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Happy as can be

This is for ^shelldevil As we are both big fans of the facebook game happypets.
They are indeed some of her cats.
Phoenix (but as a kitten) bubblepop, little tiny (as a kitten), space, eerie.

stock ^shelldevil

My colouring is lazy today sorry.
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I like it ^^ i play this game and i am one of those people who breed pets and give them for adoption.
I have wolfs,big cats, rien deer, owls, penguens, otter and many more ^^
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I was super hooked on Happy Pets. First thing I did in the morning, last thing I did before bed, couldn't get away from it. I spent almost every waken hour on there O_o
I'm kinda glad they deleted my account for having strangers in my friend list (brutally deleted the entire account without a warning)
Haven't been on Face Book much at all since. I used allot of money on that account and they still delete without warning for a rule no one seemed to know about O_o
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Oh wow :( I never knew they did that. Luckily for me the majority of players are people I know from DA and I have had them on fb for years. Its weird coz I see groups all the time for castle age and fv etc saying add me for gaming neighbour so it's weird they do that.
Also how do they know they are strangers? I mean I converse with mostly everyone I meet in these situations. I'd rather have alot of people from DA on my fb friends than anyone that went to school with me. :hug: but yeh the addiction can be like that.
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If they are unsure you are asked to name a few random people from your list.
I reached the limit, which is 5000 (if I remember correct, been a while). If the limit is that high, why are we not allowed to have that many people? ^^;
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5000 friends :o I have 100! :faint: I can see why the suspicion may have occured that is alot of friends. I dunno the answer to the last bit as I said I dont really add many people oo'
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:dance: Oh thats just epic and awesome! I love it :D
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:la: I am glad you like it. I will try and colour it soon.
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I've been thinking of joining that game. Lol
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Its cute I have giant kittehs!
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