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NNNOOOOOOO by demoness-1 NNNOOOOOOO :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 1 0 Secret Agent Near by demoness-1 Secret Agent Near :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 0 Cannibalism by demoness-1 Cannibalism :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 9 5 Itachi sitting on Samehada by demoness-1 Itachi sitting on Samehada :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 1 0 Dedara's hands by demoness-1 Dedara's hands :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 1 0
[Warning: characters aren't like themselves.]
Demoness-1: hello everyone!! If you don't know what this is then guess. [Answer: interview.] This will be a cross-over interview!!! This is gonna be fun. First up is Mello & Near!! ^_^
Mello: Why am I in the same room as him???? WHY?????
Demoness-1: Because I'm paying you in chocolate.
Mello: o.k., but that better be some really good chocolate.
Demoness-1: Where did you grow up??
Mello & Near: The Whammy House.
Mello: I said it first, HA!!!!!
Near: we said it at the same time. Idiot.
Mello: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demoness-1: next people!!
Sasori: Who is this girl?
Suigintou: who the heck are you?
Sasori: You look like junk compared to me.
Suigintou: I'm not junk!!!!!!!!! *stabs with feathers*
Demoness-1: Well, that was a bad idea. Next 2 people!!!
Light: I'm getting interviewed by you….AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
Demoness-1: relax. I didn't bring my light saber. Besides I didn't even know you were here. But I do want to a
:icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 0
get him Zetsu by demoness-1 get him Zetsu :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 0 gas prices at all time high by demoness-1 gas prices at all time high :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 2 1 OMG by demoness-1 OMG :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 0 I hate this don't you? by demoness-1 I hate this don't you? :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 2 2 entry for DA valentine contest by demoness-1 entry for DA valentine contest :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 2 0 dun dun dun-dun by demoness-1 dun dun dun-dun :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 3 3
interview with Light.
Light: hi everyone! *gets booed* no one likes me T-T
Me: Alright, let's get thi-
Misa: Light-kun!!!!!!! Don't be sad!!! I like you!!!!!
Me: *thinking*should have seen this coming.
Misa: He's mine!
Me: I know he's yours. Can I start the interview?
Light: That reminds me. Why am I here?
Me: You're here because I have a death note. And `cause I have to do this for Girl Scouts.
Light: You're in girl scouts? *snickers*
Me: You're forgetting the fact that I have a death note.
Light: But I have Ryuk!!!! Get her Ryuk!!!!! And I'm not in girl scouts!!!! : P
Me: *throws 4 crates of apples everywhere*
Ryuk: OMG, so many apples!! Pure heaven!!!!! 8D
Me:   :P ha. Anyway, I have 2 questions. 1. Do you like Misa??
Misa: *stands by tearfully*
Light: uuuhhhhhh…yes?
Misa: YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *hugs Light*
Me: o.k. 2nd question. You ready? This one's for $1,000,000,000!
Light: Really?
Me: no.
Light: Awwwwww.
Me: o.k. ready?
Light: yes.
Me: you sure?
Light: yes.
Me: Positive?
:icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 4
pac-man by demoness-1 pac-man :icondemoness-1:demoness-1 0 0
ask a ninja
Ask a Ninja lyrics
"Well, I am ninja, he is ninja, and she is ninja too. I am ninja, we are ninja. And I believe that you are ninja too!"
:icondemoness-1:demoness-1 1 0
The mystery is not revealed
Ben: Hello my loyal fan base!
Me: How come you yell the name of the alien that you turn into when you use the Omnitrix?
Ben: No idea.
Me: does Gwen or Kevin know?
Ben: Go ask them yourself.
Me: How come Ben yells when he uses the Omnitrix??
Gwen: ask Kevin.
Kevin: I don't know
Me: Why the heck doesn't anyone know??????????????????????????????
:icondemoness-1:demoness-1 2 0


