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RainBox 1 by Demonessyume RainBox 1 by Demonessyume
This is a skin inspired by something I saw on /w/ a while ago called "rainwaifu"… . I made it in a day, used it for a bit, then forgot about it. It's never been officially released, but it displays a lot in a small area of the screen with some bonus mascot potential.

****Requirements & Options for best functionality****
GPU: This skin is made default to work with an ATI Graphics card. Refer to Rainmeter Docs, and edit the ini accordingly if you wish to display your GPU info for nvidia cards. You may need to download the ATIPlugin.dll. I dont know how/where I got it, or if its readily included in Rainmeter. Either way, I didn't package it with the skin to prevent conflicts (and because I couldn't find it/am lazy).

CTMP: (Core temperatures) Displays individual core temps (Quad Core). You need Speedfan running in order for these to display.

Gmail: Put your username and password in the.ini under Variables to receive notifications. It refreshes on a slower interval by default, about every 15 minutes.

Weather: Put your weather code under Variables to receive accurate forecasts.

Greetings: On mouse over, the mascot (GilliamII) displays the top news story from Google RSS feeds in a speech bubble with a customizable greeting that you can alter in the ini. The greeting changes on an interval automatically, about every two minutes. You can also change the mascot to whatever you want, just scale it to the same size as the default image for best results.

Pretty much every icon is functional, except the CPU icon. RAM icon opens the Task Manager; the fan icon will open PerfMon.exe (windows performance monitor); the network icon will attempt to load in your default browser; the mail icon will open Gmail; the temperature icon will open's forecast for your area in your default browser; and clicking the mascot (GilliamII) will load Google News.
SlimeCloudBeta Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love the design, but I can't seem to see it whenever I try to download it, or any of your other works as well. Mind helping me out? Thanks!
Demonessyume Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2017
I'm using rainmeter 3.3, and have no reason to upgrade - just downloaded and installed and opened with rainmeter skin installer - everything still works for me. Right click your tray icon and go to skins > load rainbox.ini.

Perhaps consult the documentation? Read here:… This is is 4 years  old, so it would not surprise me to find out many elements are outdated. Sorry, it wont be updated.
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