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HEEELLLLOOOO everybody... I'm aliiiive  *A*

happy second advent to everyone ♥♥♥
My publisher EMA / EGMONT will open every day a little door from their Christmas Calendar on ♥

And I got the permission to draw 6 exclusive christmas wallpaper from Camio.
The first of six Wallpaper was behind the 8th door. 

  Emoji38 by Emoji-icon

photo x-mas_zpsba9e6317.jpg
click here to get the free Demon Lord Camio Wallpaper ♥

So what is "Demon Lord Camio"?

Demon Lord Camio is my new Manga I had worked on during the last month with my boyfriend after I had finished my latest serie "Grimoire" with 4 Volumes. ♥♥♥

Cover: Demon Lord Camio :D by demoniacalchild


Demon alarm in Berlin! The twitchy demon lord Camio illegally gains access to the human world. He seeks a grandmaster of demon conjuring who can help him to free his brother Belial from hell's prison Antenora. Unfortunately the the little slob sets actions into motion that threaten the entire cosmic order. So heaven and hell send their delegates to hunt down Camio and his compagnions...

the manga Demon Lord Camio by my boyfriend and me, published by Egmont Manga in March 2014 in Germany. 

weekly webcomic:
Camio onTwitter! - 

Forum: Camio's Forum ♥ 
(a lot of wips of Camio and some funny discussions with other members and Camio himself :D


► vereinzelte Seiten 
► company preview:  "Shinkan Herbst 2014" pdf-page "41"


Please note: So far only a German version of Demon Lord Camio has been announced. If you want to read the manga in your own language, feel free to suggest it to your local publishers for licensing! And now have a good time!

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Hiho: D

Now it's done. This month starts the book fair and I will be there again. ^ ^

And on 14 March will appear   the final volume of my series Grimoire.

Moreover, at the same time the reprint of Grimoire Vol 1 will be release. The reprint got a new cover, color pages and the long out of print prologue (prehistory). * __ *

Here you will find the covers  ♥ ♥


Here you finde the original Illustrations ♥

  Grimoire  Cover Vol 1 - reprint - finished by demoniacalchild Cover Grimoire 4 by demoniacalchild  

LBM TERMINE (only in german)
Aus gewissen Gründen kann ich leider nur eine offizielle Signierstunde halten. Würde mich daher sehr freuen, wenn Ihr einige von euch kommen könnt. 

DONNERSTAG 14. März 2013
 Doujinshi-Markt (hab nur für den DO ein Platz bekommen)

FREITAG 15. März 2013 
 ganztägige Präsentation von Manga Studio Ort: Verlagsstand vom Comic-Culture

SAMSTAG 16. März 2013 Offizielle Signierstunde!!! ♥♥
 10:00 – 11:00 Uhr Ort: am Verlagsstand von CCV (Halle 2, CCV Stand HDL16)
 14:00 – 15:00 Uhr Ort: Signierbereich Tisch 3 Halle 2, Stand G600

♥♥Wenn alles gut geht, wird es auch wieder eine Signierkarte geben, welche nur für diese eine Signierstunde produziert und herausgegeben werden soll. ♥♥

SONNTAG 17. März 2013 
 ganztägige Präsentation von Manga Studio Ort: Verlagsstand vom Comic-Culture

 Anbei findet Ihr unter dem folgendem Link die Signierstunden von kacha, yumkeks, Guido Neukamm und Daniel Gramsch. ♥…

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Hi there ^^

It's time! The manga series "Grimoire - Wandering Destiny" is coming to its end. So this Grimoire fanart competition will be the last one for the time being.

You can post your works on Animexx or submit them to or via

All submissions will be collected on the Grimoire homepage as well as the publisher's homepage. So we will make sure no entry will  be lost, no matter on which way you submit your work.

Rules: [deutsche Fassung] and [english version]

demo ♥


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GRIMOIRE -Wandering Destiny- 3            
           release date: march 12 ♥

           price: 6,90 €
           ISBN: 978-3-941886-02-5
           pages: 184
           leanguages: germany (sorry ;O; )

Yeahhh Grimoire 3 is out now *___*
At present I work on the final volume which will be out next year. ♥ I also start the last Grimoire fanart competition and if I had time, I will translate the rules into english after the bookfair next week.

PS: My autograph session at the Leipzig book fair next week ♥

SAMSTAG 17. März 2012

10:00 - 11:00 Autograph Session Table 5 Halle: Halle 2 booth D401
16:00 - 17:00 Autograph Session Table 5 Halle: Halle 2 booth D401
17:30 - 18:00 Schwarzes Sofa: "Grimoire von der Idee zum Manga"

SONNTAG 18. März 2012

12:30 - 13:00 Schwarzes Sofa: "Manga & Musik eine Zusammenarbeit mit SuperCircus"
13:00 - 14:00 Autograph Session Table 2 Halle: Halle 2 booth D401

I'm also at the artist alley with :iconyaichino: and :iconschillernatalia:. We also have a tombola where you can win an original artwork from each artist ^^

Some photos from my publisher ♥
Yaaahhh there are here finally !!!!!!!!! :
.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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MMC Convention Report

MMC is over and I have to say THANK YOU to all of you.
Every Artist on the Artitsalley was so great and I hope my assistant an I had made a good job as an adviser.

Beside I´m really glad that the Mangaka Makoto Tateno was liked by the other visitors of this convention. I hope she had a lot of fun in Germany and we can welcome her in the next time again.

Soooo and NOW a BIG THX to all of my Fans and Costumer:
My new Grimoire bag was sold out in only  1 1/2 days *__*
Also the second edition of the new Grimoire Cup Collection is nearly sold out. Only 3 Cubs are left.
THX so much!!!

notepads with an Grimoir Illustration for the MMC ♥ Hope the visitor liked this one ;O;

Search new assistant in addition

After the convention (MMC) I noticed that I need more assistants for my work on my Manga.
At present my poor editor has to fill out the whole black areas in my pages because my dear Sen hasn´t any time for helping me. But I hope she can come back for the other project next year ;O;
Now my editor has also to scan the whole pages and to write off my text from the script...
Also my lovely kaorie hasn´t so much time because she´s also working so hard every day. ;_;
I wish I had her nearly 4 days a week for screenting the basic stuff...
That´s why I think about the fact to search ne assistants in addition for the basic screening. (no PC only handmade)
If I decide to search new assistants I will write a new blogentry about the terms and conditions.
Important: I need the new assistants in the next two month nearly every day. So it would be good if they had enough time and live in Berlin. Because I haven´t enough money for the ticket. ;_;

PS: SORRY for my band english ;_;


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free christmas-Demon Lord Camio wallpaper by demoniacalchild, journal

Grimoire 4 will be released by demoniacalchild, journal

Grimoire 4 Fanart and Handicraft Competition by demoniacalchild, journal

Grimoire 3 is out now *_* by demoniacalchild, journal

MMC report + search ne assistants in addition by demoniacalchild, journal