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HI there^^

After I was asking by some people how I work on a big Mangaproject without loosing my overview, so I decide to upload my selfmade storyboard template for you. You can use this layout to organizie your own manga, comic or something like that. And to make some important notes.

I also put some photos of my storyboard book I had made for my work, so you can see how it works =°w^=

This layout helps me a lot to keep track of my storyline and the text. So it´s easier to work on a big story. ^o^

If you have any questions, fell free to aks me ^^
(for any translation mistakes I´m sorry ^^° )

This download file (zip)has 2 pdf and one preview Image. ^^

your demo
and have fun with this storyboard :heart:
(pease make a small comment if you use this template and/ or fav it, Thanks) ^^

at work

final Mangapages:

other wips, short tutorials and how I work you can find at my official Blog
►Click here◄

PS: My Manga Grimoire had his own Facebook page now >///>
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thanks for make it ^^ 
i'll read your manga
Raz-Manga's avatar
that's good. thank you for this. :thumbsup:
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whoa this helps a lot, thank you!
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Awesome! I've been searching everywhere for authentic manga templates to get started on my own projects. Thank you so much! Your work is AMAZING! Love the details ^///^
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Meow :3 I don't think I'll be able to download this, so is it okay if I copy this and edit it so I can use it? Meow :3
MrFlopsie's avatar
Awesome! I wonder if I can ever make a full binder with sketches :D
demoniacalchild's avatar
thank u so much >\\\\>
I guess u can just try it ^_^
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woher kriegt man diese dinger zum zusammen binden?
demoniacalchild's avatar
im Mc Paper hatte ich die damals gekauft :3
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Thanks for the translations!! It's amazing!!

and for the fellow artist out there who cannot seem to open the file due to it being .rar; there are free programs to do so:

Windows: [link]
Mac: [link] (currently using this and it works perfectly!)
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This is awesome! Thanks for the reference. What brand of storyboard paper do you use and where did you by it from?
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this storyboard was designed by me so there's mo brand or store where u can buy it ^_^
Bowtechie's avatar
I see, thank you!
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What does it say right next to the book title? You didn't translate it... ^^;
demoniacalchild's avatar
ahhww sorry that means publishing house ^^
zumoarino's avatar
No need to apologize, and thank you very much :)
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Echt genial >< Das ist wirklich sehr hilfreich!
Danke, dass du das mit uns teilst >//<
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awesome :) thanks a bunch for doing this.
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ahaha cool! just wonderin where did you buy the book to hold all the pages??
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