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Hey guys, hope all is going well! I'm still working on the next part of the VK story, just making sure everything is as smooth and fun to read as possible. While I've been doing that, I've also created a little fun list of the characters of Arc #1 that states how they sound in their actual world and their own personal themes. Not super important, but I thought it'd be interesting for you all to check out, so here you go!


Hato Seishin: Clifford Chapin (Dragon Ball Super, Cabba)
Theme: A Hero's Wings - TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise Season 1 Soundtrack

Detera Kyohaku: Laura Bailey (Sonic Colors DS/Sonic Generations, Blaze the Cat)
Theme: Dance of The Queen - TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise Season 2 Soundtrack

Genka Iru: David Humphrey (Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog)
Theme: Bleach OST - Nube Negra

Mizu Genni: Megami33 (DBZ Abridged, Bulma)
Theme: Sonic Heroes OST - Grand Metropolis

Lolli Wipsy: Karen Strassman (Sonic Generations, Rouge The Bat)
Theme: Sonic Adventure 2 OST - Bright Sound (Dry Lagoon)

King Vladimir Korona: redoni/Holy Headcrab (Studio Catbird's Ask Frisk and Company comic dub, King Asgore)
Theme: Sonic and The Black Knight OST - Calm After The Battle: Arondight (Normal), Sonic and The Black Knight OST - Through The Fire (Full Power/Angered)

Queen Galia Korona: Colleen Clinkenbeard (DBZ: Bojack Unbound, Zangya)
Theme: Sonic and The Black Knight OST - Deep Woods (Normal), Sonic and The Black Knight OST - Fight The Knight (Full Power/Angered)

Gini Nestra: Shelby Rabara (Steven Universe, Peridot)
Theme: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Lord Crump's Theme

Gexx Korona: Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke Uchiha)
Theme: Dragon Ball Super - Jiren's Theme (Fan Cover by Friedwich Habetler Music)

Sairento Matar: (He's mute, so he has no voice actor)
Theme: Spanish Drive - TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise Season 1 Soundtrack

Una Yugo: Ashleigh Ball (MLP: Friendship is Magic, Rainbow Dash)
Theme: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver OST - Battle! Ho-Oh

Tressa Yugo: Andrea Libman (MLP: Friendship is Magic, Pinkie Pie)
Theme: Pokémon Black and White OST - Vs. Legendary Pokémon

Duo: Tara Strong
Theme: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Hot Soul

Kaden Gansuringa: Christopher Niosi (TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, Kirbopher)
Theme: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom - Jellyfish Fields (Lazy), Dragon Ball Super OST - A Fearsome Foe (Serious)

Star Comet/Renita Hoshi: Stephanie Young (One Piece, Nico Robin)
Theme: Gerudo Valley (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS)
March 4th, 21XX
Time: 12:01 PM
Location: Wastelands
Mizu, Kaden, V-Team, G-Team

The two fighters, Mizu and Kaden, stand before each other, eyes locked and prepared, to a degree, to begin the battle. As Galia and Vlad look over the two combatants, Mizu checks over the diagnostics of her battle suit on her custom face scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: 100%. POWER ENERGY: 100%. BACKUP RESERVES: OPERATIONAL. She grins at this as her mech's hand tightens into a fist. Kaden, on the other hand, simply scratches his pointed elf-like ear and yawns, simply ready to get this over with so he can nap. With everything checking out, the king and queen raise their hands for a short while before finally throwing them down.


At their go-ahead, Mizu quickly jumps back before flinging a fist forward. "Alright, you lazy bones, allow me to help put you to sl-!" But before her fist can even make contact, a shotgun blast noise is heard and she quickly finds herself being flung halfway across the area.

"Holy crap!", Hato exclaims. "Looks like despite being as lazy as ever, Kaden still has that incredible power of his..."

Detera crosses her arms. "That's to be expected, though. Since he was a kid, he has been doing tough training with the legendary Sensei and has mastered the art of Gunslinger. Those punches have the might of shotgun blasts themselves and definitely aren't easy to defend against. It's a good thing Mizu thought to use a battle suit for this little... "tournament" of sorts, otherwise she would have been out before it even truly began, along with more-than-likely critical injuries."

Lolli looks over to Detera, slightly surprised by her response. "Oh my... Our dear kingdom's Kaden truly has such power inside him? I never would have imagined..."

Hato chuckles lightly. "Probably 'cause you spend most of your time at your shop and looking at Genka with ga-ga eyes!"

The wizard blushes as she quickly clears her throat. "R-right... well then, let's just continue to watch the battle, shall we?"

"Ugh.... Mind giving a heads-up before you unleash one of those concrete brick-like punches on me?!" She huffs as she slowly rises up, quick to notice the message that has popped up on her scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: MINUS 12%, 88% REMAINING. Great, what a way to start the match off... The scientist then casts a glare towards Kaden as she has fully risen up, lunging towards her opponent yet again, but this time firing mini plasma spheres from her suit's metallic hands. Even with shots a plenty, however, Kaden effortlessly dodges them all as he yawns while watching her get into his vicinity yet again, not even making the slightest effort to fall back with her presence looming ever closer.

"Sorry about that punch, M'...", he says slowly. "But this is a fight I have to win for Lady Galia, so I'm kinda required to do that. I mean, it is a fight after all..."

"As if I didn't realize that already!!" She barks as she gets close enough to throw a punch towards his face, but he easily blocks it with his own as the two quickly enter into a nearly invisible flurry of fists clash, seemingly being at an even balance. However...

POWER ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 79%. Damn! Can't give in now..! I know this suit wasn't ready for such an opponent like Kaden right out the gates, but I must push through!! I can't just pull back...! POWER ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 63%. ...Then again, maybe a different attack can help me out with this conundrum... "BACKUP RESERVE, ACTIVATE!!" At her words, her suit begins glowing a light yellow color erratically as she goes on the defensive, seemingly waiting for an opportune time to strike. POWER ENERGY: STABILIZED, 63%. DEFENSE ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 76%. Just a little bit... not too early...

On the sidelines over on Queen Galia's side, the team looks on with bewildered stares. Just what exactly was she planning to do, use her backup defense reserves to guard against Kaden until he decides to stop? As most of the kingdom's residents know, despite the lazy personality Kaden may possess, it takes him quite a long time for him to get tired out by fighting, that much had to be thanks to the his training in the Gunslinger arts. If that was really her strategy for this whole thing... then it would not be long until the fight would be over.

Just as this thought passed through the mind of Gexx, sudden bolts of plasma electricity began to peek seemingly out of thin air, the young woman's gaining a smirk on her features as Kaden raises an eyebrow, his punches getting slower as the bolts began to show up more frequently. And then, like a sudden sucker punch, it hit Gexx immediately.

"Holy shit... is she really going to...?!"

And at the same time, Galia and Vlad turn to their members and utter the same sentence: "I suggest you all get down for this one."

DEFENSE ENERGY: DRAIN CONSTANT, REPORTING AT 50%. Fine by me!! Now ready to do her thing, Mizu let out with a yell that could pierce the blue sky above: "SUPER DESTRUCTIVE WAVE!!!"

And with that final word escaping from her lips, the battlefield in the Wastelands soon became home to gust of sudden and violent winds and a thunderous explosion that even those of surrounding areas could hear from hundreds of thousands of miles away. The force so unexpectedly great, the fighting members of the teams were all rendered to either guard against the massive blowback or hit the ground and pray they don't get swept away by the winds. Luckily for them, as soon as it was there, it was soon to disperse, leaving quite the cracks in the earth, quite the spread of dust and a bit of area damage.

Mizu releases a sigh as she checks her scouter: DEFENSE ENERGY: 50%. POWER ENERGY: -13%, 50% REMAINING. BACKUP RESERVES: UNAVAILABLE. 50/50... Of course. Oh well, I'm sure he felt that one. Her eyes then pan all of what she can currently see on the battlefield, not seeing her heavy handed opponent anywhere and assuming he's knocked out on the ground somewhere. This revelation immediately causes a smirk to be cast upon her face, along with a chuckle that soon turns to laughter.

"Hahaha! I did not think at all I could take down Gunslinger Kaden, but looks like I'm full of surprises today!"

Gini makes an unimpressed "pfft" sound and pats the dust and small debris off herself as her "rival" continues to laugh proudly. "What a rip... I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see this... So I guess the first victory goes to-"

"Wait." Galia says, not having been affected by the Super Destructive Wave's might along with Vlad, who is gritting his teeth for some odd reason. "Mizu has not won just yet."

Mizu whips around to the direction of her former liege, confused by her words. "What? What do you mean? The guy isn't anywhere in my field of view! He has to knocked out on the ground from the power of that massive-"

"MIZU! BEHIND YOU!!" Vlad yells out quickly through his clenched teeth, visibly sweating slightly. Her fellow members follow their king's line of sight through the now lessening dirt cloud and all collectively gasp at the sight they are baring witness to.

The scientist's eyes widen at his tone and quickly turns around only for her mouth to be left agape in utter shock at what she sees: Kaden, with the same sleepy looking expression and face, with only his shirt being shredded to pieces and his pants slightly roughed, completely unharmed.

Mizu can't believe her eyes, nor can she muster any sentences to come out of her mouth. "B-b-but... You w-were... H...How could..???"

Kaden nonchalantly cracks his knuckles a bit as a sudden surge of power starts to ooze off his body like a lowly flame. "The force of that wasn't half bad."

Mizu shakes nervously as her eye pans at the readings the suit's scouter is giving off of Kaden. "100...978...4,043...8,999........Holy crap....." With no other option on the table, Mizu begins to fling punches left and right, but Kaden dodges them without hardly any movement and sends an explosive punch her way in return, getting a direct hit and sending her way back from him.

DEFENSE ENERGY: 39%. She grits her teeth as she holds her hands forward and fires off a flood of plasma spheres... but the young man just simply walks through the blasts as if they're nothing but annoying flies.

"Goodness... Just how powerful IS Kaden truly...?" Genka asks as he continues to observe in awe and shock.

"Hmm, maybe he could even rival you someday, your princely-ness." Duo remarks to Gexx, awaiting his response.

".....Shut up, Duo." Gexx says in an annoyed manner.

Kaden suddenly raises an arm to his chest and with precise timing, he reflects back a specific plasma sphere to Mizu, speeding through the barrage and making a clear miracle shot on her, knocking her out of her phase.


"Tch..!! Damn it..! I got no choice but to bank the remaining power energy on one final shot!!" She grits her teeth as she places her armored hands together, forming a plasma sphere way bigger than the ones from before. "CATCH THIS ONE, KADEN! GRAND SHINE SPHERE!!" And with what remaining force she could get the suit to muster, she blasts the projectile towards him with full force.

Yet... He just stands there, as if waiting for contact to be made. But near the second to last moment to try anything, his left fist, burning with the same energy resonating off of him, flies up and "catches" the sphere, causing it to instantly combust and spread around in little glittering energy flakes. Mizu is left only to watch in silence as her last ditch effort is reduced to absolute nothingness.


"Well that was to be expected...", Mizu got out, breaking her silence finally. "But... This suit still has defense and even if I can't use high-flying punches, beams, and plasma shots, I can still punch the crap out of you!" She grins as she gets into a boxer-like stance.

"(Yawn...) Sorry 'bout this, M'...", the warrior says as he phases out of sight briefly and reappearing nearly inches away from her face in the fraction of a second. "Queen G says I can't lose, so this has gotta be the finale of our fight, I guess..."

"W-what the...?!" She looks at him, unable to react in time as she witnesses his fists cocking back and ready to strike.

Kaden clenches them tightly as they begin to shake slightly. "I like to call this move the "Minigun Rapidfire Barrage". ...Kinda still working on the name, but it's whatever."

And without a further word, it almost appears as if time itself has stopped for this one moment as Kaden belts out punch after punch at the arms and legs of the suit, the entirety of the attack taking no more than five seconds at best. As he finally stops, everyone gazes in silence as they take into account that Mizu, despite being mentally and visibly shaken up, does not seem to sustain any damage on her suit, not including the dents and scratches from earlier scuffles. However, slowly lifting his fist up, Kaden gently taps the chest-plate of the suit, causing a large rumbling sound to be heard seemingly coming from it and by all nearby. Ultimately after a few seconds of anticipation, the entire suit completely breaks down and off of its creator as Mizu is launched high into the sky, having blacked out from the sudden pressure.

"Mizu!!" Hato yells as he rushes out to catch his comrade, but it seems Kaden beats him to the punch as he literally punches the ground to blasts himself into the sky. And with a quick grab, he comes back down with the knocked out scientist in his arms.

"Sorry, I didn't expect the pressure would be so much in the end... Hopefully she feels better when she wakes up." He hands her over to Hato as he makes his way over to the sidelines.

"...Kaden..." Hato watches as his old friend walks away, but he soon snaps out of his trance and brings her to his side of the sidelines, all of the members glad to see she's okay for the most part.

"Ngh..." She mutters in her unconscious state. "K..King Vlad...I'm sorry..."

Vlad clenches his eyes shut, visibly feeling guilty for getting her into this position. "Please, don't be sorry Mizu... You did wonderfully... Just rest now, the others will take it from here."

Gini snickers as she claps for Kaden. "Well done, lazybones! With that, the first victory goes to Queen Galia!!"

"Your efforts shall be rewarded for this, Kaden." The Queen says as she grins to him.

"Cool. I'm gonna sleep now, wake me when everything's finished up." He says as he lays down on the ground and immediately goes to sleep, garnering a scoff from Gexx.

"Now then, let us move on to the next battle." Galia says as she flings the cube device upward and watches as it comes down, the message immediately displaying.

Detera Kyohaku vs. Duo Yugo

Duo eyes widen as she grins with immense devious intentions. "Well, well, well...~"

Detera cracks her neck slightly as she smirks, electricity pulses around her palms.

"Oh, I am going to have one hell of a great time with this one."

Okay, just got done watching the "final" episode of Dragon Ball Super and HOOOOO BOY, what a rush that was. Even if it did feel rushed a bit, that was still a magnificent episode and, I'll hold my hand up and admit it, I shed some tears. No matter how anyone else looks at this series, DBS will always have a special place in my heart and if it is true that this is simply just a break and it will return, then I'll be ready for it and all the new stories that have yet to be told.

"Farewell Goku! Until The Day We Meet Again!!"

March 3rd, 21XX
Time: 9:07 AM
Location: Outer V Kingdom Battlegrounds
Hato, Detera, Genka, Gexx, Una, Tressa, Vlad, Galia

Unaware, Gexx is kicked away with fierce pressure by Detera, who arrives with Genka to aid Hato. The girls quickly go over to assist the prince.

"Hato! Are you okay?" Detera says concerned as she helps her friend up. She then glares towards Gexx. "And just what the hell are you doing here, Gexx? Come to start some trouble as I'd expect?"

"Feh.." He stands up and crosses his arms. "Perhaps. Wasn't really planning to get physical..." He suddenly points to Hato. "But then this little shit ran his mouth too much, so now he's gotta be punished."

Hato immediately grits his teeth. "What'd you just call me?!" As he revs up to rush at Gexx, he is suddenly halted by an incredible force of wind, having come from one of the girls, notably the girl with light blonde tinted and more unkempt hair. "Ugh, Tressa! Don't get in my way! This is between me and "princey boy" over there!

The girl makes a mocking face. "Well I got a problem with that! You really expect me to just go off to the side and watch you attack Gexx? Ain't happening! 'sides, you already know that my Nimbus Force is not to be messed with, so just shove it and take your lumps, Hato, before I toss you around in a tornado!"

"Now, now Sis," says the other girl, who sports a more sliver tinted and well brushed hairstyle, but her facial features are one and the same with Tressa, albeit different colored, green, pupils, "We shouldn't get in the way of the prince. We shall let him deal with Hato and in turn," she smirks as she turns her attention to Detera and Genka. "We shall deal with these two."


"Right." At Detera's call, he unsheathes a smaller sword behind is back. "Preparing for combat."


The battlegrounds are quickly scarred by the ensuing action of the 3-on-3 match. Genka, a master of fast paced attacks, takes on Tressa, Detera, master of electric based attacks, takes on Una, who is specialized in numbing and poison attacks, and of course, Hato takes on the prince of V Kingdom, Gexx Korona. The ensuing battle causes creates gigantic craters in the ground, electrified landscape, and a few scattered kunai knives courtesy of Genka. To say the least, the battlegrounds is surely living up to its title.

The prince rises up from his battle stance and cracks his knuckles, smirking at his Demon opponent. "Well at the very least, you've been training since the last time we've fought."

Hato smirks at this remark. "Oh, you mean when you, the queen and the others had to retreat 'cause your plan of invasion was so half baked even Veil could've come up with something more strategic than simple "Make an attempt to storm the castle"? Startin' to think you might have been the one to come up with that plan initially and your mom just gave you the "good to go" thumbs up."

"...Heh-heh-heh... You must not enjoy having all of your teeth, 'cause I can assure you that half of those things are gonna be coming out reeeaaalll soon...", the prince remarks as he angrily grits his teeth and chuckles.

"That's a hefty promise, Gexx! Too bad that's not happening."

"You won't have to wait long enough to see what occurs, runt."

As the two suddenly become encased in powerful auras, they get into a prepped stance, cocking their fists back before zooming towards each other, fiercely yelling and eventually clashing their fists... that is they would have, had it not been for a large and hugely recognizalbe man blocking the both of them. The king, as a matter of fact.

"...!! King Vlad..!", Hato exclaims as he quickly pulls his fist back.

"..!" Gexx stares in surprise, yet doesn't lower his fist from his father's palm, simply regarding him in silence.

Vlad chuckles at Hato's sudden actions as he turns his gaze to Gexx. "Hello there, my son... I'm glad to see that you've been in good health."

Gexx once again stares at his father in silence as he averts his gaze to the side before finally speaking to him. "...Hello, father."

The king's face lowers slightly at his tone, but he remains happy to see his son. After Gexx lowers his fist from his hand, he turns to his people, both loyal and former, who have all stopped fighting as he made his presence known, to address them.

"I know that you all have more than likely been itching to fight against one another since the original confortation we've had a while back, but this is not the time for such battles", he finishes as he suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder, looking back to the owner of said hand, immediately regarding them with wide eyes, as does everyone else aside from Gexx.

"Mother?", Gexx asks with a raised eyebrow and curious tone, surprised to see the ex-queen of the V Kingdom, Queen Galia Korona, standing side by side with her husband.

"Now, now," Galia remarked towards Vlad with a slight grin, walking in front of him. "I know that you weren't going to deny these young warriors the chance to battle, were you "Vlady"? As I recall, you were but a young warrior yourself at one point in time, seeking battles with outlanders to further improve your strength to protect your people and the legendary kingdom we were seeking to develop further." She then turns to the warriors, Vlad making sure to keep his gaze on Galia at all times. "Wouldn't you all like the chance to just duke it out so that this silly war could just finally come to a close? Would that not seem like a nice thing to do?" As the curious eyes observed her and tried to figure out her intentions, whether this was her intention or not, Hato decided to speak what was on his mind to his former superior.

"Queen Galia... I must admit that I don't have trust in what actions you may intend to do in the future..." He stops for a moment, "but, if there truly is a chance to put an end to this pointless war, then I very well will take that option."

Galia regards him in silence before grinning. "Ahh, my dear Hato, those were the words I was just hoping to hear from at least one of you." She turns to her husband. "So I propose that this war may finally be settled with a special duel."

Vlad raises an eyebrow. "A... special duel, you say?"

"Indeed so." She turns as she paces between the warriors and her husband. "A five-on-five match, your warriors versus mine. Killing would be forbidden, as well as self-enhancers. Weapons and special abilities, however, would be allowed."

Vlad finds himself slightly surprised at his wife. "You really made sure to do your work before you came to propose this, huh?"

She chuckles slyly at this before looking back to him. "The first team to obtain three wins is declared the winner. However... these are the winning conditions: If your team happens to best mine, then the war will officially come to an end. But, if my team happens to win, then the same rule will apply, with the exception that you shall relinquish your leadership role of the kingdom to me and be banished from the V Kingdom for the rest of your days."

As Vlad's followers begin to voice their disdain for this extra condition, they suddenly stop as Galia takes out a hidden knife and slashes her palm, causing it to bleed slightly. Then, with the bloody hand, she tosses it to her husband, keeping her hand extended outward, looking for a bloody shake-on-it. Vlad looks at the knife for a while and for a moment, it seem that he would throw it down and refuse the challenge, but just as quickly as it seemed, he slashes his own palm and throws the knife away as he and Galia shake hands, drips of their blood hitting the ground slowly.

"Well then, you got yourself a deal." He grins as they shake.

The former queen grins. "I knew you'd make the right choice." After another second of shaking, she turns and gestures for their son and her followers to come with her. "The duel will be set for 12 o' clock tomorrow, in the Wastelands. If either of us are a minute late, that's an automatic disqualification. Until then, get your team prepared for the fight to come." She smirks as they begin to take their leave. "Until tomorrow, ex-king.~"

Vlad watches as they depart for a bit before turning to his subordinates. "My apologies to you all, I should have took into mind about your opinions on the matter at hand..."

Hato swipes his hand in the air nonchalantly. "No worries, big guy, all we have to do now is just focus on getting two other teammates and coming up with a plan to win this thing!" He exclaims, slightly surprising the king with his mainly positive attitude.

Detera and Genka then bow with an arm across their chests. "I can surely promise you that we will do our absolute best to make sure we bring victory in your name, m'lord. Myself, Genka, Hato, and our other two teammates swear this to you."

The king, touched by their words, quickly wipes his eyes and gives them a bow himself. "Detera... Genka... Hato... Thank you... Thank you all." After a moment, he rises up and takes a deep breath before giving a warm smile to the three. "Alright then folks, we got a busy day ahead of us, so let's hurry along and get down to business!"

And with that, they rush off to the kingdom to find two members and a cunning plan.

---------------March 4th, 21XX---------------
-----Time: 11:56 AM-----

The table now set for the climatic battle that will ultimately put a permanent end to the Mokushi War, King Vlad and his team make their way to the battlegrounds of what will certainly be a legendary battle. The team members: Hato Seishin, Detera Kyohaku, Genka, Mizu Genni, the technological researcher for the kingdom's military, equipped with a steel robotic battle suit, and Lolli Wipsy, a very attractive wizard who has a small spells shop in the V Kingdom for those interested in learning from her ways of wizardry, all who are prepared to fight with all that they have to make sure that Vlad remains king in a scenario that ultimately isn't as simple as it may seem. As the five, along with the king, begin to see their opponents in the distance, Hato turns to his new teammates and grins at them.

"I know I already said it before we came out this way, but I gotta thank you ladies again for helping us out with this whole thing." He slightly looks more to Mizu. "And Mizu, I was going to make a height requirement joke, but I think I'll just save it for another time, perhaps."

Mizu scoffs with a grin. "Thank God...."

Lolli winks to him with a grin and determined face. "T'was nothing at all, darling. Admittedly, as soon as I saw that my dear, sweet Genka was going to be competing in this challenge, I just knew that I had to help you all!"

Genka blushes briefly. "I-I very much appreciate your willingness to help. We'll be sure to make this up to you after this is all over."

"Oh, I know that you'll make this up to me when we're done.~" She licks her lips, causing Genka's cheeks to blush more.

As they chat, their rival team, along with the queen, become even more visible, with the members there looking just as ready as they are. Galia's members: The prince and her son, Gexx Korona, Sairento Matar, a mute man armed with a samurai sword known as the Dire Edge and possessing an ability known as "Eye Stealer", the twin sisters who created the "Deathly Arts" and "Nimbus Force" techniques respectively, Una and Tressa Yugo, Kaden Gansuringa, a young man whose punches have the impact of shotguns, but who also possesses a lazy personality, and Renita Hoshi, better known in the Outlands as Star Comet, a hunter of gleaming jewels and other treasures who can dish out deadly kicks. Also along with them but just as a spectator is Gini Nestra, a green alien girl with crazy red hair that happened upon the kingdom when she fell out of the sky. Since the war started, she has been the technological researcher for Galia thanks to her alien knowledge of advanced technology and, in her eyes at least, Mizu's rival.

As they come face to face, the noticeable flaw of their lineup becomes all too apparent to Detera. "Hold on... you have six members instead of five! What the hell are you trying to pull here?!"

Gexx crosses his arms and scoffs. "Don't be stupid! Did you really think we'd walk all the way here just to be automatically disqualified?! HA!" Gexx looks over to the twins. "Una! Tressa! You're up!"

"Yes, my liege!" They both say as they bow and step forward.

And as if they weren't already baffled, the two sisters begin to strut around with some very ballerina-like movements. Vlad is nearly on the verge of asking what exactly is going on, but Detera is quick to point out that at this time, the girls' bodies have started to shine brightly and as they begin to twirl for their finale, they end up twirling into each other as a gleaming light covers the surrounding area, causing most who are present to cover their eyes. When the light finally disperses, in the place of where the two girls had collided, stands now only one. But this slightly taller woman was not Una, nor was she Tressa, yet she seems to possess attributes of both girls, most noticeably the silver and blonde messy-yet-kept hairstyle. She soon gains amusement from the look at her opponents' faces as she takes a quick bow.

"Fufufu... Duo, at your service.~" She grins as she quickly hops back in line with her team.

Star scratches her head at this stunning presentation with a blank look. "I do not get paid enough for this kind of crap..."

Galia clears her throat. "Now that my team's number is satisfactory and that the clock has hit twelve, I say that we are finally ready to begin."

Gini then hands a small cube-like device to the queen. "Here you are, Ms. Galia!"

"Thank you, Gini. Now, this device will determine the battle taking place after it hits the ground with a holographic message. No need for pen and paper here."

With a nod from Vlad, she tosses it high in the sky, everyone watching in anticipation as it comes down and hits the ground, the message coming quicker than anyone was expecting:

Mizu Genni vs. Kaden Gansuringa

At this sudden revelation, Gini immediately bursts out in an uproar of laughter. "Ohohoho!! Oh my, I am definitely going to enjoy this match-up..."

Mizu huffs roughly as she steps forward. "Damn it, you have to be kidding me. I'm first up to fight and I get put against the one guy who probably hits the hardest out of anyone here..."

Gexx turns to Kaden's direction. "Alright then, man, go out there and do your- huh...?" To the prince's surprise, Kaden appears to be standing with his arms crossed, but is quietly napping! "W-what the?! You lazy ass! This is quite possibly the WORST time to fall asleep, seriously!!" Gexx yells, as he quickly smacks Kaden on the back of the head.

"Well, at the very least, he still has his lazy personality..." Detera remarks, grinning at Kaden's constant sleepiness.

With a huge yawn and a bit of a rub to get the sleep out of his eyes, Kaden takes a step forward.

"Mrmmm... Oh, is it my turn already..?"

March 3rd, 21XX (Seven Years Later)
Time: 08:30 AM
Location: V Kingdom
Hato, Detera, Genka, Gexx


The early morning sunshine beams through the slight crack in the curtains, lighting the room up a bit, showing off the tan peach color of the sleeping chamber. Laying in bed is the same Demon boy who was saved by the king of the kingdom and a young girl seven years ago. He has appeared to have grown into a healthy young man, a striking contrast to how he appeared back then.


As he rests away, the sound of footsteps can be heard upon the upper stairs of the house. Eventually reaching the room, his friend Detera, having also grown up, appears with a slight frown on her face.

"(Sighs...) Hato, you were supposed to be up by 7:30." She looks around. "What happened to that alarm clock you bought from that one shady merchant.."

Coincidentally, said alarm clock, which is on the floor after having been aparently knocked away, begins to ring a bit, the very gears within it struggling to turn due to the major amounts of years worth of rust on them.

"...Of course." She sighs once more again as she shakes her friend. "Alright Hato, hurry up and get dressed, you have training regimes right now. Though, if you got up an hour ago, we could have already gotten this out of the way." She waits for a response from her sleeping friend, ultimately getting more sleeping snores in return. "...Okay then."

Pointing her finger towards Hato, she shoots an instant stream of electricity towards him, causing the Demon to shoot up in the air with a yell.

"YEOOOW!! Geez, what was that for?!" He cries out as he lands back on the bed with his cover covering his face. "I was having awesome dreams of eating at Veil's cafe...~"

"You're beyond late for training."

The Santo Demon looks at her with a sleepily unaware face. "Wha-..?"

She pinches the ridge of her nose in annoyance. "Training. You know, the thing that you specifically said will "make me waaaaaaaaay stronger than any of you lil' thunderbolts, Detty!" Which, by the way-" She points her finger to the Demon once more, shocking him with another electric stream and garnering yet another yip from her friend. "-Won't be happening anytime soon. And-" She shocks him yet again, making him yell with a jump. "Don't. Call. Me. "Detty"."

"OKAY! OKAY! I GET IT!! I'M GETTING UP....!!" Wanting to avoid yet another static shock, he rushes towards the bathroom while quickly grabbing his clothing.

"Good." She smirks with a satisfied grin.

        A few minutes pass by as the Demon properly gets ready to train. Wearing his traditional black coat, a white shirt with a large gray stripe across it, slightly torn green combat pants, and black boots, he and Detera head off to the training grounds of the V Kingdom. Going through the marketplace, the pass by many "V.K. branded shops", such as the aforementioned Veil's Cafe, Lolli's Mystical Magic Shop, the local blacksmith and many more. But, of course, there was no time for window-shopping (As much as Hato would love to), it was time to train.

        The two friends quickly find themselves duking it out with a variety of powerful beam attacks and heavy handed melee moves. Of the two, Detera clearly seems to be the more skilled and powerful one, but Hato certainly isn't a slouch when it comes to fighting. Was it instinct that gave him such the fighting edge? In a way, yes, as Santo Demons and related Demon clans are born with a handy fighting power. Even the youngest of Santos can defend themselves against any potential threat. Same could not be said seven years prior for young Hato, as the Demon Slayer whom ravaged the village of the Grail Mountain Demon tribe and left none to stand against him had such an unbelievable force that couldn't be match by a sole power alone... Such a power... Would need to be taken down with an equal force in strength. Something which Hato truly wishes to obtain, not to surpass Detera or even the king himself, but to surpass the murderer of the Demons who took him in and raised him as their own.

        And he promises, when his path crosses that of the Slayer, that he would take his life as he had so casually taken the Grails'...

"......!" The Demon is suddenly thrown out of his deep thoughts by a hard hit to the cheek, hitting the ground with a thud.

"(Sigh...) There you go getting distracted again. This happens almost every time when we train." She crosses her arms in a concerned manner. "It's almost getting hard to remember how many times you've gotten hit while daydreaming."

"Heh.. Oh really?" He pushes himself up from the ground and looks to her. "You've been counting all the times I've been distracted?" He smirks, surprised she actually has a sense of humor.

Detera's face shows no hint at being comedic. "Yes. About 421 times in totally so far."


"Hato, what's going on? You've been doing this a lot as of lately especially..."

"It's nothing. I'm just..."

"Just what?"

As the Demon struggles with what is needed to be said, the two fail to notice a young man in gray-ish white ninja-like clothing approach them.

"Hato, Detera, salutations my comrades."

The two are quickly startled as they notice their friend.

"Sweet flipping Christ, Genka..!" The Santo Demon quickly holds his chest. "Ya gotta speak up a bit more when you're around people, man!"

"Apologies, Hato. I'm not entirely the most broad sounding individual around." He gently clears his throat. "HOW DOES THIS SOUND?!"


"T-that's fine Genka." Detera pats his shoulder to prevent further yelling. "So then, what brings you here Genka?"

"I was curious as to where you both were. Usually you two are up much earlier training."

"Yeah, well, you can thank Sir Snores-A-Lot for that." She waves her finger towards her bashful friend, who scratches his head in embarrassment.

"I see." He crosses his arms. "Well, would you both mind if I join in?"

"Well we-"

Hato waves his hand, catching their attention. "Nah, it's fine. Let me take a little break to, uh, re-calibrate my mind. You two do some sparing, alright?

Before Detera could object to this, Hato starts to walk off to a nearby tree.

"Oh dear... Well then, shall we get started, Detera?"


. . .

        The Santo Demon looks on from besides the lone tree as his friends battle on. He takes a deep sigh.

"I have to get my mind together, I can't constantly keep getting distracted in training sessions..." He looks down. "If I really come across that Demon Slayer, I have to be at my very best." He nods as he prepares to get up and join his friends in training once again. However, he suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look to the side. "What the... (Sighs) Great." He stands and looks at the new arrival, the prince of the V Kingdom: Gexx Korona.

"Well if it isn't everybody's favorite "Demon Boy"." He chuckles then smirks in a mischievous manner. "How are you doing?"

