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A group for all monsters, mainly ones that are or can become uncontrollable or evil such as demons and vampires but feel free to include any inhuman being in the group.
Founded 6 Years ago
Mar 16, 2013


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615 Members
657 Watchers
68,579 Pageviews
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Solar Auction [ open ] by SavoDraws-Adopts
Azdahag Revived by ares12
Bastard Hunters by VilebloodHunter
Violet the angler fish by montdoodle
Magical Beings
Mage Elf Cyberpunk Super Sci-Fi by ApocalipseJack
Sanju the Djinn by cwpetesch
Crone by albe75
Wild Djinn by umbrafox
Elves, Dwarfs,Fairys.
last Dwarf by KilartDev
Dark elf knight by DawnoftheBlueMoon
Dwarf Tempest Cleric by lordsenneian
Magnolia is here again! by ThatweirdguyJosh
Goblins, Gremlins, Imps
Goblin by kola411
Janex the goblin by DawnoftheBlueMoon
Gobbo Druid by ThatweirdguyJosh
Shikey BlackFinger by ThatweirdguyJosh
Queen Orc by TheBrave
Zarok by RamArtwork
hammer - commission by samuraiblack
Cinder the Wandering Adventurer by Shawn-oblivious
Day 10 Succubus by JaspertheTiredTortie
Toe Bean Practice by Savannah-Sunstone
Smol Ser by Savannah-Sunstone
Atsusa 2019 by Darkraimaster99
Humanoid Demons
Ondria by RamArtwork
Day 9 Demon by JaspertheTiredTortie
vampire demoness by DawnoftheBlueMoon
Naou by xKtarlx

Mature Content

Avenger by EnRiell
Vampire by Luk999
Dhampir2 by albe75
Zombies, Skeletons, Mummies.
Pawn by NathanRosario
Clacking Skeleton by WillOBrien
Corpse Girl by undeadfriend
Tcho-Tcho by KhairulHisham
Ghosts,Phantoms, etc.
Day 17 Ghost by JaspertheTiredTortie
Null Ghostsong by PaulGQ
Magical Girl Mahalah - Ghost by undeadfriend
Wereghost copia by Corbella
Angels+Fallen Angels
seraph commission by DawnoftheBlueMoon
Cornelius - Character Reference by Lizkay
Part Human
Niss by ThatweirdguyJosh
Day 6 Spider by JaspertheTiredTortie
COLORED: Got a couple axes to grind with you! by DarkwingDork1
Barunger 2018 by Mickeymonster
Sea Creatures
Mermay 2019 - Day 21 by WMDiscovery93
Red Hunter. by EdCtjr
Anthro Animals

Mature Content

Ketoran Female by LuniArts
Odd Anthros
Zyder the Minotiger Colored by Torakhan
Anthro Taurs, Mers,Wings
Tseatah - colored sketch commission by Lizkay
Animal Beasts
NAFU no. 20 by Twarda8
Fusion Animals
Draw a hybrid animal 3 by zenzmurfy
Ganymede Monster by ProdigyDuck
Raali by Grace-Dupre
Animal Robots
Crustaceans by NOMANSNODEAD
Security Drone by SpireKat
Cybersaurs: TyrannoZaurus by GuitarAtomik
lancer by KilartDev
Furniture and Vehicle Beings.
K.O.H. Racer by Hydrothrax
Golems, Elementals.
Lavagolem by xKtarlx
Plant Beings
Ragsvangian Tree - Rags-Argres by AlienGryphon
Liquid Beings

Mature Content

Slime Girl Black Kitten by klareszj
Kaiju and Kaiju Girls
Kaiju Design by Nimphradora

Mature Content

Ruminant Creature with Boobs (2014) by Twarda8
Fused Monsters
Mermay Day 11 by Bunnynha
Other Monsters
one eye monster from the stream by TheBrave
Head Shots only
Creature Head by Twarda8
Monster Battles.
Don't fear child, I will not leave you... by I-GUYJIN-I
Monster Dous
Yazgash by RamArtwork
Monster Groups
Drow trio by Caocaothedeciever by Shabazik
Undrawn works
Water Dragon Necklace by LittleBreeze
Fearsome Faces
Sheepish Colors 1a by jagged-eye
Monster Cosplay or Photomanips
Ogre Warlord by Red-Draken
Animated Monsters
Ezmer2Dragon [C] [Animated] by Coffence
Mini Monsters

Mature Content

Smol Suri by Suirano
Adopt a Being.
Adoptable Auction - Brelkea (Closed) by Asgard-Chronicles
Monster Comic Strips
Metal Azura Page 5 by klareszj

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Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo

:bulletorange: Good, evil, and neutral beings accepted.
:bulletgreen: If the monster is one that hasn't been mentioned put it in the featured or other monster folders.
:bulletblack: All photograph art of either costumed humans or photomorphed humans goes in the appropriate folder.
:bulletpurple: Art with three or more characters goes into the Monster Group category.
:bulletyellow: looking for creative takes on different monsters (space mermaids, techno fairies, etc.) to fill out the galleries.
:bulletred: Art with Mature Content must have a Mature Content Label. We don't mind some mature content on this site, yet that isn't the focus of this group.
:bulletblue: No art theft (Obviously).


This group does have some monsters that were characters that were created for RPGs and stuff, yet these are the ones that are created by the artist as that persons character for said game.  This group is not looking for works of media created monsters (like Godzilla, Preditor, et  Races/Species like Orges, Goblins and Elves have mythical roots reaching further back than just being part of Role Playing Games, though  RPGs, comics, and other media have sure helped us learn about them more, and have created more stories surrounding such characters.
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Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
Whoops, I accidentally declined a request by someone for an item from my gallery to be added to this group, my B.
EatenRibs Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019   General Artist
DorsiaSnuff Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019   General Artist
DorsiaSnuff Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019   General Artist
is the group alive?

Mature Content

Look at what we have here by DorsiaSnuff
scificat Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018
Thank you for requesting my work for the group's gallery :)
MviluUatusun Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018
Thanks for requesting "Lo-Nachoo" and "Oldetha Krakule" to be in your gallery.  While I don't consider them to be monsters, especially Oldetha, I can understand how some people might think so.  Oldetha is the Crown Princess of the Chanalan Interstellar Empire and can outshoot anybody.  I guess the etymology of her name is the most monstrous thing about her.  Originally, her name was Althena (a corruption of the name Athena) before I decided I wanted a more ominous sounding name and I came up with Oldetha (the sound of the word death is in the middle of her name).  I also took the name Drakule (the original name of Dracula) and corrupted it to become Krakule. 

Lo-Nachoo isn't really evil so much as having an intense hatred of humans, especially the human that's the protagonist of the story I wrote "Marooned on Tashoo".
panagiotis1996 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018   Interface Designer
thank you very much for accepting me.
B-) (Cool) :) (Smile)  
Evil2Girls Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This group still active?
Evil2Girls Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for accepting me in the group! I really appreciate it :)
Jon-Smitten Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still active?
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