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maoucamio - WIP

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ok here's a small preview of a mangapage from a oneshot called • 魔王カミオ• I really want to draw in the next time. xD

I guess I have more information for you when Grimoire 4 wil be finished

Hope you'll like it (>/////////>)/~♥

魔王カミオ © マリカ "demoniacalchild゛ヘルツォーグ
now I just need a good Logo with german and japanese text xDDDD

ps: Thx to
@Midorie Harada for the big helps in the last time ♥

PS: Sorry that I'm not answer all comments in time.. at present I still working on the last volume of my manga serial wich will be come out in march 2013 ^^°

And I couldn't find any time for working on my commission for raven... so I guess I'll miss the date where my premium account will be gone ARGHHHH
need more time T____T

please visit me on my facebook artist page...
there I'll upload nearly 1-2 Wips every day ^^

click me --> Marika "demoniacalchild" Herzog Facebook Page ♥
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© 2012 - 2021 demoniacalchild
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Meine Liebe, du bist wirklich hart-gut geworden!!! :D Freu mich voooooll! YEEEEEAH--HAAA!
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Your art really inspires me <3 specially to ink traditionally.
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thanks so much *\\\*
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es sieht richtig lustig aus, aber an der Eisenstange wird er sich wohl die Zähne ausbeißen ^_^°
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Naja hat eben nen guten Zahnarzt xD
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