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So I got tagged twice for  8 facts about Jemadari and Tariq, so I thought I'd do them together~ So here goes! 

1. Post These rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your Character.

3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)

4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.


Tariq by DemiiDee
1. Tariq is a sleepy flower-child who's hobbies include cloud gazing, singing (he has a damn good voice), napping, collecting pretty things (feathers, rocks, shells, etc) and painting. 

2. He's a complete mama's boy, but due to his laid back and relaxed attitude often puts him at odds with his mother Kali, as she often despairs that he hasn't got any drive to do much with his life. They still love each other very much however. 

3. He's scared of spiders, and will often disappear almost instantly if there's one in the vicinity. He gets his brother Tumelo to get rid of them as fast possible.

4. His mane often covers his eyes, so he finds it incredibly difficult to see at times. You'll often see him blowing it out of his face, or flicking his head to the side in an attempt to keep it out his eyes. 

5. Tariq is also an absolute clutz, and never fails to somehow end up hurting himself. He's quite useless at hunting because of this, bless his heart. 

6. He feels incredibly anxious and nervous around his uncle Choto, the King, who thinks his hobbies and past-times are a waste of time. Choto is the only one who can make him clam up like an idiot when he speaks to him. 

7. While his best friend is his twin brother Tumelo, they tend to fight a lot due to their contrasting personalities. It's not uncommon to see the two arguing; Tariq usually wins. 

8.  His original name was 'Jecha' which means sun. I changed this after using Jecha for the Great Spirit's son. 

Jemadari by DemiiDee

1. Jemadari was originally going to be a villain; Uru was never in love with him, and he forced himself upon her. He lusted after Uru like the creepy old man he was intended to be, and was put to death afterwards. When Scar was born, Uru hated him for his father's behaviour. I eventually changed this, and now him and Uru are secret lovers gone wrong. 

2. He's a secret hopeless romantic, and he loves all things romance. His secret passion is poetry, and he enjoys coming up with them in his free time. Jemadari also enjoys singing, but very very badly. He sings in secret where no one can hear his... ear-bleeding singing voice. 

3. He has no sense of humor, and jokes often fly right over his head. His attempts at making jokes of his own often end badly. Making jokes at his expense often makes the general very angry, so it's best not to unless you want a smack in the mouth. 

4. Jemadari absolutely hates lying; he feels that the truth is more important than making someone feel better. This doesn't stop him from making small white lies now and again; the corner of his mouth twitches whenever he does so. 

5. Despite trying to have a stone-cold disposition, he often lets his feelings get the better of him. This infuriates him to no end and he considers it his number one weakness. 

6. His family is the most important thing on earth to him and he will put them first no matter what, even at the expense of his own feelings and safety.

7. He is closest to his cousin Addae, who is slightly older than him. Despite their conflicting personalities (Addae is a happy go-lucky guy, while Jem is the grumpiest creature alive) they barely ever argue and have each others backs no matter what. 

8. He has a poor relationship with his father , who he considers suffocating and old-fashioned. He has a better relationship with his mother. 

I tag....

1. :iconalbinoraven666fanart: - Mtoto
2. :iconmalistlk: - Zahara
3. :iconwhitekimya: - Mishana
4. :icontlkko: - Carley
5. :iconsarn-elyren: - Okoa
6. :iconhydracarina: - Uru
7. :icontanzani: - Ajali
8. :iconirete: - Vizuri
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So I get quite a lot of the same questions in comments and notes by watchers, and answering them over and over gets tiring xD;; I thought it'd be nice to have somewhere where all the most frequently asked questions can be read. I'll also be putting this on my front page where everyone can see, so hopefully it can stem the flow of repeat questions, so here we go! 

Q: What program/tablet do you use? 
A: I currently use FireAlpaca or Medibang for my art program. The tablet I use is an Intuos Pen and Touch.

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I've been drawing seriously since 2009-ish, when I was 12 years old. I say 'seriously' not so seriously, as I only really draw for a hobby these days. 

Q: How do you come up with the names for your TLK characters?
A: I use multiple different name websites honestly; I use any African name I can find. For unimportant characters I usually pull their name from a list, whereas main characters I may use a name search to find something with a specific meaning. Here are some I use:………

Q: Are you open for Requests/Trades/Commissions?
A: Check the stamps at the top of my front page for whether or not I'm open for any of these. 

