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Published: February 17, 2013

bb_RainPower is a combination of a few of my favorite things in desktop customization: the slim and sleek style of bblean, the freedom of skinnability with Rainmeter, and the style and functionality of the Awesome theme; Power Arrow, by romockee (…. The icons were obviously traced from Power Arrow, as well as the indents - and the style is nothing really new. Its meant to fit on your desktop in much the same way bb_bar does, to be fit alongside bbleans taskbar. Instead of having the information always present I coded it to were it would only show the corresponding information on mouse hover, along with a few left click functions. I'm limited by screen space, and some of the useless display information is actually relevant to me sometimes - so compacting it like this was the best solution.

The Music Note corresponds to now playing for Foobar2000, but you should be able to change it to whatever player you like. Keep in mind that left clicking the icon is meant to open foobar, so you would have to edit that function as well. It displays the title, album, artist, and duration/length of the current playing song on hover.

The processor icon (sqaure) displays RAM and CPU stats, including CPU Usage, Physical memory, and uses the speedfan plugin to show core temps for cores 1-4. Keep in mind you must have speedfan running in order for these temperatures to display properly. Left clicking this icon will open task manager.

The network icon (radial lines) displays Network status and information, including upload and download speeds, current IP, and latency. Left clicking the icon will open in your default browser, which is the default router login/control panel for most people.

The thermometer icon displays the current weather conditions and forecast for the next three days. The code and icons for this part of the skin were largely taken from RetroMoxx, a weather skin created by moxamax then modified by simeski.…

The clock was originally reserved for some caldendar functionality, but has proven to be challenging to work out for now. I may approach it differently, using just images instead of strings. For now I've dropped that part of the project, and left clicking the clock icon will open the date/time settings on Windows 7 by default.

The current time displays the current day, month, date and year, as well as the top stories in an RSS feed preview from Google News. Left clicking the time will link you to the top stories feed in your default browser.

As far as colors and themeing goes, I created this to fit with my current style. Editing colors should be no problem for someone with photoshop skills, though it may be tedious and take some time. If/when I get some time I will try to update the calendar functionality. For now I hope someone can take what has been done here and build upon it, as its something I've wanted to create in rainmeter for a long time.


Update 2/17 (1.1-1.5): Fixed meters normally set to autohide popping up on refresh/first load. Hidden=1 added to necessary meters. Created dark theme using HaxrCorp S8 font (found here…

Update 2/18: (1.5.2): Fixed some text clipping and overflow in the light version, in both the news and weather pop ups. Fixed some text clipping in the weather pop up in the dark version. Adjusted margins in weather skin in both slightly.

Update 2/23: (1.6.1): Some more tiny margin movements (you may not notice). Prepped and tested calendar, code included but nonfunctional within the skin itself right now (light version only). Tested/testing !Hidegroup functions for meters (light version) - decided to leave the hiding as it was, since group bangs commands are much much laggier. Fixed speedfan core temperatures displaying the wrong information on both skins.

Update 2/26: (1.7): Weather forecast section defaulted to month/date abbreviations instead of full day (i.e. "Feb 27" instead of "wednesday") due to smaller margins, and because it looks much cleaner. This has been done in BOTH versions. Clicking the tiny clock icon now opens date/time settings in Windows 7 by default. Due to the nature of autohide, and "hidden=1" conflicts, the full calendar is pretty much impossible to code properly into the skin. For now I'm completely dropping it.

Update 3/23: (2.0): Created multicolored version. Uses haxrcorp for the clock and calibri for the pop ups. The bar is a bit fatter in
this version (2pixels) to compensate for some personal changes.

Update 4/12: (2.5): Created "Ice blue" version. Fixed an issue with a recent rainmeter update where now playing was displaying the title information twice instead of the album info. Slight clipping and margin movement on the google news rss feed. The icon placement may seem a bit higher in this version due to the way the images for them were created. The blue ice version is the same size as the multicolored version, standing at 20pixels height.


Update your Rainmeter to the 3.0 beta if possible! The 2.5 version (latest) was not displaying any xml or rss feeds. 3.0 has resolved these issues.

Bugs: I'm aware that there may not be an icon displaying for the weather forecast sometimes. This is due to the nature of autohide and "Hidden=1" conflicts within the skin. When no icon displays, there is no forecast information available currently. It is supposed to render and replace the icon with the "na.png" icon, but will redraw and overlap the current forecast when it is actually available. So I've just removed it completely.
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kant-rHobbyist Interface Designer
How would this work together with bbLean?
Should I just place it over the bar on the left or..?
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I recommend setting the bblean bar to around 95% width and padding it out with a few extra buttons you wont be using. Make sure you uncheck "stay on screen" and "snap to edges". Then move the skin with X Y coordinates or click and drag to the top right of your bblean bar. This is the intended result:…
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kant-rHobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks man.
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What do you use now?
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I don't really use rainmeter currently, outside of a shadow under my panel with bblean.
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nomnomkingHobbyist Interface Designer
Vibex here. Really nice, I've edited it a little to work more nicely with my setup. I'll post how it looks next thread.
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dustkt Interface Designer
oldmanchan on /w/, this is great, I'm editing the light variant right now but making a blackbox theme based on these colors, it's great!
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Thanks, it needs lots of polishing though. Let me know if you run into any bugs.
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