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Camo Skin


A gaming vBulletin skin for

Hope someone likes. 100% PS as always.

Live demo here [link]

Can be purchased for vBulletin here [link]

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really well done! i like the "bullet-idea" :)
mazzery's avatar
DAM, I like it so much !
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absolutely amazing, the reflection effects and all the detail are fantastic.
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cfdesign's avatar
awesome! :)
+fav (i'm abit late)
V1RUZ03's avatar
WOW! wish I can do that in photoshop.
D-aRiuS's avatar
not as polished as ur old ones but pretty cool still
bingxueling's avatar
Metal !great job.
yingfengling-FL's avatar
awesome!!I like it ,cool!
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H3LLB0uND's avatar
Good to see the Demon master is back with another kickass design. :D Great work Dan.
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sick skin dude, i really love the overall appeal. don't like the buttons much, though reading the comments i agree it'd look better with only one or two visible at a time. =D
DemonDan666's avatar
Cheers dude, yeah they do look a bit much as they are but I reckon customers would think they are a cool touch
PureAV's avatar
Aah nice one dude, you changed the reflections. Looks much better. I think I can fav this now :)

Peace, Lance
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krazytim's avatar
Yeah, it looks much better this way.

+faved ;)
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Yo Dan :)

Just wanted to say that I am loving this piece as I do the rest of your work. The camo patterns look sweet, such a great idea for a template :)

I was also wondering though, what your reasoning for the stretched bullet reflections was in the header? It's a flat surface so the reflections would be a perfect flip. The intense warping of them throws off the awesome realsim of the rest of the template. Shadows follow surfaces, reflections don't. So my only suggestion would be to fix them up :)

Brilliant work man :D

Peace, Lance
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