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Caitlyn - WANNA SEE MY HAT? by demonika Caitlyn - WANNA SEE MY HAT? :icondemonika:demonika 45 0 Hope by demonika Hope :icondemonika:demonika 1 0 American Horror Story: Trump by demonika American Horror Story: Trump :icondemonika:demonika 6 1 Janna - Ladies of League by demonika Janna - Ladies of League :icondemonika:demonika 20 0 Arienne 3.0 by demonika Arienne 3.0 :icondemonika:demonika 35 7 Selynne by demonika Selynne :icondemonika:demonika 48 2 Tristesse by demonika Tristesse :icondemonika:demonika 9 1 SciCretary by demonika SciCretary :icondemonika:demonika 217 17 Miss Fortune - Has a dangerous eye. by demonika Miss Fortune - Has a dangerous eye. :icondemonika:demonika 18 0 Have you seen... by demonika Have you seen... :icondemonika:demonika 3 0 Monster Networking by demonika Monster Networking :icondemonika:demonika 5 5 Bill - May Cause Offence by demonika
Mature content
Bill - May Cause Offence :icondemonika:demonika 13 14
Let's race.
Run with the past behind you, away from her arms and his smile.
Let go of the hide and seek tree.
Ignore the summer sand in your shoes.
Drop the plastic guns and painted horses.
The laughter and the dreams.
Run towards the future with breath burning in your lungs, vision blurred from the speed as your heart beats in time with your feet against the ground.
Reach, reach...
For your first kiss, broken heart and unspoken apology.
Run with your hand outstretched, ready to grasp the credit cards and overdrafts.
Keep on going and gain momentum.
Fly towards your mortgage, shiny car and surround sound family.
Don’t get caught up in the friction of every day existence.
Faster now, you’re nearly there.
Take nothing with you; run weightless towards your evensong and requiem.
Don’t you dare stop.
Not even for a moment.
Living will only slow you down.
:icondemonika:demonika 5 5
This week. by demonika This week. :icondemonika:demonika 28 15
It doesn't work.
I read somewhere.
Before I got here, half an hour too early because I dislike being late.
"I have an appointment. Thank you."
Sitting over there, creased pages, crossed legs.
Flowers still on the wall, leafy too-green growing round the unlikely brown of a child's tree.
Last month's honey glazed celebrities want me to eat nothing twice a day then binge on sugar water so I can be healthy, pregnant, thin and cheated on.
Turn them over to find the other side is a blank page.
Words appear.
"Are you sure?"
Place it back upon the table, it has no right to ask anything of me.
Time crawls slowly up my arm, stranded seconds caught on skin.
Twenty eight.
Unexpected lack of silence. "Welcome, hello, you're early? That's good, come with me."
He stinks of reassurance.
"Sit down, can I get you anything? Do you have any questions?"
"How much will it hurt?"
The odor grows bitter, his face becomes younger and familiar as he deliberately evades that particular question.
"This is your choice. Are you
:icondemonika:demonika 1 1
Find Her.
"The children, they were eating."   
She raises her hand to her mouth.
"Something... I had. There were two people? Two."
The teacup tilts, both her hands are shaking.
Clearly, she says "Please don't spoil your shoes."
"I'm so silly, my husband... "
She rubs her leg, smooths her hair.
Tries to make the words come back.
By hitting them out of her head.
"We should help because,
we're bad if we don't."
She looks at me and lights a smile.
Gesturing, that way.
"I don't remember. When it's worst. I don't remember."
When she remembers that she doesn't.
On arrival,
They ask the same questions I did for half an hour.
Her husband reports her missing.
And it's then, then, they know who she is.
They take her home in my coat.
Her hands were so cold.
:icondemonika:demonika 4 9