Q: Are you going to draw a character sheet for _______?
A: If their name is on another character's sheet, then yes, they will get their own eventually. As for others? It depends on whether or not I have something in mind for them. There are some characters I may not draw a sheet for however, depending on if I care for them or not. If I can come up with something for them, I'll draw them. My family tree and story is still expanding, so I never rule anyone out. 

Q: Can I draw fan art of your characters?
A: Of course! I'm happy to receive any art of my characters!

Q: Can I use your art?
A: No, not really. 

Q: Can I use your characters?
A: Again, no. This honestly makes me really uncomfortable, so please don't do this. Please at least ask me first.

Q: Someone is using/traced a piece of your art, what should I do?
A: Don't call them out or attack them. Please note me privately so I can deal with it quietly myself.

Q: Can I design a character for you?
A: You can if you want! Just please understand that I most likely will not use them in my TLK stories; I only like using characters I've designed myself. 

Q: Can I design a mate/ cub for _____?
A: Pretty much the same as above; you can, but I won't use them. 

Q: Are you religious?

A: No I am not, but I have no problems with people who are. 

Q: What's going to happen to this character?
A: Spoilers! Honestly I hate this question; I'm trying to keep my stories quiet until I write them up, but I'm terrible for telling people anyways. Please try to refrain from asking this to save my sanity!

Q: What happened to your comics? Will you ever make more?
A: Honestly? I lost motivation! I wasn't happy with the stories or the art, and I just didn't want to continue with them until I felt comfortable with my skills. As for if I'll ever make more? I'll just say maybe for now. 

Q: Will ______ have a mate/cubs?
A: It depends on what I have planned for them. If there is no mate/cub listed, then I have none planned. I do not like creating random characters for the sake of it, without having any idea what to do with them. On top of this, I feel people do not always need to have a family to have a fulfilling life. 

Q: Why have you not uploaded since ______?
A: Sometimes I'm just busy! I don't spend a lot of time at home these days, so I don't draw as often as I used to. Even if I seem to have vanished, I will come back and upload some time. Just please don't beg or bug me to upload, as it kills my motivation. 

Q: Do you accept critique?
A: Please ask me first and ensure it's constructive; don't be rude. 

Q: Why haven't you answered my comment/note?
A: If it's a question and I haven't answered, it's usually because it's been answered somewhere before that's easily accessible. If it's a regular comment, I try my hardest to answer every comment I can. I have social anxiety so answering comments is a little nerve-wracking for me, but I try my best.
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I started a redbubble account a few months back, and I forget to mention it xD;;; 
So basically you can buy some of my art as prints, phone cases, mugs, etc etc…

I only have 3 pieces up so far, and I'll add more in due time.

If there is anything from my gallery that you would like to see in my shop, let me know! I'll see if I can add it.
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So I've been anxious about saying anything for a while about this issue, but I've kind of decided I DO need to say something about it. I didn't wanna come across as butt-hurt or whiny or unable to handle internet drama or whatever, but I guess it's better I say something than not and get more and more depressed about this whole thing. I'm not entirely sure I can explain properly what's wrong in the right words, but here goes. This WILL be long guys and I'm sorry, but hang tight. If you cba to read the whole thing, there's a TL;DR summary at the bottom so go have a look.

I guess I'll start with the positive before I go into the negative~ 

So I've been a TLK artist on here for a while a now, 7 years in fact, and it's been pretty amazing! I've been uploading my art and ideas and stories here since 2010, back when I was 13 and first starting out, and I've always enjoyed drawing and coming up with stories for TLK. I'd seen amazing TLK artists make comics and write fanfictions for years and years, and I was just so inspired I wanted to do it too!

And I have! My TLK Character Sheet folder has over 100 characters in there now! And my fanart folder specifically for Lion King is a joy to look through just to see how much I've progressed and improved over the years. I've always been an absolute Lion King nut case since before I was 7 years old, I've loved drawing and writing and DA has just been amazing for that. I've made friends for life because of this fandom and I'll always appreciate that.

I especially enjoy uploading my art here just because there's always the usual faces who comment on my stuff whenever I upload and seeing what they have to say when their names pop up in my inbox is always an absolute joy! I appreciate every fave, comment, and view that I get on my work. It inspires me to keep doing what I love, and even if that means doing what I love is just drawing cartoon lions all the time then I'm okay with that. 

But then the past couple years as I've grown a little more in popularity, the enjoyment has admittedly gone down somewhat. 

