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Miskaela Latham (Lattimore to Superguy readers) comes from Altiverse 954SG, where the morality and ethics of heroes are reversed. There, she was recruited by the evil Andrew Awe-Inspiring and empowered as his assassin and right hand. In that capacity she travelled with the rest of his Awe-Inspiring Force to Altiverse 023SG, where they took on several heroic groups.

When her leader was killed, the light went out of Latham. When the Awe-Inspiring Force was given the opportunity to gain tremendous power, she volunteered not because she thought she would be empowered, but because she thought it would kill her. Instead it remade her -- reforging her into the Lady Awe-Inspiring: the most dangerous villain to ever walk the fragile Earth.

Able to lift ten tons, completely indestructible to all forms of attack -- physical, psionic, magical or 'other' -- and possessed of a meta-intellect beyond any other measured, the Lady Awe-Inspiring is both an implacable physical threat and the mastermind of one of the worst wars that ever touched Earth. Her intelligence is only matched by her unholy -- and clearly paranormal -- charisma and her capacity for evil.

In Altiverse 023ALT, she and two others fake their deaths at the end of the Genocidal War of the 1990s and launch a terrifying Android Tyranny that nearly wipes out the human race in 2024. In that altiverse, her descendants include the Ladies Awe-Inspiring who followed her, all the way to the twenty-third Lady Awe-Inspiring becoming a hero in the year 2997, a thousand years after her ancestor's Genocidal War.

This was a full 10 day render, absolutely no postwork. It's me experimenting with Godray effects. I'm really happy with the result.
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