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Justice Wing: Moriarty James

Known to most as a cat burglar and thrillseeker, who is more likely to commit crimes over their difficulty than their overall worth. Thought by many to be a dilettante more than anything else. Highly skilled combatant, with a surprising amount of equipment stored in her gauntlets and bodysuit. She speaks with a cultured Received British accent. It is assumed 'Moriarty James' is a sobriquet, but despite her distinctive appearance there is no information on what her real name or nationality may be. Considered by some to be more nuisance than threat, though there is some suggestion that Ms. James may be more than she appears.

Prefers to spend her time high up on rooftops and fire escapes. Highly athletic and agile. Skilled in an acrobatic form of martial arts that combines several forms. No known paranormal abilities.

Broadhead, Justice Wing: "She's nuts. Probably a groupie, too. Don't get me wrong -- she's good at what she does. Anyone who can block an arrow shot from my bow with a leather forearm gauntlet's no slouch. Don't be fooled by the heels, either -- they break down into flats when she's working -- I swear she can even use them to hook onto things and then extend lines from them for a pretty crazy dive. I have no idea how she doesn't have scars all over her shoulders and upper body, though. Don't underestimate her. Still, I never understand the ones who steal things just because. Does she even fence them? One thing's for sure -- she's no 'Napoleon of Crime.' I guess she just liked the sound of the name."

Barbara Babcock, Reporter, Crown City Chronicle: "After a tip from Rubicon, I had Chad run numbers and analysis on 'Moriarty James.' Something doesn't add up. On the one hand, she has all the earmarks of an adrenaline junkie and nutjob, committing crimes for the thrill and hoping to get caught so she can try and escape from a super hero. On the other hand... I keep finding references to her at the upper echelons of criminal society. Teddy thought she was a moll or girlfriend, but I don't think so. She's never linked romantically to anyone -- and mob bosses and supervillains alike show off trophy girls, and James would be a pretty big trophy. What's more, she actually managed to hit Paragon with a vortex net -- Leo Lucas has trouble getting his hands on that kind of tech, and he invented it! Plus, when Nightstick and Cudgel put her behind bars, her legal team was way above her pay grade... and when she was corralled by Jimmy Nicks over in England, she was broken out of the Obsidian Tower -- the first break they've ever had.

"There's a lot more to her than we know. She's smart, she has resources we can't track down -- at least yet -- and she's usually closer to the epicenter of major criminal events than a burglar should be. I don't know what her game is -- but I'm pretty sure she's a player, not a pawn."

(IRay render, Daz3d 4.8. Basic character design for Justice Wing stories.)
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