I shouldn't be surprised that with more people seeing my art the more bad eggs I occasionally get. Tracing, stealing, negative comments, trolls, etc are all to be expected, and I do expect them. Majority of the time I just laugh it all off or I'll just roll my eyes and get on with my day and that's fine y'know? Because every positive comment knocks those out of the way and makes the bad eggs insignificant. 

But recently I just don't find drawing or writing for TLK fun anymore, even despite the positive comments. In fact, I absolutely dread uploading anything anymore just because I feel like I just get spurts of negativity thrown at me, be it a full piece of art, character sheet, story piece, whatever it is.

I sit at my computer refreshing my inbox waiting for the comments to come in, waiting to see if it'll be picked apart and analysed and torn to shreds. Or even have someone ignore the art completely and instead comment on something negative and silly, like if I've drawn a lion and his cubs instead of commenting on the art someone will instead leave a comment about how it should be a lioness drawn with the cubs because the lion is supposed to be out patrolling. Or just comments on characters sheets saying how their heads look weird without saying why or how to fix it or giving any constructive feedback. Or just begging me to give a certain character cubs, begging me to let them design mates or cubs for my characters, or just constantly begging me to upload more art or characters. 

Or then there's some who simply don't agree with certain elements or points or character designs in my stories, who sometimes feel like they'll fight to death if I don't use their suggestions or change something just because they don't agree with it. Characters not looking enough like certain family members, characters who don't look 'hot' enough. Characters who should have babies because they're 'hot' and it'd be a shame for them not to have cubs. Character's sheets who don't look enough like they do in the movies despite the fact that I heavily reference canon characters, and sometimes I feel people won't be happy unless I outright trace their faces in screenshots just to make sure I get the EXACT curve of their forehead right. Uploading something and waiting for people to look for every crack and hole just to tear into me because they don't agree with the idea, and will then proceed to comment multiple times until I agree with them and change it. People who just attack and attack and attack until I've finally stopped and said "yeah you're right, you win".

People complaining that when I update a characters ref sheet with new art I spend time redrawing that the previous version looked better. People complaining that two orange eyed characters can't have blue eyed children (which yes I'm aware of the fact that it works this way IRL) or people just complaining that because I've drawn a character as a cub they HAVE to look happy and carefree. People complaining that I can't use certain shades or colours for characters because it doesn't fit into the world, when I try my hardest to make sure they DO fit. And then there's even more silly things like complaining I can't give a character, such as Zira or Nuka, different birth names because lions don't speak human language and that Disney gave them their names because it'd suit their personality or character, despite the fact that from a story telling perspective my lions choose names based on their meanings and such.  People complaining that they don't act like real lions enough, or others complaining they don't act humanized enough. People criticizing the art, I try and fix it, and then complaining that I either don't fix it fast enough or complaining when I  politely disagree with their critique and the proceeding to argue about it with me. Sometimes it feels like some people are out to nitpick every little thing. But then there's others who, while not outright aggressive or pushy, will come across as VERY passive-aggressive and sarcastic, and insinuates you're kind of an idiot who needs to spoken down to (for example using words such as 'obviously' when talking to you about something, even if it's your own characters or art, it's very very annoying and extremely rude.)

This isn't even including the art thefts, tracings, story stealing, obsessive people stalking everything I fave or comment on, blocked users coming back on different accounts just so they can still comment on my work, and all sorts of other things as well.

There's more, the list goes on and on and on. And now I can certainly see why some artists have moved on from the fandom, because truly sometimes this fandom is terrible and it certainly gets to you after a while. And while I do LOVE the positive comments I get, even the comments that have actual constructive criticism, sometimes the bad feels like it outweighs the good. 

It's why I don't upload as much anymore, and it's why I haven't actually uploaded any comics or stories or anything of the sort outside of my character sheets, because I just don't particularly enjoy dealing with this sort of thing anymore. It makes me regret even having story segments on my character sheets sometimes if I'm being honest. I don't want to put so much effort and work into something like a comic or a story just to have it picked apart and torn to bits just to find everything that's wrong with it. It's just... exhausting. I dread uploading and it just isn't as fun anymore :/ It puts me on high alert and now when someone comments I react hostile and blunt from the get-go in an attempt to shut down any on-coming argument  because I just really don't wanna deal with it anymore. It feels like people scan everything I upload in order to find a mistake or something they can tear into just to win brownie points for themselves. Either that or they're suffering from entitlement syndrome, where people feel they can dictate what they want me to do with my own project because they feel their own ideas are better. 

