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Poison Bean

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What if...

Walking plant from my fictional planet 'Fentil'.
The dangly thing in the bottom diagram is the root BTW.

These plants are an example of neoteny; where the offspring of an organism reproduces before becoming mature. In this case, they have evolved from cardioid seed-pods.

Feel like the actual colouring of this one was a bit rushed.
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I had an idea similar to this.exept mine were plants that hunt and eat animals.can you make this.
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why was the whole species 'poison bean' when only a few are  acutely poisonous
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Each one of your designs has such a unique take ... these are a pleasure to read. So these mature into a different stage of life after reproducing?
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He, is was thinking about alien plant concepts as well... question, you said the root was used to absorb water. How about nutriments from the soil? My problem with moving plants was always how they could achieve that effect of "permanent feeding" that our plants enjoy.
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Well nutrients will be in the water that is being absorbed by the root, but a lot of mobile plants also feed on dead organic matter, which gives them additional nourishment.
These plants don't need a permanent water supply like sessile plants as they have storage organs for water in their bodies, and actually evolved the ability to move in order to find sources of water when forests turned to dry-land.

Hope that helps :) .