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Assault Skin

Hello everyone, to celebrate reaching 20k pageviews i thought i would upload this. :D

Assault skin,

Available for vBulletin here [link]

Live demo here [link]

Inspired by Vlda.

Content by exaltic

Thx all

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it would be a lovely clan skin
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How do you go from design to the web files? I always do the designs but never did the next step. Do you know how to do that or do you have some info about it? I would really appreciate it =)
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Very good work.
MrGRiM01's avatar
Pretty cool designs, shame you don't make any phpBB forum skins, there is a serious lack of good designers for them.
lentii's avatar
awesome work man :P
fav+ for it ^^
noblemaster's avatar
Looks great! What does one have to do to purchase it (sales are disabled on you site)???
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It should be on, let me know if it doesnt work and i will try and sort out a copy for you. Im on holiday at the moment so bare with me as i may respond quite slowly.

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Sales are disabled on the site! Could you send me your PayPal address so I can transfer the money and you send me the template (I only need the Photoshop file) after?
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The sales are going to be reactivated so please check the site.


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Thanks! I purchased the skin :)
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thanks for your interest dude :)
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I have asked the guy in charge of exaltic to send me the download file for you. When it arrives i will check it and let you have my paypal address. once the money is received I will send it over to you.

i hope this is ok?


I would really love to see this available for SMF forums.
ok thats divine art work im shocked!!!!

ill beg as many times needed for you to do a vid tutorial!

pls pls pls im begging all ready!
steelwagon6's avatar
absolteuly ridiculous job bro!!! congrats! :D
i want dowload
but... HOW???
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you can purchase it here [link]
spacewarp's avatar
Definately worth a WOW and a :+fav: :)

Mind if I take some "inspiration" from it? :innocent:
DemonDan666's avatar
yeah sure, as long as you dont copy the whole thing lol
spacewarp's avatar
Don't worry, I'd never do that.
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
holy crap!
i want to make designs like this, but iam to dumb:(
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