Random Favourites

It's Hard To Break Bad Habits
If I allow my tongue to
touch the top of my teeth
to the bottom to utter a
"I Love you"
tonight, does it mean I
can't say it again?
I bite my nails
as I recoil, remembering
the bad habit, barely making
progress in this patience
plaguing, somber, far from serene
nightfall dream.
two minutes since we last
said our good-byes,
good-nights, good-wishes of
sleepfully peaceful mind shows.
Feels like an eternity since
we last spoke, while Eternity
waits by the door,
readying to again make my heart
long so long for you.
   ~she has always been
   so successful in her
:iconscribblednotes:ScribbledNotes 168 105
The Curvature Of Oh
Tod's a mute, it doesn't matter why. It doesn't matter why, but Tod's a mute. He sometimes wants the world to spin so fast that he's on the other side and he's singing, he's singing so loud that the crows in the rooftops stop their noise because there isn't any point because no-one's listening, because they're all listening to Tod. God stops to hear Tod sing. But Tod can't sing, not at the rate this world spins. He can't sing.
Tod starts to paint. Starts in his room at the sound of the door, but the sound's only so loud because it never comes from his mouth the way we sometimes surprise ourselves with words we never planned. Starts to paint with his right hand and learns to spoon chicken noodles into his mouth with his left, and Tod paints around a plate and stares at the daubed red sun that's hollow and always mouthing Oh.
When the couple across the street walk out of their front door a few mornings later they're on their way to work and on their car (it is red) is written: Go To Slee
:iconfauxgravity:fauxgravity 260 93
XDJ Skin by PureAV XDJ Skin :iconpureav:PureAV 265 88
Suspended Animation
We will hide in rooms
of corpses in clear coffins;
our names carved into every surface,
our fortunes told in fish eyes
and sharks’ teeth.
We are frogs in formaldehyde,
puffed up like tear-stained faces,
motel pillows;
we are jellyfish in jars,
hanging like bleached willows;
tangled tentacles dangle, flaccid,
and spectres of the Pacific
will not stir us.
In the mother-of-pearl,
in the birds of paradise,
in the ribcages and tortoiseshells,
we linger, petrified,
and do not hope to be unearthed.
Now we stand like stick figures
pinned to twilight
as orange and blue hesitate in the sky;
starlings swarm across the stuttered sunset,
bubbling and breaking, meandering and mingling;
a sentient storm that plummets to the horizon
and rises on an unseen current.
In that paradise of half-light,
we wait and pretend
that you and I can stay undecided,
and time moves on without us.
:iconchugglepuff:chugglepuff 130 118
Does he ...
Does he weep at dawn?
Lost in the beauty that shines unaided
Letting thoughts and dreams melt away
Lingered kisses fade from waking lips
Tears never fully drying
For they are both of loss and joy
Knowing return of beauty is inevitable
But the distance still unbearable
   Tears I have shed
Does he miss the day?
Lost in thoughts over you
Reliving every embrace and intimacy
Losing both time and breath
Chasing dreams and whispered promises
Never truly believe it is there
Knowing that eventually he will miss something
Then lay breathless waiting for your voice
   Breath I have lost
Does he smile at twilight?
Seeing you in the distance
Struggling to catch his own heart
For it knows that which owns it
Even if reciprocation is a formality
Knowing that you will welcome him
Embrace him within your arms
And lose himself within you
   Love I have shared
Does he embrace the night?
Tasting of you deeply
Letting himself become lost within you
Completely vu
:iconpaganpanda:paganpanda 2 2
No Country for Old Men by infernovball No Country for Old Men :iconinfernovball:infernovball 2,257 327
for to fall on your deaf ears
You glisten in my throat, baby,
        and glow across my pores -
    but for our love to be
         effective, you've gotta start shimmering, too.
   You, though, will remain dull and we will
                 be like either side of
          a glazed vase - sparkling Side A
                                vs. cold, unfinished clay.
   I had been content to play Dagny Taggart
                       to your Hank Reardon,
:iconjshay:JShay 133 55
Kakihara by vee209 Kakihara :iconvee209:vee209 568 114 Justicar by slipgatecentral Justicar :iconslipgatecentral:slipgatecentral 3,398 325
Mature content
Beat Poem Mockeries :icononemorefreek:OneMoreFreek 85 113
Grace by PoetryOD
Mature content
Grace :iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 193 151
Devocion e indiferencia by novac Devocion e indiferencia :iconnovac:novac 1,252 127
Tanka Series
dry leaves-
I remember
the perfect spiral
of my worn
asking her out
by email
I proofread every word
to the free space
in my journal-
but how can five lines
hold autumn dusk?
sorority bake sale
the girl I dumped
last year
serves me
a cold brownie
above the
dinner prayer
the howl
of a stray dog
fall carnival
the tarot woman's hand
against my own
even in the cool
of night air
the rose
her ankle
:iconlaurence55:Laurence55 95 105
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too.
Let him do all the things you know you want him to do.
Let his fingers trace up and down your hip just before he lets them slide under the elastic of your jeans.
Let his smile stun you as he pulls them off, graciously and without trouble.
Let him quickly yet carefully pulls your shirt off your shoulders, and plants kisses on your stomach as your heart races.
Let his lips whisper words against your ear that would surely make your mother
a) scream
  b) yell
    c) blush
        d) all of the above
Let his nails scratch your scalp as his fingers intertwine with your hair, softly tugging.
Let him take over, do whatever he wants, as long as he makes you feel special. Makes you feel beautiful. Makes you feel loved.
Let him.
:iconboorawr:booRAWR 36 24
Anima: Cordelia by Wen-M Anima: Cordelia :iconwen-m:Wen-M 4,954 658
My name is Rufaro. I'm turning nine soon. I like going to school, even though I have to walk a long time to get there, because I can meet my friends. Some of them are from other villages, and I wouldn't see them if I didn't go. I like some of my teachers. Ms Machegutu is very nice. She says I'm a good pupil, and maybe I can go to high school if my grades are good. I don't think I will, Baba doesn't make enough money. He gets drunk very often, Amai says it's because times are hard. I don't understand. Times have always been hard.
My name is Tendai. I'm 22. I've been living in the capital for 4 years now. Even though I have my A-levels, it's hard to find work. The people here are smarter than I am, some make fun of my accent. But I work hard. I don't smoke, and I don't drink a lot. I always have some money when I go home for my parents and my aunts. My little sister can go to school, and she is always very happy when I bring her a new dress. Last year, I met some guys that sell Katshasu.
:iconkuchema:Kuchema 157 66


These take me ages to finish, I'm a twat when it comes to fiddly bits. Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover from League of Legends. Which I definitely don't play every day and the latest in my series of ladies from League.
Done so far:
Miss Fortune

In progress:

Suggestions for who to do next are happily welcome but it has to be a lady and at least vaguely humanoid. One day I might be good enough to do Anivia or Rek'Sai but that day is far away.

This may be the best thing I've ever done, ironically at the worst time.

Hope may be eternal but I want love to be as well.


Katt Watson
United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Blues.
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Fred FredBurger, Samurai Jack.


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