Sometimes I feel like people take my TLK stories and art even more seriously than I do. It feels like I'm being held to some ridiculous standards sometimes, as though I'm doing this for a job instead of just for a hobby. 

And that's all this whole thing is, a hobby. A silly fan project I came up with when I was 13 years old and wanting to be like all the other talented and cool artists, just creating and writing and having fun. Now I'm almost 21 and sometimes I honestly just want to leave this account behind and do something else that doesn't stress me out so much. But I still love TLK and I still love the work I've put into this, and I just don't wanna leave it behind. I sometimes get paranoid in case I just have a case of being sensitive or just too butthurt or whatever people wanna call it, and maybe I shouldn't leave myself open to criticism if I can't deal with it. But honestly I don't mind criticism at all. So long as it's constructive and it actually helps me get better and improve and it isn't just nitpicking or people throwing tantrums because I'm not doing things the way they want and they aren't getting their way. 

I seriously encourage people to give me crit! On a lot of my art I request it and I hope for it! But there's ways to do it without being an ass. I'm not saying shower me with only good comments and kiss my ass and tell me how I'm amazing I am, I just want people to be more respectful when they comment, that's all. And sometimes I can be an ass too with my replies! Call me out on it if you think I'm being unnecessarily rude!

In fact if you wanna leave me critique, have a look at this first: 
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique by akreon

TL;DR: The main point of this entire whiny novel is this~

My TLK stuff is just a hobby, and it's for fun. I'm not out to make the best most complete TLK story out there, or to win any awards. I'm not out to cover every single plot-hole ever or to create the best thing since sliced bread. I know I sound very much like a Pouty Princess, and I don't want to be one to be honest guys. There are some really passionate people out there who love my work, which is great! But just please keep this in mind:

Half the time I have no idea where I'm going with my ideas. Honestly most of the time when I write out stories and such on my character sheets, you're looking at first drafts, which honestly haven't been thought out as well as they should majority of the time. There's plot holes and discrepancies, things often get edited and changed from when they're first written and uploaded, or there's just plot points or ideas I feel I need to develop more before I reveal them. I just ask you be respectful when you comment guys that's all. And if you don't agree with something and voice your opinion, just be polite and respectful about it. And if I disagree, again just don't be rude, agree to disagree and leave it.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about my work either! Just make sure the question hasn't been answered before, or make sure you can already find the answer elsewhere before asking. I'm not asking people to kiss my ass and constantly shower me with praise, I just want people to let me have my fun in my own way, and for other people to have fun too. And if you don't agree with the ideas or characters I come up with, that's fine guys. If my work or art isn't your cup of tea, just move on and unwatch and find someone who is! 

Or if you feel that things could be better, write your own stories and ideas down! Upload them, draw, have fun with it yourself. Because pushing your ideas onto other people just makes them angry and not want to do it anymore. In fact there was a point where someone would argue with me so often about how they thought I should do everything I'd decided to do the exact opposite of what they'd say just to spite them, just because they were so forceful about it and would not leave me alone.

Just don't be a constant spout of negativity, because all that does is make a lot of people lose motivation and not want to participate anymore. Be a positive force instead of a negative one, because when all you do is point out the negative it just turns into a negative experience for everyone involved. This is how so many artists just end up moving on and not wanting to do it anymore. 

I apologise for my long rant guys, this has been brewing for about 2 years now if I'm being quite honest. For every user who supports me by commenting and faving, thank you! Because although there has been bad times in this fandom, every good time makes up for it. Every positive comment makes me excited and makes me wanna keep on doing what I do. Because despite all the bad stuff, I don't wanna be another artist who ends up no longer participating in this fandom.

Catch y'all later, and I'll upload when I can~
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Okay so I've been scrolling through my ref sheets and noticed that some of them (mostly the red characters) are appearing as slightly darker once they're uploaded to DA? My Kovu sheet is the worst for this I've found. 

Kovucolourchange by DemiiDee

When I open the image in FireAlpaca his colours are normal, but once uploaded to DA they really mess up? Malka and Choto as well as a few others have this problem too I've found.

I've reuploaded, opened it in another program (Medibang) and nothing seems to work? Does anyone know how to fix this at all? 
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Since I've been extremely busy the past few weeks (I've had a lot of personal matters come up, which I'm really really sorry for) and I havent had much time to upload anything new, as an apology I've decided to release the various different family trees I've had for my TLK stories over the years for people to view freely. 

The majority of these are extremely outdated and have been changed drastically, so take everything here with a grain of salt. I'm happy to answer questions about abandoned plots and characters if people want to ask, although I might not remember everything I once had planned. 

(Don't judge the art too harshly on some of these, they're extremely old)

2011-12 Family Tree…

Oldest one I've ever made, and it shows. This was back when I had Kopa be born after the events of TLK, and was friends with Kovu and Kiara's cubs. I also had Zira as Sarabi and Scar's daughter, while also still have Scar as Nuka's father as well. This was eventually changed to Malka being Nuka's father instead. 

I also had the Moon Tribe and the Sun Pride as the main ruling prides at this point, as opposed to just the Sun Kingdom that I have at the moment. I can't quite remember why they were revered, but I think they were descended from the lions who ruled over the Sun and Moon (or rather they were SAID to be), and then those lions were descended from the Great Spirit. The remnants of this idea can still be found in my current TLK story.  

Can still find the majority of the old ref sheets from this tree on my DA account if you search back far enough. 

2013-14 Family Tree…

Complete overhaul of the tree, with so many characters being dropped or remade into something new. Still a few similarities, but for the most part it's basically a new slate. In comes Jemadari with newly remade Ahadi and Uru. Kopa was supposed to die at birth, and I cant quite recall or not if Chaka was King in the end since Kiara and Kovu didn't want it, but I think that's what I had down. Moyo was created as the father to Nuka and Vitani instead of Scar, aaand I actually gave Nuka a child in this version. 

Scar's mate wasn't Masika but instead was Naanda, one of Sarabi's sisters. They had a son called Tai who Naanda took away after Scar brought the hyenas to the pride lands. Pao, Uru's sister, also wasn't the ancestor to Kovu or the rest of his family. 

2015-16 Family Tree…

Current famiy tree, but it hasnt been updated in a few months so it might be a little outdated. Pretty much the largest of the rest of the trees and I'd say it's the one I've kept the longest. Probably have to explain this one the least.

And that's it pretty much. I've had a few other versions, but I never put them onto FamilyEcho and I kept them as a file on my computer. If you wanna ask any questions, feel free to. 
As for uploading a fully completed Family Tree on DA, I am in the process of doing so. Sadly the tree is so big by this point it's taking A LOT of work and it won't be finished for ages. 

I'll try and be more active soon guys, I'm gonna have to ask you all to be patient since I have a lot going on right now. 

See y'all later~
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Just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes ^^ I really do appreciate it :'3 :'3 

Birthday was pretty good; friends threw a surprise party for me which is always nice, and they drowned me in presents and pokemon stuff~

Apologies for the lack of activity the past few weeks, I've had a lot going on and I haven't had much time to answer notes or messages. I promise I'll get on that as soon as I am able!

Thanks again guys~ 
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Tagged by :iconsarn-elyren: and I'm bored, so why not?

  1. I own 6 cats, all of them British Shorthairs.
  2. Red is my favourite colour.
  3. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Dragon Age series (I love Dragon Age so much tho I cant even)
  4. I despise pancakes.
  5. My number one dream is to be a game developer.
  6. Zootopia is now my second fave Disney film after the Lion King
  7. I am absolute 100% Steven Universe trash. (Pearl is the best tho, for real)
  8. 'Of Monsters and Men' are my favourite band (seriously look them up if you haven't heard of them)
  9. I have a Pepsi addiction.
  10. Clumsy as hell
  11. I don't have a favourite TLK character. 
  12. Would probably live off of pizza if I could get away with it
  13. I used to play the guitar.
  14. I really want to learn to play the piano tho????
  15. Crazy cat lady. (I NEED MORE CATS)
  16. I have the worst attention span on the planet
  17. I turn 20 years old in September
  18. Lazy as hell
  19. I want to cover my body in awesome tattoos :| 
  20. Still sleeps with a stuffed animal (dont judge yo)
Do I have to tag people? AAAAA

:icontanzani: :iconstrayhowl: :icontlkko: 

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Okay so I'm need of some money, and so I decided to open point commissions. I apologise that the prices may seem a little high, but when converted to money I'm actually earning very little with one commish. Sorry guys!

Here are the rules, and I'm afraid if you don't follow them I'll be forced to reject your commission. There's a lot of them, but I've had a few problems before, so these are necessary. Thanks for understanding!


1. These are TLK-styled only. I'll also only be taking commissions of characters that are specifically lions only; no cross-breeds such as leopons or ligers, or any other animals like hyenas, mandrills, birds, etc. Lions ONLY.

2. I will not draw any canon characters. I don't feel comfortable being payed to draw copyrighted Disney characters for money. This includes characters like Nala, Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Kiara, Zira etc. All in all, if they've been in the movies or The Lion Guard, I will NOT to draw them. 

3. I will not draw any detailed gore or anything with overly sexual themes. Cuddling/kissing and wounds/cuts I am fine with, but if I feel it is overly mature I will reject the commission. 

4. Do not request a commission with any of my own characters.

5. Please request a commission through my commissions widget on the front page of my profile. DO NOT send any information through notes or comments. This leads to confusion, information can be lost, and is overall inconvenient for me to keep track of.

When you DO use the commission widget, PLEASE provide all commission information within the blank box that you are shown. Any images, reference sheets, detailed descriptions, and other information MUST go in that box. Ensure that your description is DETAILED. If your description is bare-bones and doesn't provide enough information, I won't be held accountable if it doesn't turn out exactly how you want.

6. Please provide me with all images and information upfront. I don't want to go chasing up people on reference sheets that they haven't provided me. Please no "check my gallery for their picture" or "Note me for this character's ref sheet" or "This character doesn't have a ref sheet but I'll have one up soon" comments. If you are not able to provide me with a characters picture upfront, it will be rejected. 

7. I will only be taking 5 commissions at a time. You can find information on any commissions I'm currently taking on this journal below. If all 5 slots are taken up and the widget is still available to use, I just haven't gotten around to removing the widget yet. Any commissions requested after all 5 slots are filled will be rejected.

8. Please allow me up to 3-4 weeks to get your commission finished. When I have sketched out your commission I will then send you a note showing it to you. If you want anything changed, let me know. I will not make any more progress on your commission until you reply.

9. First-come first-served. I will not reserve places for commissions.

10. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me!


:bulletred: = Not started
:bulletyellow: = Sketch started
:bulletgreen: = Completed

1. :bulletred: Reference Sheet
2. :bulletred: Detailed headshot with full background
3. :bulletred: Detailed character no background
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EDIT: stream is over now, since I have to go run in the shower and get ready for bed~ Thanks to those who managed to join me today ^^

Doodling up some random piece, and people can come watch if they want~

There's only room for 10 people sadly though, so join while you can~
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So The Lion Guard just finished, aaaand I thought I'd share my thoughts. If you haven't watched it yet.. there's a couple of spoilers here, but nothing major. 

It was... actually a lot better than I thought! I will say that they totally knew how to hit you in the nostalgia. First off I found it better going into it seeing it as it's own thing rather than part of the entire canon. All the way through I kept on thinking to myself "if this had been released when I was 7 years old, I would have loved this to death"

Calm your tits Lion King fans, it wasn't the apocalypse of TLK we were expecting.

And I will say for a start... the animation and voice acting is pretty good.... except on the lions. On every other animal it looks perfectly fine and the style works well, with simple enough designs and with backgrounds that could rival the original film. However like I said before, the animation on the lions looks... off. The other characters look round and very fluid, while the lions are shaped very squarish and have kind of jerky movements. Watching Simba walk down the side of Pride Rock with Kion and Rafiki honestly made me cringe a little. He did not walk like a lion would, it was like watching a dog trying to walk backwards. Like I was watching it baffled at how they got the other animals perfectly (Kion and the other cubs were mostly okay) but the lions were a little messed up. I noticed a few mistakes here and there as well, with Kion's spots randomly disappearing from time to time, but other than that, it was pretty good!

The characters we already know remain mostly in tact, with the biggest exception being Kiara. Pretty much everyone knows by now that Kiara's personality has been pretty much reworked completely, and depending on whether or not you liked Kiara in TLK2 or not, whether or not its a good thing is up to you. I personally am not a huge fan of this change, (especially since this is supposed to be canon with TLK2).
Overall Kiara just came across as very snooty and I didn't really enjoy it too much, but at least she never became unlikable at any point. She just sorta rolls her eyes every so often at her brother and spouts stuff about being Queen and how Kion is a huge idiot.
Nala remains the cardboard cut out she was in TLK2, and occasionally spouts motherly wisdom. Nothing new here. Simba isn't as protective as he was in TLK2 though, although he remains just as unsure at everything as usual. 

