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Simple White skin

A boring one :)
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CoryCow-aka-Genesis's avatar
That's boring?!?! lol
Impulse91's avatar
that isnt boring thats cool
funny u say its boring's one of my faves of yours Dan
DemonDan666's avatar
oh no..the thanks is all for should do some more with this if you are not happy..the over all turn out may be even better...
ZxDesigns's avatar
Hehe woow man looks god naaa the colors are boring, but you make em look good :P
calgarc's avatar
i see nothing boring about this :) it just sop good
katana-hunter's avatar
Just amazing, you use a tablet?
DemonDan666's avatar
Hey man, yeah for the finer details :)
The1Blur's avatar
this is so NICE!!
JudeLandry's avatar
Not bad at all...that skin can be of some use to someone I sure! Great Work!
DemonDan666's avatar
JudeLandry's avatar
pleasure's mine ;)
Nukil's avatar
boring? it's great :) :fav:
SeanDey's avatar
boring :O m8 this is sweet lol i wish i could design a skin like th is :( mine are just boring simple ones lol
shiftform's avatar
really nice but I think you should edit the tables, they looks too flat and the borders a little bit messy. also the arrow in the footer looks not like the rest of the style.
ZelnickDesigns's avatar
rule number 1: Do not give advice to DemonDan...
rule number 2: Do not say anything negative about perfection.
rule number 3: Never break rule 1 or 2
WebRules's avatar
awesome 3d work dude, have made it in photoshop?

check my new work [link]
DemonDan666's avatar
Hey man yeah its all photoshop
WebRules's avatar
great work dude =)
carnagereview's avatar
somehow I don't believe you when you say "simple" Compared to my work this is a masterpiece! =D
Tay10r4030's avatar
cool. you ever start up a site yet?
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
his site is online now man , see under his prfile pg here on deviant art for the address ;)

...................... ( we now return you to your regular scheduled viewing ) :lol:
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