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Here's a robot idea I had flooding my mind for a while now. Maximum Apexibus is a virus that invades technology for the sole purpose of taking its data. He travels by direct upload and via wireless connections, like servers. His favorite thing to hack into are robots, because they give him a body to control. He can control entire groups of robots with limited control if they were infected via servers. The robot shown here is his "connection bot", an ordinary service bot he took control of and modified. It has extending wires that poke and pry at the weak spots of robots for upload links.
He won't stop until he's totally collected every form of data available on technology that exists. He also can control humans if they have technology that uses their senses. For example a spacesuit or a VR display will allow limited control of them.
When he infects a sentient robot or cyborg, they can see him directly in his Virus form. If he chooses he can show his Virus form via displays such as televisions and screens.
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