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For :iconcoelasquid: :) It be for her 23rd B-day! Lol. It ain't as good as her comics! I love 'em!

Here's her page in case you never heard of 'Manly Men Doing Manly Things' or seen any of her fantastic work![link]
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"You call that a knife? No this is a knife."- Crocodile Dundee
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I LOVE Dundee! He inspired me for one of my next projects...
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Haha, I love that comic too :XD:
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It's covered in epic sauce!
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And other epic things.
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phuck yeah, cigar! ;D
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I found out the other day that my principal smokes. People in my math class were talking to him.
Principal "He's probably out for a smoke right now.."
Girl "smoking is bad"
"Yes it is, I really need to quit"
":O you smoke!? smoking is bad!"
"I know. Oh, but for the record, I don't smoke cigarettes"
"You don't? Then what do you smoke? Weed?"
"No, keep guessing"
Somebody in the back "Cigar?"
"That's the one"

so YEAH, cigar ftw! :XD:
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YUS! He smoke da CEEEEGAR!
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Whoa, you turned this one out pretty quickly! :omfg: He looks awesome. 8-)
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Thanks! I gotta shell it like the nine yards if I really want to!
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Oh man, that's awesome! Ahahaha breathes toxic cigars and doesn't afraid if anything ;P Mind of I put this up on my site (with credit" whenever I get a chance to update my "extras" page?

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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Hells yeah you can put it up on your site! That would be SO awesome!

Yer welcome! :iconyeahplz:
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