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Plush Owls - Pattern and Tutorial

Finally finished the tutorial for the owl plushies after more than a week of struggling and cursing in ps! :D

Drop me a note if you're interested in purchasing the pattern (for private use only). It's costs 12 USD and contains a digital copy of the pattern (featuring all three sizes) and the tutorial.

I prefer using paypal as it is easy to use, fast and reliable. ^^

More owl pictures:
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Serevolter's avatar
These are so cute! I'm going to bookmark this pattern so I can make some with my mum when I visit her. :D
demiveemon's avatar
That sounds like a lovely idea! :D
Oomles's avatar
oooh, I should consider this o:
demiveemon's avatar
It's a good way to make sure that your plush ends up looking the way you want it. ;3
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
Awesome! I love your plush owls. Perhaps you'd like to make this available as Premium Content? :)
demiveemon's avatar
Thank you for your nice comment! Alright, I'll give it a try and see what happens. :3 [link]
TinyFurrTails's avatar
demiveemon's avatar
Hypnotizing, isn't it. ;3
CatLover623's avatar
I MIGHT be interested... my bray's around the corner... where can you buy them? I am just asking, because I don't know if I should or not...
demiveemon's avatar
In both cases from me. Since I've made the pattern and sewn the owls. :3
I've made the pattern and tutorial available as a more afordable offer for those who would like to have an owl but can't afford commissioning me, since they cost more.
CatLover623's avatar
Opps I meant bday
solarissss's avatar
It was a nice idea to the spread the knowledge! The world needs more cute plush owls!! :love:
molly1400's avatar
Nicely done! Good idea too.
demiveemon's avatar
Thanks, dear. Currently working on less exciting cushion sheats. XD
molly1400's avatar
You're welcome. Wow, that really is a change. Is it difficult? :D
demiveemon's avatar
I managed to screw up the measurements a couple of times, wasting a couple of meters of fabric. I ended up making a paper template and this time it seems to have worked. There's enough fabric for one extra sheat if I screw up again. (there used to be several meters of extra material *feels dumb*) XD;;;
I think I prefer making plushies. So much work, just prewashing everything, ironing it out again (with annoying folds that won't go away and what not).
I'll be so happy when I'm finished with this batch. %D
Bela1334's avatar
So sweet. Pretty nice work.
demiveemon's avatar
Thank you. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated, but I hope the tutorial will be helpful, regardless if the user has experience with sewing or is new to it. :3
pata1's avatar
Wow, looks very professional!
demiveemon's avatar
Thanks, dear. One good thing with this exercise, is that I got to learn a few tricks with PS. Still not fond of the program, but it has possibilities for sure. O_o
pata1's avatar
It's a strong tool, that's for sure.
demiveemon's avatar
It sure is. But so many functions and terms that I don't understand. xD
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