fan Of Her. ;)
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Perfect model!!
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Amazing! :D

Applauses - The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Applauses - The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Niiiiice... Niiiiice... 
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this is my favourite version of her. well done :heart:
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Thank you, so glad you like :D :D
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thank you my friend, your work is truly amazing! Congratulations! :D
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Thanks and thank you for your amazing model, my friend :hug: :D :D :D
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Awesome job! First two films were good not great but they completely went haywire in sequels, Sienna Guillory as Jill (Only in 2nd movie) is only perfect casting to come out of these movies as rest of the characters from games were seriously underutilized
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Thank you :D
i agree with you!
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Awesome work! 😁
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this is nice and honestly I think Resident Evil 1 and 2 the movies are pretty good ^^ 
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Thank you, so glad you like :D
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anytime! keep up with your awesome work buddy :3 
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well done my friend :D
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Thank you, my friend :D :D
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