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Com : Design MW, Ench, Believix by Ammreva Com : Design MW, Ench, Believix :iconammreva:Ammreva 141 25 Happy Birthday, Taylor! by Rose9227614 Happy Birthday, Taylor! :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 5 1 Troll Maker Game (v1.0) by PencilApocalypse Troll Maker Game (v1.0) :iconpencilapocalypse:PencilApocalypse 20 19 HS Fankids Panel Edits + Text Posts by DeepSeaHorror HS Fankids Panel Edits + Text Posts :icondeepseahorror:DeepSeaHorror 50 10 Sollux Captor desktop bg by artisticApparition Sollux Captor desktop bg :iconartisticapparition:artisticApparition 85 2 Lupus, Konnors *sketch* by artisticApparition Lupus, Konnors *sketch* :iconartisticapparition:artisticApparition 36 6 Madron, Jade blood*sketch* by artisticApparition Madron, Jade blood*sketch* :iconartisticapparition:artisticApparition 42 1
Mature content
Greaser Girls Club: Season 2, Act 9 :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 2 0
Greaser Girls Club Harmonix Power - Molly by IndigoFantasia Greaser Girls Club Harmonix Power - Molly :iconindigofantasia:IndigoFantasia 5 3 GGC: Mary's New Princess Serenity Dress by Rose9227614 GGC: Mary's New Princess Serenity Dress :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 6 4 Happy Birthday, Mary! by Rose9227614 Happy Birthday, Mary! :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 4 1 You're strong, Johnny... by Rose9227614 You're strong, Johnny... :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 4 7
What Did You Do: SPN Part 4
 Smoke rolls through the air after being exhaled from between two red lips. Footsteps caught the young huntress’s attention; though not looking towards the males approaching her. “Good boys, maybe I’ll teach you how to fetch next,”
 The two brothers stop to take in the woman in front of them. Drinking up every feature, gliding their eyes from the ground up. The elder of the two with a little more of an intense gaze.
 Said female stood there leaned up against a wall beside the office. Clad in a white button up, with the two upper buttons popped open. The opening allowing to display the cleavage she had. A
:iconbrookethefox13:brookethefox13 2 0
Happy Birthday, Molly! by Rose9227614 Happy Birthday, Molly! :iconrose9227614:Rose9227614 3 0 Libby Voight by Kay-Jay97 Libby Voight :iconkay-jay97:Kay-Jay97 71 9 Aliki - Believix by ChannahK15 Aliki - Believix :iconchannahk15:ChannahK15 48 22




BB: Amadora
As I said in my last post, I've gotten back into "Black Butler". We now have Amadora in one of her more casual outfits. She tends to wear more pink and white while Leilah leans more towards black and purple :)

Amadora and Leilah belong to me

Black Butler belongs to Yana Toboso 

Made using Azaleas Dolls 
BB: Leilah
I've gotten back into "Black Butler" once again, so I have gone and modified my girls to better fit the story :) Here is Leilah in one of her more casual outfits that she wears when with Ciel and Sebastian 

Leilah belongs to me

Ciel and Sebastian belong to Yana Toboso 

Made using Azaleas Dolls 
Happy Birthday, Molly!
Molly's birthday was 2 days ago on March 5, and funnily enough, I made this on her birthday. I just forgot to post it xD So happy belated 20th birthday to the fairy and senshi of Technology/Electricity, Molly Jefferson!! :heart: :heart:

Molly belongs to :iconrose9227614:

Made using Sailor Senshi Maker 3.0 
Since I actually don't reveal a lot about my Senshi Guardians, I've decided to upload journals about their lives and likes.

First Up is: Dani Mason/Sailor Storm/Princess Mars Heart Heart   

Pixel: Green Star = New Fact

Fun Facts about Dani:

- Dani is incredibly athletic, but she actually used to be a bit chubby when she was younger. When she turned 12, she grew tired of the insults and began working out. She quickly lost weight in a healthy way

- Even though she was chubby, she's not insecure and is insanely confident now

- Her and Steve hate each other to the point where they cannot be left unsupervised (they've physically fought violently before)

- Dani loves to wrestle, and WrestleMania is one of her favorite shows as well

- In her past life, she was the army general on Mars 

- Dani and Perrie sometimes butt heads due to Dani's immature nature and Perrie's mothering personality. But at the end of the day, they love each other

- During the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks in 2001, Dani was actually there with her mother. To escape the collapsing towers, they had to take shelter inside a store that was able to withstand the debris. It was traumatic for the 5-year-old and her mother

- Dani has fire swords even though her powers revolve around nature/weather 

- She is NOT the leader of the SG, but she is the most protective of their princess 

- She is very friendly, but you don't wanna get on her bad side at all cause she can be dangerous 

- She loves scary movies, much to Edlyn's horror 

- She also loves romantic movies cause it gives her a chance to either 1) make out with her boyfriend or 2) cuddle with him 

- Due to her losing weight, she loves wearing crop tops and short-shorts 

- She always attends pride parades with her friends, even though she is straight

- Her family adopted a 2-year-old daughter when Dani was 5, and her name was Evelyn. She and Dani became very close, and they did everything together. But 3 years after her adoption, 5-year-old Evelyn ended up dying in a bus wreck on her way home from school

- In her senior year of high school, she was involved in a car accident while racing friends on a race track. She lost control and crashed the car, wrecking it and herself pretty bad. She suffered a fracture in her spinal cord, which caused temporary paralysis in her legs. She had to attend physical therapy to ever walk again. This also helped her decide what she wanted to do for a job

Pixel: Green Star Dani has stretch marks, but she likes to refer to them as "Lightening Scars"

I might add more as I go on. Last up will be Emma! :)


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Welcome to the dA page of a reject!

I write fanfics and upload art of my OCs from my many favorite movies or shows!


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