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The Princess Bride
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Fatal Frame Series I through IV
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Pencil, scanner and mouse
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Books, Anime, Manga, Coding and Dabbling in Art
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Hello, I have decided to share some of the love from my recent success getting a Razor Mane Akota so I am selling/trading two slots to him. He's already Dom with a Spirit Dove, AiFo, and Ancient Blood for your breeding convenience. One of the slots will be a USD Auction with a set end date. The other slot will be for Art Offers such as Rite, Designs, and Rolls (priority in that order). If you have any questions please comment below. Sequoia 52321 Razor Mane Akota ee/Aa/TT/nCr/nFl/nPb/nMrl+t Cream tawny piebald merle with tan points, flecking Spirit Dove | Aippaq's Fortune | Ancient Blood USD Auction SB: 25 USD AB: - Snipe Guard: 2 Hours End Date: Wednesday the 28th of April 2021 at 5 pm MST > Bid USD Here < Art Offers We are looking for the following art: RoDs/PotA Rites Designs Rolls > Offer Art Here < Questions > Questions Here
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Dun and Jill are selling some extra Genos for either USD or Rolls. We have a fair chuck of tokos who need their Alpha Pre-Reqs so rolls are very welcomed. You are welcome to offer less than our flat prices and we may accept it if no one buys them in a reasonable time frame. An ETA for when you will complete rolls should be included in your purchase comment, please. Damon 51566 x Omen 45070 - On Hold to @Shiibasu for Rolls 2) Male, Sphinx Mane Average - Healthy 50% DIRE ee/aa/Tt/MM/nC/nA/nBl/nFl/nP+c Marked collared tundra with accents, flecking, blanket and lilac points --Physical Traits:-- Fangs --Hereditary Traits:-- Snow White Proof of Ownership USD: $80 Rolls: Offer Magnos 6954 x Pearlie 37484 - On Hold to @LoneAnubis for Rolls 2) Female, Natural Mane Average - Healthy ee/aa/TT/nM/nC/nG/nP+c Marked collared greying tundra with lilac points --Hereditary Traits:-- Fun Size Passionate Thick Coat Proof of Ownership USD: $20 Rolls: 12 Rolls Salted Caramel 36179 x Kit Kat
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Hello All, I'm looking to raise a little money so I'm doing a small USD Only Sale of UT Genos and some of my Rarer Slots. @Dunrosiel is helping me out with some of the Genos. Genos Savage UT Geno Query 17227 x A.C. Klause 49476 5) Female, Natural Mane Average - Healthy ee/aa/Tt/nM/CC/nA/nSbl/nRm Marked collared sable tundra with accents and rainmarks --Hereditary Traits:-- Passionate Savage Proof of Ownership Price: $25 -- Shapeshifter Genos Daz 50246 x Pax 49428 1) Male, Natural Mane Average - Healthy ee/Aa/tt/nM/nA/nBl/nSbl/nSm/nMrl+c Marked sable brown merle with lilac points, accents, starmarks and blanket --Physical Traits:-- Fangs --Hereditary Traits:-- Mauja's Draw Passionate Shapeshifter Proof of Ownership Price: USD Only Offers - Looking for around $60 Slots Mistletoe 46504 Breed: Canarctos dirus [50%] Gender: Male Mane: Yeti Marked collared cream dun lilac brown restricted piebald merle with liver points, accents, bearmarks, blanket, flecking, pangare, rainmarks
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Ah you have beautiful gallery! Have a nice day)

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

Hello there, is there a possibility to revive realm of kitsunari?
You very well might be my favorite person.
Hello, so sorry for the sudden question ;w;

In this transfer:…

My name wasn't mentioned in the comment at all; would this affect my ownership of the items?
Please note the group, do not post on the admin profiles or note them with issue. The group need a record of the issue so they can be fixed. Thank you.
Congrats on Admin :) I'm sure that you'll do fantastic!