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Ahhh what a character!

I wasn't too impressed with the first X-Men movie but I thought the second one was brilliant and with my penchant for tragic villians, especially good looking ones, I couldn't resist doing a Yuriko portait.

Well technically it's a Kelly Hu portrait because she played Deathstrike in the film but never mind.

It was so unfair that she died. So damn unfair.

I've been doing this on and off for a week in the gaps from doing other things and working on a major project which I may or may not ever finish but is exciting none the less.

Painted in Paintshop Pro with a Wacom, photo for reference, text/border added in Photoshop.

Full view please and thank you for looking :)

Ooh yes and there's a silly version here [link]
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Holy Christ, those nails
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Soooooooooooooooo gooooooooood I so thought this was a real pic til I opened it WOW
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I thought this was an actual photo at first!!! VERY fine work, and yeah, Deathstrike is an awesome character!
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Probably the most wicked XMen villian.
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So much awesome! ^^
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Wow, that looks like a photograph! Very good job on her! :clap:
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Ooo! WOW! Great job! ^_^
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Too bad Lady Deathstrike died....I really like her. I also like Storm and Dark Phoenix.
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I agree. The first X-men Movie failed. But the second one was awesome. Lady Deathstrike was also amazing.
You also did an amazing job with this picture.
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you're awesome...
Oh, if you read the book adaptation you learn that she actually didn't die. She's just sorta' frozen there. I was hoping Magneto would in a recruiting mood while at the same time looking for some spare adamantium in the third movie. But I was let down...
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I think I'm in love. *cough* Sorry, your art is just sooo lovely. Thank you for presenting it to everyone, it's a real pleasure scouring your gallery :)
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Verrrrry Awesome!!!
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that is beautiful i love her expression in her face^-^
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Wow... Gorgeous painting!! :o I really need to get me a friggin pen and tablet for Photoshop...'cause a mouse is NEVER gonna get this kind of result...
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Absolutely amazing work. Seriously...
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I can't get over how amazing this is. I'm working on a painting of her right now, and I can't get her freakin' eyes right lol...You did amazing, I love this!
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I was kind of miffed when she died too. Definitely one of the best X-villains.
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She's was my favorite villain in the second one:) Nice job:)
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holy shit i totally thought this was a photo! that's incredible
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