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Dultra (DBXV) by DemonDamon97 Dultra (DBXV) by DemonDamon97
Starting off this bit of a Dragon Ball "artshow" we have Dultra from my save file of Dragon Ball XenoVerse on the PS3.

The characters in the game don't really have much personality other than to simple be heroic, so it's really up to the player to decide how they are actually like, similar to TFS's XV characters Dumplin and Puddin. And seeing as it can also be a pretty fun process, I also created a sort of story for Dultra.

Before being summoned by Future Trunks to aid the Time Patrol, Dultra was one of the more stronger beings around in his time. Thanks to being half Human and half Saiyan, he possessed immense fighting potential, aiding him in one day becoming able to be ranked up with the legends like Son Goku and Vegeta. It was his driving inspiration; he had heard so many stories, so many tales of the two and their dynamic feats, to the point that the two were able to even become Saiyan Gods! Knowing that such a power is possible to obtain, he keeps pushing himself to the brink of death with his training, only to come back stronger than before and even closer to his goal: To be known as Dultra, the next legendary Saiyan in history.
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February 1, 2017
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