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Fallout ponies- Raider and kid

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a couple more fallout ponies. couple ones from an rp with a friend. a raider named Bullet Holes and her foal, a young Colt named Slug. just some rough sketches that i might embellish upon later with a few more in depth pics . enjoy
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Very sweet. I love the whole set.

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So does this make her a bad pony? No, but her faction does. It makes her look bad. But this is how FOUTE (fall of Equestria) works.
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This is one of those concepts that are somewhat ironic yet heartwarming. I like it!
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Hmmm a raider kid, this ain't gonna end well.
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Also, Bethesda people have read the fiction, and they love it. so I think they outrank you on Fallout opinions.
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one, you're talking to a girl. Two it's not for little girls, that's what the marketing is aimed at but it was created to be a show families could watch together, with nods and influences from a number of adult shows like star trek, gremlins, looney tunes and many others. And just because you don't like something, does that honestly give you the right to hate and bash others who do? Can you honestly say you have nothing your interested in that's not for your demographic? I have military friends currently serving over seas who defend this country who love this show. A US soldier sang a song from the show to calm his nerves when under fire. The show has been a positive influence on many many people and you only lash out at a small obnoxious minority of the fans that exist in EVERY fandom.
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Yeah, except I'm not a 40 year old basement dweller. and neither are most of the other fans. I get it, this isn't something YOU like. but you do realize people are entitled to like things you don't right? Adults play Pokemon games, those aren't marketed at them, those are meant for kids. I know guys who like romance flicks, those are marketed at women. It's a good show, I say that as someone who thought it was stupid till I watched it. Also, there is no such thing as "Normal people" just people who think they are normal while doing weird stuff themselves. No one asked you to come look at this pic, no one made you. You were the one who came here, and decided to insult something with know actual knowledge of ground to stand on. Thats like if someone went up to people listening to music and started insulting the music to them, it makes you a dick. And it's clear now you have no interest in an intelligent, sensible, conversation. So I wont be responding to any more of your messages.       Love and Tolerate.
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why ruin chocolate by adding peanut butter? oh wait, its not ruined, its two great tastes that taste great together. and since I'm relatively sure you havent read the fiction and are just commenting do to your biased opinion, your opinion means nothing.
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even psycho raiders have a soft spot for their young
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awesome :D
nice work
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I just realized she has a minigun, that's cool, means she's actually a threat. unlike those raiders with pool cues, lol.

aww, this picture is just adorable.
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awwwww! i love this story!
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dang it. I hate Raiders, their like rats. kill on sight, however. this image makes me want to spare a few on my travels. almost. Still nice concept.
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booth of them are cute
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