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Old, Alone and Done For.



Don't get me wrong, I love the story and I love the new remake. But.... I always felt sorry for Hook.
He loved Wendy's stories too, he just wanted to be loved and have some company.

Thanks to some psychopathic little bastard who's under the delusion that "life is a game" he has his hand chopped off and fed to a crocodile which later eats him.

All the while he's being mocked by Peter Pan, Wendy (who lied to him), her nasty little brothers and everyone else who's fallen under the spell of "those darling little children".

Who go around killing people for no real reason I might add.

And I'll bet Peter started it in the first place.

(I DON'T believe in fairies.)
---------------------------------------- ------
I chose this particular photo to work from because it just captured everything for me that I loved about Captain Hook.
His need for love & company contrasted with the bitterness towards Pan and the desire for revenge.

This took me an extremely long time and I couldn't be bothered to count the layers. There were a lot.

Wacom, Paintshop, Photoshop & Photo for reference.

Thank you for looking.
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Amazing work!:heart: