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Prina (DB Fusions) by DemonDamon97 Prina (DB Fusions) by DemonDamon97
My latest custom created character, this time from Dragon Ball Fusions on the Nintendo 3DS. Prina is actually the first female custom character I've created and so far she's doing pretty good in the game, just looking for the right fusion partner for her so she can get a bit of a boost in power!

Prina is a half Saiyan with more Saiyan qualities that most half-breeds don't even gain anymore, such as pure black hair and a tail. She exists within an alternate dimension from the one Dultra and Frigidio are from, though it is possible to enter their dimension with the help of a Kai ally. Due to a wish on the Dragon Balls, her world has become a mishmash planet of areas and times throughout DB history, leading her to befriending many historical heroes and villains alike. With that in mind, she seeks to make a true team of five to enter the TimeSpace Tournament, where the winner will be deemed strongest of all.

Prina is just as kind and heroic as Dultra and Frigidio are, but she is a bit on the oblivious side, similar to the kid and teen versions of Goku. She can sometimes miss out on important information if it doesn't interest her and might not take a serious situation with, well, seriousness if it doesn't seem that big of a deal. At home, she mostly sleeps, eats, trains, and play a few games when she feels like it. She also walks around in her undergarments all the time at home, even when friends or allies are there. She describes it as "Having nothing to hide, so why bother piling on the extra clothes?".
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February 1, 2017
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