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Copic Farbe



New episode of “Mika’s everyday life”.

My last experience when I was in a Shopping mall… (((( ;°Д°))))

I know Copics are really expensive and this girl was complaining about this so i tried to help her.

It was weird to be called as wannabe artist…
We didn’t know each other. nevertheless she called me as wannabe artist..
I was so shocked about her behaviour that I didn’t tell her that I’m a professional artist and that I work for a big publisher in Germany… Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||)

Sorry for my bad english…

other episodes you can find here:


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Omg das hättte mir aber eins gegeben. Das es so was gibt... o:
Naja, aber wenn sie es nötig hat sich so aufplustern zu müssen, hat sie wohl nicht so viel Selbstvertrauen. 8'D