Hato soon notices two girls walk up from behind Gexx, they seemingly appear to be twins. "What do you want, Gexx? Now that I think of it, what are you doing in the V Kingdom anyways? I thought you were on Queen Galia's side."

" 'course I am, doesn't mean I can't come back to my homeland. Nothing wrong with that now, right?"

He shakes his head in disapproval. "No, but you being here immediately causes suspicion on my end." He squints his eyes at him. "The thing is, Gexx, is that I don't trust you. Maybe back then, before this whole stupid war started, I thought of you as an ally. As a friend. As a... brother of sorts.." Gexx's smirk lowers into a bit of a frown. "But now, you're like a snake in the desert trying to find the right moment to strike its prey."

Accompanying his frown is a large vein of absolute anger as Gexx immediately grabs Hato by the shirt and pulls him upward, his female company both smirking at this action. "Heh-heh-heh.... I'm sorry... I'm gonna need you to repeat that..." Unbeknownst to Gexx, the two girls try to alert him to the fast approaching Detera and Genka.

"What the hell did you just say to me, Demon Boy...?"


May 21st, 21XX

Time: 04:27 AM

Location: Unknown Village



The crinkling sound of boots crunching the leaves beneath them.


The heavy breathing filled the rather quiet forest. The creatures that inhabit the forest were surely to have been awakened by the sudden noises, quick to avoid whatever the cause of the noises may be.


But the young Santo Demon paid no mind to the animals. The only thing concerning him was the sentence the murderer instilled into his mind: "If you misstep, if you slow down, if you turn around, death awaits you like the rest."

"Why..?! Why would anyone do something like that..? How could they..?! Just to murder in absolute cold blood..." Tears began to reform in his eyes, the sight of the Northern Grail Demons that took in the orphan Santo and raised him as their own, along with his neighbors, his friends, all lifeless on the ground of the torched village etched into his mind, possibly forever. He wiped his eyes, trying to keep a clear vision on what is in front of him, desperately trying not to trip on a non visible branch or large boulder. Despite the near paralyzing fear drilling into the back of his head, his speed had not slowed up once in the slightest and it appeared that he might have just been able to escape. To him, at least...

"What a foolish child", said the Demon Slayer. "I would have thought that even you would have realized there is zero hope of getting away. If you were smart, you would have accepted the same fate as those other vermin. Oh well, at the very least, your death won't be as generic." The Slayer's mouth forms into what appears to be a small smirk as he lifts both of his hands in front of him, the running Demon visible in between his bloody palms. An odd light begins to envelop them in their entirety as the Demon makes his worst possible mistake and turns slightly to look behind him, eyes widening as he sees what awaits him.

"I'll return for your head after I make sure their bodies have become ash. Slayer's Resolve."

With everything said, the wild energy wave is let loose from the Slayer, incinerating and obliterating everything in the area. Animal, plant, and Demons alike. The Santo barely knew what hit him as he was almost instantaneously caught within the blast, pain the only thing he could truly feel at the moment. And as quickly as it had came, the attack had disperse into nothingness, leaving scorched earth and the battered-and-broken Santo Demon. With the mission accomplished in his eyes, the Slayer turns as he heads back to the village to make sure there is nothing left of his targets, leaving the child as his trophy to obtain later.

"'re not with this...You..will pay..for all the harm you've caused Demons...", says the young Demon as he proceeds to cough up blood uncontrollably. His vision becomes blurry, his hearing becomes nearly inaudible as he just barely sees the Slayer turn to him and utter quite possibly the final words he would ever hear:

"Kid, I suggest you pick a god and pray to them, because there is no one in this world or any other that can defeat me. Pass along into the Realm of the Dead with that last thought in mind and watch over as other Demons die by my hand."

Unable to hold on, the Demon faints as soon as his soon-to-be murderer finishes, the presence of death looming ever closer to him.


Eyes jolting open, the Demon groans as he begins to move, the pain from before still very much present. As he begins to fully come to the realization that he is still alive, he also begins to notice that he is nowhere near where he was originally. For starters, he was in a house, specifically in a bedroom and clearly in a bed, nothing like what he was accustomed to. And secondly, the room he was in appeared to be a woman's room of sorts.

"How did I even get in-..?" Before he could even finish his sentence, he was alerted by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. At least he guessed there were stairs by the specific sounds. More than one, he thought. Knowing he can't make any type of defensive movement, he just confidently throws on a tough guy like look (Which is kind of hard to see with the clear fear in his eyes). At last, the figures finally make their way into the room, one a young woman that looked around his age, maybe slightly older. The other, a older looking man dressed in a slightly royal looking attire. A king, maybe? Nah, couldn't be.

"My lad, how are you feeling? You were in quite the situation, we almost thought you would not have made it. It is certainly a good thing that we bandaged you up and cleaned your wounds as soon as we got back into the kingdom." At the man's words, the Santo Demon looked down to see that his arms were fully bandaged, as well as his legs underneath the covers. As he tried to move them, he quickly winced in pain.

The girl soon spoke after that little action. "Sorry, we tried to make it as less painful for you as possible when we were patching you up." He looked to her and nodded his head, just grateful they were kind enough to patch him up to begin with. "So, uh, you got a name kid?" He said nothing, still a bit hesitant to say anything to them. She stared at him for a bit until she spoke up once more. "Ah, I get it. Right, so my name's Detera, Detera Kyohaku. This big ol' lovable guy is Vladimir Korona, AKA, the king." The king bows respectfully as he is introduced by Detera. A king. Huh. With their introductions done, he finally speaks up, deeming them okay to talk to.

" name is Hato Seishin, I-I'm a Santo Demon." The king's eyes widen very slightly at this introduction.

"A Santo Demon?! Goodness, I thought they had all but disappered... But what was a Santo Demon doing near the Grail Mountains, bloodied up so much..?"

Hato's eyes closed tightly, remembering the event that occurred earlier. "...Being hunted, I..suppose.."

Detera intervened. "H-hunted? What reason were you being hunted for?"

The Demon laid back in the bed, one of his hands firmly placed on his face in stress. After a few moments of silence, he spoke up once again.

"For being a Demon, it seems..."


