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Sasuke - Realize

I made it in a slightly different format this time - wider than the others. I should have done so with the others too, since most people have wider screens... Anyway!

Uchiha Saucekey! Everyone draws him with red eyes, so I decided to draw him with his normal black eyes.

Some random drawings from my Naruto Battlefield series:
Sai - Age by linnyxito Sai
Kankuro - Watch by linnyxito Kankuro
Jiraiya - Survive by linnyxito Jiraiya
The rest of the Naruto Battlefield series can be found in my gallery! XD (since I can only put six thumbs in here at most)!
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oh my god you are a beautiful hooman being thank you for existing!!!
Baka-Haku's avatar
I like the idea with the dark eyes a lot and also I love your style of drawing
but I think I would have loved it even a bit more if his face would have been turned towards the viewer like the other pieces of the series did for the more personal experience ;)
just my own opinion though you're great! :3
demitrir's avatar
Hello, and I'm sorry for the late reply!

Not at all, I like it a lot when people are honest about my drawings - that's the only way I can learn. :aww: Thinking back, maybe you're right - I could've draw him facing the viewer more, since that might've made it fit more with the rest of this series...

If I feel like it in the future I may make a new version, but for now I'll leave it like it is (since I still like how it ended up looking as a stand-alone piece, at the very least). (: But thanks so much for your honest opinion! As I said I may decide to review this portrait in the future. :aww:
Baka-Haku's avatar
I'm looking forward to it :) <3
but I'm also satisfied with this version <3
it's great
senninjiraya's avatar
awesome *.* can u upload the first pencil drawing of it ? 
demitrir's avatar
Sorry for the late reply - I don't have the pencil drawing for it anymore, and I don't think I have the lineart either, I'm sorry! You could try to trace the drawing if you feel like it, though.
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I see you can draw their personalities well ! I love the look on sasuke. he is being that cool dude but you can see some shock in his eyes ^^
are you going to draw all Hokages or the Kages btw ?
keep up the good work ! 
demitrir's avatar
Super-thanks! :la: :la: :la: For now, I think I'm only going to draw Yamato and/or Itachi. :)
HumbleScarlet's avatar
Its funny, while I was typing out my message thanking you for putting me on your DeviantWATCH, the Sasuke picture was right next to it, and I was looking at it a lot while I worked through making the message. I thought it was awesome from the get go when I first saw it yesterday, or the day before, but didn't put it in my favourites, because as I already long-windedly explained to you, I've never really been all that fussed over him. But, looking at that picture, for whatever amount of minutes it took me to make the message, I came to reeeeeaaaallllllyyy fall in love with it, adding further testament to your skills, that I would come to love the picture so much, despite being switched off from its subject. So, yeah, its made the favourite list. Yuuko Clapping Icon I applaud and Laughing bow to the queen....... okay so Shizuo isn't really bowing in respect here, but its the best I could find - and besides, Shizuo's awesome!!
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Thank you again! :D Now I can be happeh! :iconbawsonplz::icontouchedplz::iconletmehugyouplz:
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I do not like Sasuke that much but this is beautiful!
demitrir's avatar
Hey, thank you! :iconjapanpastaplz:
meltyfase's avatar
You are very welcome<3
purpledragonranger's avatar
I love this one as well. I love how you drew him without the Sharingan activated and did a side profile of him. Keep up the awesome work!
demitrir's avatar
Super-thank you! C:
Cherryblossoms99's avatar
This is so cool! OwO
demitrir's avatar
Thank-a-you! C:
robinloverforever's avatar
he's not my favorite character but you make him look really good :D
demitrir's avatar
Super-thanks! :la:
LanaPhoenixSoul's avatar
i'll try to express my opinion in one word....

E.P.I.C! :iconwoohooplz:
demitrir's avatar

Supa-thanks! :D
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The grayscale theme is what really got my attention. I guess to roll with the theme, you've kept Sasuke's eyes black; I can dig that. As well as the others you've made. They're all simple yet poignant. And each verb you've given - especially Sasuke's "Realize" - fits the overall tone and conveys feelings reminiscent to the storyline.

Your art is wonderful! I hope to see more - maybe with the other Kage? Keep at it, you're amazing!
demitrir's avatar
Super-ultra thanks! Your comment made me really happy! :la:
kakugan's avatar
this series is so gorgeous urhekjg;kjd just all of them. the colors, the expressions, the definition, the details, just... wow. i've watched you grow as an artist and it's all been so beautiful and inspiring c: ♥
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