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PMDU - ...What one Deserves



Client: Robin
Hunter's task: #2 ...What one Deserves
Date Issued: August 24, 2015
Date Due: November 27, 2015
Reward: Swindler's Coin + 1 Merit

Objective: "Robin asks you to keep Sol and Flint safe from Reuben's schemes. You will have to stop his agents, possibly fellow Hunters, without alerting anyone at the Thirsty Cacturne to your activities; any team who catches another hunter working for Reuben will receive a Merit. You may also try to turn the tables on Reuben and make his night miserable. Again, if you're caught at all, or Reuben's involvement is made public, you will fail and forgo a reward!"

Reuben gave Lucifer a hard time, during the escort quest through the Basalt Halls and the little ghost hates him for it. So when this task came along, he couldn't resist the chance of taking out revenge, while still receiving Robin's blessing for doing so. Still, at heart he is a child and Reuben gave him a real fright, so he would never go up face to face with the Mienshao so he's devised a clever plan.

For this entry I've used Team Troglodyte's entry as the main inspiration, so that places Lucifer and Zoe in Sol's and Flint's suite. I imagine that the two guild leaders might be downstairs, enjoying the Barbeque, unbeknownst of what is taking place in their sleeping quarters. Reuben's goons Cobalt and Clanker were quickly taken care of and after that they've lain in wait for Reuben himself to appear.

PMDU - Hunter's Guild: Team Mischiefs by demiveemon

Surprise Cameo:
:iconstarslug: Cobalt and Clanker from Team Troglodyte

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