Hato Seishin (Age 18): The seemingly final member of a now extinct race known as the Santo Demons, Demon is the main character in my story “V Kingdom”. He is an assistant member in the V Kingdom’s military force and despite doing all that he can to protect the kingdom from its former queen, he does wish to reunite the king and queen once more. Not much is known of Hato’s past, but he had apparently come across the kingdom through horrid means of escaping from the fury of a vicious murderer of Demon species... (Sides with King Vlad)

Detera Kyohaku (Age 19): An electric based fighter and the oldest friend of Hato since he has been in the kingdom. She was the one who found an exhausted Demon (Who had ran from his hometown to escape the murderous fury of a Demon killer) outside the V Kingdom and injured quite a bit. She, along with the King, nursed him back to health and gave him a good home with her. They soon clicked and became the greatest of friends, but as she grew stronger than the Santo Demon, the King recognized her talents as a fighter and made Detera the kingdom’s military commander, an impressive feat for someone as young as her. (Sides with King Vlad)

Genka Iru (Age 20): A tall, silent and quite mysterious man whose past is the most unknown thing about him. He is the secondary appointed commander of the V Kingdom’s military, due to his “absurdly high power”, as the King stated once. A rival in the eyes of Hato, the Santo Demon constantly tries to outdo Genka in strength and despite knowing that Demon wants to surpass him in power, the young warrior accepts every challenge Hato throws at him to not only test his own skills, but to greatly improve Demon’s. (Sides with King Vlad)

Mizu Genni (Age 22): A young woman with the appearance of a teen girl, Mizu is the technological researcher of the military. She constantly tries to find ways to better the weaponry of the V Kingdom in order to secure the win of the war and future battles. She is sometimes made fun of by Hato, who mocks her young appearance for someone who is four years older than he is, much to her annoyance. (Sides with King Vlad)

King Vladimir Korona (Age 55): The ruler of the V Kingdom and a surprisingly mellow and kind man with intense power. He originally ruled over the kingdom hand-in-hand with his wife Galia, but due to be corrupted by greed, she abandoned the kingdom with a select group of loyal subjects. Since then, Vlad and his forces have been trying to bring her into custody, not to punish her but to simply reason with her to return to his side once again.

Queen Galia Korona (Age 47): The queen of the V Kingdom, Galia was unexpectedly consumed by greed, as she felt that she was not receiving the same amount of treasures and riches that Vlad was getting. After a fierce argument between the two, she disappeared from the kingdom only to return sometime later with her own military force, composed of common fighters and a few familiar warriors from the V.K. Now she plans to take the kingdom for herself and she doesn’t care who has to get hurt in the process…

Gexx “Korona”/Kuro (Age 21): A young man with fierce and deadly powers, he was supposedly abandoned as a child and left to die in a desert wasteland, but as luck would have it, he was founded by a younger Vlad and Galia during their days scavenging for a large enough land for them and their group to call home. Despite being only eleven when they first found him, he proved to be a powerful ally when battling for land space. Gexx began to bond with Vlad and Galia and eventually became their adopted son. However, ten years later, when the dispute over the kingdom broke out, he sided with his mother and began to change for the worst in terms of behavior and ethics. There is also an unknown connection between him and Hato, although this connection has yet to be explained. (Sides with Queen Galia)

Una and Tressa Yugo/Duo (Age 17, 17): Twin sisters with precise fighting skills. Una is the master of a technique called “Deathly Arts”, which enables her to use poison and numbing based attacks, while Tressa is a master at using the “Nimbus Force”, which is a series of crushing and devastating wind attacks ranging from the weakest being a “1” and the strongest being a “5”. Alternately, the sisters have developed a secret technique that allows them to fuse their bodies as one being known as Duo, who has the deadly ability to fuse the girls’ separate powers into larger, more deadly attacks. The fusion can last forever, but if Duo sustains too much damage in battle, she’ll revert back into the girls. (Sides with Queen Galia)

Sairento Matar (Age ??): A man of many feats, Sairento is a mute who is credited for being the creator of the “Eye Stealer” move, where he casts a piercing glare at his opponent and through eye contact, he can steal specific moves for a set period of 30 seconds but is limited to using this technique for 20 minutes every time he uses it. He, however, makes up for this by using his speed and his samurai blade, the “Dire Edge”, a holy sword forged during the era of the original samurais. (Sides with Queen Galia)

Kaden Gansuringa (Age 20): An oblivious young man who was once a bottom-of-the-bucket solider that rose to higher ranks after training under a man known as Sensei in a fighting style known as Gunslinger. In a style similar to MMA fighting, Kaden can unleash explosive punches and kicks (which actually end up sounding like powerful gunshots!) that can quickly render a person unable to fight in a matter of minutes. Fortunately for Kaden's opponents, however, the fighter is quite oblivious to who his enemies are and despite holding immense power within himself, he really doesn't care much for fighting, only really doing so if he is hired or if his officials really need him. Other than that, he would rather spend his days out on his boat and exploring new lands. (Doesn't take a side, but is paid to assist the Queen)

Veil Rellenar (Age 18): A young fairy girl who runs the popular "Glitter Cafe" in the kingdom's town square. She isn't a fighter, but due to being a fairy she does possess unique abilities, such as gaining quick speed thanks to her wings, which really helps out when the cafe is packed, or changing size. Despite the epidemic going on, she always has a cheery face and a caring heart and is more than ready to serve her customers! (Supports both sides in a positive way, i.e., giving both sides discounts on coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and hot cocoa.)

Gini Nestra (Age 17): A young alien that fell out of the sky one faithful night, this green girl with crazy hair is apparently a renowned robotics expert from her world with a mass amount of alien intelligence. However, when she is met by Mizu, it is revealed that her knowledge of technology is actually dated by twenty years by Earth standards. Being told this by a human didn't exactly settle right with her and a rivalry, in her eyes at least, soon bloomed. Now she dedicates her time to making new devices and weaponry in order to outdo Mizu. (Doesn't take a side, but is willing to team up with Galia to show her the devices she made, hoping that the Queen will deem her a better builder than Mizu.)

Lolli Wipsy (Age 25): A woman with tons of sex appeal and a mind full of wizardry magic spells, she is one of the most recognizable, and sought after, women in V Kingdom. Unlike wizards of the past and of legend, Lolli does not wear a cloak, but rather a short midriff blouse and skirt, both sky blue and pink. Also, she carries her trusty black wood wand, which she gently whips around to conjure up a spell of hers. Despite her revealing look, she is a very kind lady to know and even Detera and Hato think of her as a sorta of older sibling. Same can't be said for Genka, however, as Lolli harbors an unexplained liking for the ninja, a liking that she is not afraid to show off in public. (Supports Vlad due to Genka's support for the King.)

