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Free Sabertooth Lineart (png and paint version)


Just don't remove my Signature
You are allowed to make adoptables with my lines


Art © :icondemireality:

Transparent version =>

MS Paint friendly version can be found here => xbenevolentxpackx.deviantart.c…
Thank you :iconxbenevolentxpackx: for making them :)
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© 2014 - 2021 DemiReality
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Je vous remercie pour ce lineart ! Je compte faire une BD avec des smilodons et j'ai pu désigner l'un de mes personnages avec votre lineart, je vous ai crédité là où je l'ai publié o/
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No problem ;)
Happy you liked the Lineart.
Are we allowed to make edits to the base? not major edits but small things like tail variations and hair variations?
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Yes of course :)
Be creative :heart:
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Used your base!
When adding some black, your signature was removed, but I tagged you and I'm also giving you the link <3
Sabertooth OTA [OPEN] by Annumara
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Update my character ref, with same sabertooth lineart

Nyxer Reference by SaberWolx
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Is it ok to make adopts to sell?
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I have made a MS Paint friendly, version care if i send you a note with it? ^-^
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Of course, you can upload it aswell :-)
So i could link it to you.
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Oh, good. Thank you!
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can you make leopard lines? or tiger? :D
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made some leopard lines and gonna do also some tiger lines, maybe you will like them :)
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yeeeeey! ur lines are so awesome :D
Hello, can't download Line-Art.. What to do?
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Thanks for this!
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hello, i was wondering if i could use this as a pose on a 2d chatsite called sirisola. credit will be given. you gave me permission to use another one of ur linearts but id like to use this one too if u dont mind
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