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Bernese Mountain Dog

By DemoDog
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A Bernese Mountain Dog portrait in mechanical pencil. done from a photo I found online. I didn't want to spend too much time on this, so it's very sketchy.
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Really well drawn and realistic picture!
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Teach me your ways please!
Ive been trying to draw for so many years couldnt do it.
I always had animals as modles but I just couldnt get the perfection it the ppicture.
But you can!
Amazing work!
sfaber95's avatar
For not spending a lot of time on this you did a great job:)
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Dang, that's realistic. When I get a dog, this is one of the dogs I have on the list.
Guessing it took time right?
AngelWingsz's avatar
wow very good. they are one of my favourite dog breeds!
TheBestDoggo101's avatar
same. I love them :3
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TheMimmiNinni's avatar
It looks like my dog did. She past away one year ago. The portrait looks so happy, exactly the way my dog did...

R.I.P Ise (I'm from Sweden, that's why it's a strange name)
JustASmallTownGirl17's avatar
this is beautiful. its like looking at my dog emma. exact facial expression right down to the white mask.
amazing work.
faith-the-artist's avatar
thats so beautiful.

i was wondering, im writing a novel about a bernese mountain dog named Ayoona, and her father, John.
they are shipwrecked on an island and meet many other islander-dogs.
my question is, would it be ok if i used this as the cover artwork? (you will get credit, of course.) i understand if you say no.
DemoDog's avatar

I am flattered that you would want to use this as cover artwork for your novel, but since I drew this piece using a photograph reference, I would feel uncomfortable if you did so. I don't recall where I found the photograph or who the photographer was, so I am unable to give credit to them for the original picture. I feel like I would need their permission before a drawing I did based on their photograph was used in a published work. Sorry. D:

Good luck with the novel writing though!
faith-the-artist's avatar
Thats ok! Thanks for telling me. ^^
murdragon4's avatar
Amazing drawing.
One of the best i saw.
Keep it up!
fabienneeee's avatar
aaaaaahw so cute! =3
you have some great skill ;d
DemoDog's avatar
haha thank you very much! :3
fabienneeee's avatar
you're very welcome = D
MissUSSR's avatar
i love this !!!! it look just like my dog
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