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  • Listening to: Human - The Killers
I'm so sad for not being uploaded new arts here...
But..i'm here because i'd like to thanks eveyone that has been feature my arts...and i have 25 000+ pageviews now!This is really amazing (!!!) :D
Thank you very much to everyone who visited, faved my work, and left motivating comments! Especially, many thanks to my wonderful watchers! :hug:
Unfortunately, I'll leave my deviantart on hold for a while.I'm really sorry, but i don't have time to make new works.
On those last months the studies have been occupying all my time, and i moved for another city (i'm living alone now) and I have thousands of important things to worry!!

....then don't wait for new works.

and to complete my portfolio it is closed!!I don't know what happened but my host is offline now!!! u_u''

(sorry for my bad english)