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Queen Roxanne the Fierce
Name: Roxanne Roslyn Pevensie 
Other Titles: Queen Roxanne the Fierce, Knight of the Noble Order of the Table
Nicknames: Roxy, Rox, Ro, Big Sister, Little Sister, My Fierce Queen, Foxy
Classification: Queen, Soldier, Battle Strategist  
DOB: September 5, 1930 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: 10 (First Trip to Narnia), 19 (At Time of Death)
Parents: Collin Pevensie (Father), Helen Pevensie (Mother) 
Siblings: Edmund (Younger Twin Brother by 30 Minutes), Peter (Older Brother by 3 Years), Susan (Older Sister by 2 Years), Lucy (Younger Sister by 2 Years)
Friends/Allies: Dawn Norris, Prince Caspian X, Mr. Tumnus, Reepicheep, Trumpkin, Aslan
Love Interest: Noah Crocker 
Past Residence: Narnia, Cair Paravel, London  
Current Residence: Aslan's Country 
Height: 4"11 (At 10 Years Old), 5"8 (At 19 Years Old)
Hair: Dark Brown/Blackish, Shoulder Length, Semi-Straight (Slightly Wavy)
Eyes: Dark Brown 
Other Physical Features: Pale, Freckles, Slender, Strong 
Personality: Protective, Generous, Trustworthy, Loyal, Kind, Gentle, Feisty, Fiery, Quiet, Observant, Funny, Friendly, Cold if She Doesn't Like You, Headstrong, Willing to Help 
Signature Color
: Seagreen 
Secondary Color: Lilac Purple  
Weapon Of Choice: Swords, Dagger, Crossbow  
Theme Song: Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons 
Image Song: Hey Brother by Avicii 

"To the Stars Who Shine, I give you Queen Roxanne the Fierce."

Notes: Roxanne "Roxy" Pevensie is the twin sister of Edmund and one of the middle children in the Pevensie family. She, along with Edmund, were born on September 5 (I don't know if this is Edmund's actual birthday, but it is the actor's birthday) in 1930, but she was born a half hour earlier. In 1939, she alongside her brothers and sisters started attending a boarding school. She absolutely hated it because many girls made fun of her boyish habits and weird ways due to always handing out with her brothers more. However unlike her brother, she didn't let the bullying change her personality. After Edmund's change, she was the only one that he would let show him affection since they were twins. Then in 1940, a bit after their tenth birthday, all five Pevensies were evacuated from London to the country to stay with a friend of their parents. She wasn't very happy, but she tried not to complain as much since it was for their safety. After Lucy visited Narnia for the first time, Roxy was the only one to believe her in the beginning. She even went with her the second time when Edmund unintentionally joined them. Roxy became upset when Susan and Peter didn't believe her nor Lucy. She didn't bring the subject up again for fear of her siblings becoming even more mad. When they returned to Narnia with Susan and Peter, she was excited. That excitement didn't last after seeing Edmund left the Beavers' dam to go to the White Witch's castle. She knew there had to be a reason behind it and didn't believe for a second that he betrayed them. She traveled with her siblings and the Beavers to join Aslan's army. Her gifts from Father Christmas were a sword and an infinity bag. The bag could hold many items big and small. No matter what it was, it could fit in that bag, which proved to later be useful for her when she became a queen and a soldier. When they reached the camp, Roxy was immediately fitted for a battle outfit and began training. When Susan and Lucy were attacked by the wolves, Roxy was upon her black stallion and followed the other creatures when they chased the lone wolf. She wanted to help get her brother. In the Battle of Beruna, she refused to stay behind with the archers like Peter originally told her to. She fought against many Fell creatures with her trusty sword. During the Coronation, she was dubbed "Queen Roxanne the Fierce". Her fierceness has shown in many ways throughout their reign in Narnia. She always protects her siblings, whether in battle or in Cair Paravel. No matter what, she fights alongside her brothers unless she's seriously injured. She also never lets people push her or her siblings around. She stands up for what she wants or what is right. But she doesn't start unnecessary fights, unlike her oldest brother. 

Roxanne, Dawn, and Noah belong to me

Edmund, Peter, Susan, Lucy, Aslan, Caspian, Mr. Tumnus, Reepicheep, Trumpkin, and Helen belong to C.S. Lewis

Bases don't belong to me 
Since I actually don't reveal a lot about my Senshi Guardians, I've decided to upload journals about their lives and likes.

First Up is: Dani Mason/Sailor Storm/Princess Mars Heart Heart   

Pixel: Green Star = New Fact

Fun Facts about Dani:

- Dani is incredibly athletic, but she actually used to be a bit chubby when she was younger. When she turned 12, she grew tired of the insults and began working out. She quickly lost weight in a healthy way

- Even though she was chubby, she's not insecure and is insanely confident now

- Her and Steve hate each other to the point where they cannot be left unsupervised (they've physically fought violently before)

- Dani loves to wrestle, and WrestleMania is one of her favorite shows as well

- In her past life, she was the army general on Mars 

- Dani and Perrie sometimes butt heads due to Dani's immature nature and Perrie's mothering personality. But at the end of the day, they love each other

- During the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks in 2001, Dani was actually there with her mother. To escape the collapsing towers, they had to take shelter inside a store that was able to withstand the debris. It was traumatic for the 5-year-old and her mother

- Dani has fire swords even though her powers revolve around nature/weather 

- She is NOT the leader of the SG, but she is the most protective of their princess 

- She is very friendly, but you don't wanna get on her bad side at all cause she can be dangerous 

- She loves scary movies, much to Edlyn's horror 

- She also loves romantic movies cause it gives her a chance to either 1) make out with her boyfriend or 2) cuddle with him 

- Due to her losing weight, she loves wearing crop tops and short-shorts 

- She always attends pride parades with her friends, even though she is straight

- Her family adopted a 2-year-old daughter when Dani was 5, and her name was Evelyn. She and Dani became very close, and they did everything together. But 3 years after her adoption, 5-year-old Evelyn ended up dying in a bus wreck on her way home from school

- In her senior year of high school, she was involved in a car accident while racing friends on a race track. She lost control and crashed the car, wrecking it and herself pretty bad. She suffered a fracture in her spinal cord, which caused temporary paralysis in her legs. She had to attend physical therapy to ever walk again. This also helped her decide what she wanted to do for a job

Pixel: Green Star Dani has stretch marks, but she likes to refer to them as "Lightening Scars"

I might add more as I go on. Last up will be Emma! :)


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