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Ruki - The Gazette 2

Heh sorry I haven’t updated in a while ^^; I have been really busy applying to uni…making my portfolio doing presentations in front of people at school and generally being a nerd D:

But I managed to fit this in…and made it in time for my first portfolio showing which was yesterday :3 I’m happy with it…however when I printed it out…it came out more blue than normal colours, and so It looks a LOT different to the original…but I kind of like the blue feel to it >_>…and also…ARTISTIC LICENCE :XD: that’s my excuse for everything :heart: so I’ll just say that I loosely used the ref I printed just for pose and expression, while I did the colours like they were on the print out >_>

So yeah for everyone who doesn’t know It’s Ruki from the Gazette a J-rock band…..yes it’s a guy :XD:

It looks a lot better in real life too >_> bloody scanner T_T

[link] here’s the original pic…yeah I made a few mistakes on it…But I’ll never be able to copy it perfectly….even if I spent forever on it :XD:

erm so enjoy :ahoy:

drawn first with an F pencil and then coloured with prismacolor pencils and coloured pencils :heart: n_n
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he's my favorite from The GazettE!
ohhhh I love him..and this is a great picture you did!
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Thank you so much n___n Yaeh Ruki is my fave too :XD: Thanks again for the comment 8D
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awesome ..&I <3 this guy ^^
Demonic-Haze's avatar
:XD: Thank you ^________^ :heart:
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oooooooooooooohhh cool!!!
Best thing u made yet
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Thank you ! :hug: and thank you so much for the :+fav: too n_n
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Yey, another Ruki picture! You included this in your portfolio?! Awesome stuff, Hazey!

I really like the blue you've used here, love how it contrasts against his hair and the shadows of his clothes and surroundings. The slight tinges of green are also a really nice touch. I also really like how you've tried to get the texture on his coat, it's quite subtle which is good because it doesn't overload the piece.

Very nice work Hazey! Deserving of a favourite! :+favlove:
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Yep it appeared in my portfolio 8D so did the other one of Ruki :heart: I also hope you don't mind that I used the gift picture I did for your birthday ;_; I just needed to show that I draw women as well as men that look like women :XD:

Thankies so much for the sweet commento Drakey ^____^ and also for the :+fav: :heart: n_n
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ZOMG you put my gift picture in too?! AWESOME! Of course I don't mind! It's a gorgeous picture! :3 :heart:

You are most welcome my dearest! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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