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GLaDOS Papercraft 1

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My paper craft of GLaDOS from Portal. This model took me about six days to complete. I constructed it using the same technique I used to built my Portal Turret. I glued each piece onto a big sheet of sketching paper, then cut them out and glued them onto index cards, and lastly started building (folding and glueing).

As you can see I also added some details to make it look more like a complete GLaDOS. I added the rubber parts for the tubes, the antennas and the pistons on her neck I carved out of wooden skewers and toothpicks, and the handles on the cores were made out of wires from twist-ties.

I'm still amazed that I was able to build this model without any instructions. All I used for references were photos and screenshots of GLaDOS. I think it was fun building the model without instructions, it gave me a challenge and allowed me to utilize my skills in the field of model building.

Again, I thank BillyBob884 for making and posting the model on Deviant Art. Now I want to build a paper model of GLaDOS from Portal 2... If one will be made.

This was a really fun model to build and I love it. I give this model a five star rating for complexity, skill, and EPICNESS!!!

Hope you all like. ^_^
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OH MY GOD.......WHAT THE FU-BOOM  ........H-How?.....the hell? 
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Would u like to enter this in my GLaDOS competition 
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Sure. That would be cool.
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Very beautiful :)
By the way, what's the height it would be if I print it on A4 paper?
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Thank you very much, I'm GLaD you like it. (^__^)
To be honest, I have no idea. (.___.) I'm sorry, I don't know how to find out something like that. I wish I knew. (-__-)'
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Thats really..REALLY AWESOME! :squee:
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cooooooooooooooooooooool !!!
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Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your
violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart.
Maybe you could settle for that, and we'll just call it a day. I guess we both
know that isn't going to happen. You chose this path, now I have a surprise for
you. Deploying surprise in five... four... Time out for a second. That wasn't
supposed to happen. Do you see that thing that fell out of me? What is that?
It's not the surprise, I've never seen it before. Nevermind, it's a mystery
I'll solve later, by myself, because you'll be dead.
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Hahahaha, nice. XD I think thats the longest comment I have ever received. GLaD you like it. (-w-)b
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lol I couldn't help it. As soon as I saw this the whole "meeting GLaDOS face to face for the first time bit" sprung into my head and thus I had to recite the whole thing. From memory. I have a life I swear. :XD:
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Hahaha, I know. I do the same thing too. Whenever I'm flustered with college work, Cave Johnson's lemon rant pops into my head and I begin to recite it... Out loud. I love that rant. Damn lemons. (>w<)
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that must have been SUCH A BITCH to do...
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Not really, just a few pieces.
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wow. it doesnt look like it. its rlly good.
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Thank you so much, I'm GLaD you like it. ^_^
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Hahaha, GLaD you like it. Thanks for the fav. ^_^
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