Death Note: This Is Heaven by behindinfinity Death Note: This Is Heaven :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 81,372 15,551 Animator vs. Animation by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 169,235 39,762 Konan Paper Child by SasuIsGay Konan Paper Child :iconsasuisgay:SasuIsGay 21 4 Itachi's Death Threat by GuardianSpirit Itachi's Death Threat :iconguardianspirit:GuardianSpirit 2,507 295 CC: Lightning Rod by GuardianSpirit CC: Lightning Rod :iconguardianspirit:GuardianSpirit 2,531 267 Polite. by Slinkers Polite. :iconslinkers:Slinkers 3,045 438 SasoDei : The first kiss by GIPeStEl SasoDei : The first kiss :icongipestel:GIPeStEl 418 148 Sasori's Guilt by Mishuku Sasori's Guilt :iconmishuku:Mishuku 4,969 1,327
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~summer approaches~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Konan was not about to let another wedding slip through her fingers, and quickly planned the entire service. There were a few objections here and there (like putting Deidara and Itachi in dresses to compensate for the lack of bridesmaids) but they were quickly extinguished. After all, no one was foolish enough to argue with a pregnant Konan.
Everything was planned out perfectly, and things were going quite well. Until it came time to exchange vows……
Father Patrick was standing above the two schizos. “Do you, Zetsu, take Tayna-“
“Hey, why are you asking him first?! Because that’s tradition. IT’S SEXISM!”
Tanya, be quiet! This is how it’s always been!”
I don’t care! Sorry, please continue.”
“Erm, to be your lawfully wedded wife, together in marriage? To love, comfort, honor, and keep her for better or worse-“
“Are y
:iconxotakux2002x:xotakux2002x 109 185
Teen Titans Comic - Not alone by HeyLookASign Teen Titans Comic - Not alone :iconheylookasign:HeyLookASign 87 28 While we are on strike by Rogerregorroger While we are on strike :iconrogerregorroger:Rogerregorroger 82 82
Akatsuki Jingle Bells
Dashing through the snow
Running from Akatsuki
Over the hills I go
Running into trees
Snow is turning red
I think im almost dead
And now im in the hospital
With stitches in my head
Jingle bells
Tobi smells
Zetsu laid an egg
Hidan burned the christmas tree
And Kakuzu is dead
Jingle bells
Tobi smells
Zetsu laid an egg
Deidara, he lost his clay
And Pein, he says hes gay
Tobi: i smell??
Zetsu: I WHAT?!
Hidan: yay me!
Kakuzu: Do i get paid for this??
Deidara: Where did my clay go?? *looking everywhere*
Pein: IM
:iconmkgirl13:MKGirl13 10 44
Rose Red and Snow White by Paper-Peaches Rose Red and Snow White :iconpaper-peaches:Paper-Peaches 2,751 299 Lil Formers: LOLformers by MattMoylan Lil Formers: LOLformers :iconmattmoylan:MattMoylan 696 139 Code Geass - Salvation by minutemaid511 Code Geass - Salvation :iconminutemaid511:minutemaid511 134 11



United States
I`m like this fairy. Queen of the weirdos. And an anime fan. I`m also very pretty. Well o.k. I`m regular.

Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: photography
MP3 player of choice: ipod, Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Suigintou or Lelouch
Personal Quote: CRAZY PERSON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journal History

I've got ideas!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 3, 2010, 6:34 PM

Who     thinks the Mentos contest is   awesome?!?!? I certainly do. I'm probably going to do several deviations about Mentos afterwards. I've just been getting ready to move to Minnesota from Michigan. I don't want to.

And in the spirit of pure randomness I'm going to tell you a theory of mine (It's weird and I know it's wrong): what if Tobi=Madara=Obito?
And I suppose you want to know why I put stumped as my mood (If you're not too bad.) The reason: * drum roll* math homework. I hate it and it's evil. The  ability to use other journal skins is awesome. And 1 other explanation as to why I haven't posted a journal......... I don't really have any things to write about. Another thing I noticed: Sasuke and Anakin are very similar.


  • Listening to: Ninja Of The Night
  • Reading: Death Note How To Read
  • Watching: Len & Rin Kagamine Trick and Treat
  • Playing: Milles Bornes
  • Eating: saltine crackers.


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