"Star Comet"/Renita Hoshi (Age 20): A bounty hunter of treasure and sometimes criminals, she is a trained warrior who travels the world looking for expensive gems and other goodies to profit from. (Sorta like Nathan Drake from Uncharted in a way.) By a faith encounter, she meets Galia and after showing off her skills to the fallen queen, she is offered a paying job to assist in the war to rule the kingdom on Galia's accord. Thinking this as a "little distraction" from her main job, she accepts, not knowing the battle she has just jumped into... (Sides with Queen Galia)

Help donate some of dem points to her, she needs to put food on the table and a drawing utensil in her hand! Be a good neighbor and give her a cup o' points! o^o…

Now I can prescribe my opponents Megavitamins and MegaSlams.
Hello everyone, I just want to say that I sincerely apologize for the long wait for the official start of my V Kingdom story, I've been stalled by a combination of sickness, school, work, and life in general. I promise that I will work on and release the next part as soon as I have the time to work on it. Thanks so much for reading and hopefully understanding and have a good day/night. ^v^

A word that has no true meaning. That is simply only due to it being shortened of its original title:

Mokushiroku. It means apocalypse in a foreign language I have long since forgotten. Bare in mind, this tale is no story of the ends of time, but this is the telling of the fall of a kingdom's unity.


Decades ago, a battle between two powerful military forces erupted for the control of a rural, yet mythical, area, where diversity in skills and endless treasures rested eternal. Among the one of the forces was King Vladimir and his beloved wife, Queen Galia. Together, along with their army, they were able to best the rival army and secure their newfound home of sorts. Extremely proud of their win, they decided to name the area the V Kingdom, with the V standing for Vlad himself and for Victory. It would seem as though all would be good and prosperous for the V Kingdom and its inhabitants.

...That would be only a simple, fool-minded dream.

Although the kingdom was thriving greatly and everyone was happy with their lives, temptation was always set into play and it set its eyes on the Queen of all people. Galia seemed to believe that despite being the queen of the entire kingdom, she did not hold enough respect... or treasure. Vlad told her that she had just as much of everything as he himself did, but she refused to believe him. Without another word to her husband, she vanished from the kingdom for seven long years, only to return recently with an evil military force of her own in an attempt to take everything, the kingdom included. However, thanks to the combined strength of Vlad's special forces, Demon and Detera, the Queen was defeated but she refused to give in. She vowed to take the kingdom for her own and that she'll have Vlad's head on a stake when this new war is finished with. This was it now. There was no time for games. No time for playing around. And... no time for peace.

A new era of war and tragedy has begun once more.

The Mokushi War has been declared.

The war for Victory begins...…

Guys. GUYS. GUYS. I literally don't know how I didn't find out about this sooner, but here it is out of nowhere! Apparently, with enough signatures, there is a plan to make a sequel series to one of my most favorite cartoons I watched growing up as a kid: Codename: Kids Next Door. Everyone, if you watched and loved this series when you were younger, do yourself a favor and sign this petition. Even if you've never seen this show before, do yourself a favor and this petition! If Samurai Jack can make a comeback, then C:KND sure as hell can as well! :excited: :chairdance: :excited: revamp... again. Excite 
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During the final Smash Broadcast, did... did I just see Bayonetta get announced as a character?


Because why not? XD

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

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1. About seven months now!

2. The Demon part comes from my like of Demons and dark sci-fi elements that usually relate to Demons. The name Damon is, well, my name! The number 97 is my birth year, 1997. ^^

3. Friendly, confident, smooth. owo

4. Left-handed and apparently that's rare nowadays. :/

5. My Miiverse drawing "Do You Enjoy Pain...?" Do You Enjoy Pain...? by DemonDamon97

6. Digital art is what I enjoy making the most!

7. Pixel art, definitely pixel art. I at least want to make one good pixel Mario. ^^;

8. My first favorite was a stamp, but my first ART favorite was this: Aerosol Abuse [Dub added] by Lethalityrush XD

9. Usually fan art of anime, cartoons and so on. Funny comics. Some... other drawings. :bademoticon: 

10. :iconlolaham: She's a real sweetheart. Even though I can't talk to her as much nowadays, she is still a wonderful and very kind friend. And Senpai! Kouhai wuvs her! :D

11. :iconlolaham: Because of the above statement, :icondarkstarz-inc: She has always been an amazing and supportive friend to me and vice versa, so it would be cool to meet her in person, :icondarkypuppy: She's like a little sister to me, :iconmimi-diggz: 'Cause words can't describe how cool Mimi is, :iconbaconbloodfire: Because she is a caring soul and a wonderful friend to have, and :iconkirbopher15: because I. LOVE. TOME. :happybounce: 

12. Basically, all of the friends I've met on here have inspired me to be the best I can possibly be. I wouldn't know what to do without them. :)

13. Pen and pencils, tools of the trade!

14. Usually my backyard, where it's nice and quiet and just gives you a relaxed, soothing feeling.

15. I haven't exactly made one yet, but who knows? It could be just right around the corner. ;)

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10 Facts

1. I spend most of my time creating characters for a game series I want to make in the future. :P
2. In school, anything math-related is my least favorite subject. ^^;
3. Most, if not all, of my friends are seniors in HS while I'm the only junior. owo"
4. I like to play classic games more than modern games. They have a distinct and appealing charm.
5. My dog Lucas is quite the biter. I learned that the hard way. -w-"
6. I love listening to video game music! <3
7. My favorite consoles are my Wii U, PS3, and Nintendo 64. ^^/
8. I'm always up for making new friends, so don't be shy, come say hey! ^w^
9. My favorite YouTubers are VanossGaming, SMG4, DashieXP, and I AM WILDCAT.
10. I'm taken. ;P

10 questions

1.) Which is better, fit or fat?
The preference is up to you, but I like staying fit. ^^/

2.) Do you like cats?
Well I'm more of a dog person, but yeah, cats are cool! 

3.) If you turned into an opposite gender next morning, what would you do? xD
Check myself and keep on checking. XDD

4.) Does size matter?
It does to some, it doesn't to others, but let's just say I don't have to worry about "small issues". ewe

5.) Are you a good kisser?
o//~//e" I suppose, question mark?

6.) What is the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done to you?
Telling me how much I mean to them. <3

7.) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I'd say a bit of both, but I'm more of an extrovert these days. ^^

8.) Do you have any special skills?
I can come up with creative ideas very quickly and more often than others can. owo

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IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

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First, I would question how you got my address and second, yeah, I would! Let's play some Mario Kart! ^^/

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There is a hacker that hacks in your DeviantART ACCOUNT by changing your password and put Thomas the tank pics in your and posts innapropriate pics on your account. You must make a journal entry about it, so he/she wont hack you. I am helping you out.

There's a hacker in dA!! He/She will hack your account and post pornoghaphic pictures, only if he/she hackes your account. If he/she finds out that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

This hacker writes in journals 'I hate you all, go die', and (s)he'll also remove your watches. I suggest you to copy this journal to warn your watchers. Spread the word!!! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from deviantART!

I suggest you to change your password. Make a stronger one, to make the hacker's job harder!!!!!!