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photosynthetic animals form Fentil.

Small, amphibious creatures line swampy shores. Their arrow-shaped heads slowly beating in the sun.
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Must have a slow metabolism
Hmm, photoheterotrophs!

I like the gastrovascular concept.
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amazing, and clever, design and concept. Seeing what you purveyors of exobiology cook up educates me more and more on what goes on underneath our feet and underwater
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I've never been called a purveyor before. Thanks.
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Are you planning on making a book with these?
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What kind of program did used to draw this?
if I may...It looks like you've found a new and interesting solution to the problem of amphibians drying out - have a steady supply of water pumping up at all times.

I imagine possible descendants include semi-sessile herbivores/armor-tailed giants.

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yes you may.
Hmm, sounds interesting.
Photonimals are a 'fossil species' and most are extinct, but those could be possibilities.
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I love the idea of the circulatory system.
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thanks very much. Yeah that took a while to draw... and flash kept crashing while I drew the green part -_-'
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