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Temeraire: Granby Moments

By DemonBunny
Do you know how any times I thought Granby was going to die in the series? *fail*

There are more instances, but I don't have the heart to doodle (read; make fun of) them all. :'C

I'll scrap this later, lol.

John Granby (c) Temeraire; Naomi Novik
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keyace's avatar
Granby!!!! I can't get enough of your sketches!!!!!
LordMiras's avatar
Pour Granby...
A little more and get a Nervous Breakdown :D
WolfFlameAndHeather's avatar
Oh, Granby. 
So many times he has almost died, and everyone thought he would actually die. 
Poor baby. 
Might as well give him a sign that says 'Hey! Please attack me and give me a near death experience!'
hisnameisdragon's avatar
It's funny to think about how Granby started being such an annoying and immature boy, to then become one of my favourtie characters of the series xDD
KeizerHarm's avatar
You should update this! I don't remember any of his moments in BoT but I'm sure there were :)
Bahahah All of my yes. :D
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Just wait till crucible of gold...
TemeraireLoverTamara's avatar
Mearn-Tahl's avatar
lol poor Granby, but it made me laugh love your Temeraire art, Beautiful :O
DoctorOverlord's avatar
Hahaha!  I'm partway through the series, I never thought about it but Granby does seem to be the whipping boy of the books lol   Between the physical dangers, there's Iskierka and Harcourt too :) 
DoctorOverlord's avatar
Gah, getting my characters mixed up.   Ignore the Harcourt comment.  She's the one messing with Riley's life lol  
Maka-hime's avatar
This is just perfect!!! :D
firewyrm2018's avatar
Temre's avatar
*I beg yoy, no more... Please no more...* This is so funny! Poor Granby...
Engelmoon's avatar
lol poor granby XD his dragon gets him in so much bad places and situations xD like in the newest book I've got at home xD
hikariangelwings's avatar
RainbowsAfterRain962's avatar
This is brilliant and true! I love Granby, he is wonderful! I was reading each book more afraid then the next that "Oh my gods, this is it. The final time, Granby's done for!" It was so stressfull and wonderful at the same time! I really hope that Ms. Novik doesn't kill him I will have a fit! Anyways this made me laugh out loud, you have such a great style, I love the facial expressions!
Sourcyq's avatar
*reading Crucible of gold* Ekhem, poor Granby....x3
fleecyblue's avatar
granby's heart is sure strong with these many neardeath experiences *giggle*
Have you read Crucible of gold? It has some similarly funny-awful Granby moments :S
MaxTerran's avatar
Crucible of Gold: "I...I am an invert."

This series is "Horrible things happen to Granby and Lawrence-oh and there's dragons or something."
RainbowsAfterRain962's avatar
Awww no! Granby is my fave captain! Poor guy! I think my own characters in my stories feel the same about me lol. This is so cute and creative!
VaryagOfMiklagaard's avatar
Poor poor Granby.
Thanks for TVTropes for giving me this link!
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