The other two new side characters, Tiifu and Zuri(?) were mostly meh. We see next to nothing of Tiifu in this, she gets a few lines, and she doesn't make much of an impression... Zuri on the other hand... I personally feel talks too much. Okay that's a lie, she doesn't get THAT many lines. But her personality boils down to the stereotypical "EEEW DIRT, EEEEW BUGS, EEEW OMG I BROKE A NAIL AAAAAA" that is expected of many girly girls in cartoons. She comes across as very whiny and I didn't like her much. Also, I keep getting Tiifu and Zuri mixed up.. yes yes they have slightly different markings and different eyes, but ask me which one is which and I'll just stare at you blankly. No parents for the two have been revealed, and I'm going to assume they never will be revealed. 

The villains, the hyenas, are actually really likable. You can tell who is who despite having similar colour pallets, although only one(?) has a name so far and I swear to god I am not going to attempt to spell it. Like other people have been saying before now though, the hyenas are entirely a group of males, with a male leader, which DOES bug me a lot, but I'll live with it. They get some good laughs, although come across as VERY wimpy (a clan of adult hyenas gets scared away by 5 baby animals and I couldn't get over it)

The main characters of the show however, is what made this enjoyable. The Lion Guard (you'll have to forgive me, I can only remember Fuli and Bunga's names) are really enjoyable to watch. As a lion lover who has never really been bothered with the other animals (I was disappointed when it was revealed the Lion Guard wasn't made of just lions.), you could really see their strengths and how well they were suited to their roles. Fuli is my favourite so far, she has so much sass, and she makes a very good point... why do lions get to be the center of everything? (because lions are awesome my dear Fuli. No one wants to watch the meerkat king I'm sad to say) They work off of each other great, and there isn't a member I actively dislike.... except Bunga. 

Bunga, Bunga, Bunga, poor Bunga. It's hard to get a character like him right, because you can either strike a balance and make him that fun loving reckless kid everyone laughs at, oooor you can make him really annoying. Bunga, for me, was sadly really annoying. Which kills me on the inside because he is in A LOT of this. He yells a lot, get's everyone into trouble a lot, and dear god.... he saves the day with a fart joke. I am not kidding, I think my eyes nearly rolled into my skull when that happened. Was there seriously NO other way to save the day, other than a fart joke? 
All in all, he stops a huge herd of antelope with a huge fart, and that was what took me out of it for a moment, and I had to reevaluate what I was watching for a few seconds. All in all, I do not like Bunga. BUT... at least he gets a really catchy song.

YES the songs in this are GREAT. The villain song, Bunga's song, and Kion's songs are all FANTASTIC. "Tonight We Strike", which is sung by the hyenas, is EASILY the best song. The animation really picks up and it's just great fun to watch, and it reminds me a lot of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". "Zuka Zama" is also a lot of fun, and comes as a close second! I certainly do hope they'll pop up on Youtube soon! They also mixed in some of the old score from the first movie, which is pretty nice!

Overall, The Lion Guard was great. It has lots of culture (I enjoy the use of Swahili words! Although Bunga shoves them down your throat quite a bit at times) the story is actually quite good, the characters are awesome for the most part, the songs were AMAZING, and the animation was pretty great as well. 

If you can look past the magical roars and the changes made, The Lion Guard is a pretty good watch. It does have a LOT of flaws, but if you can look past them it isn't half bad. It was nostalgic as anything, and while I do have a few problems with it, it is certainly NOT the thing to ruin The Lion King like a lot of people thought.

So even if you aren't too interested, take a look when you get the chance! You might even enjoy it like I did. And also, definitely watch out for some fanart from me!

EDIT: aaand for those who are interested, feel free to check out "Tonight We Strike"  which is the best song in the movie imo.
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Just letting people know that I'm having a number of tablet issues at the moment, and I might very well have to get a new one x_x so there might not be any new uploads for a while.

The pen keeps on cutting out while I'm drawing, which making things quite difficult. It'll be working one second and then it'll stop the next, and then it'll be working fine again two seconds later. Sometimes it'll go a while without doing it, and then other times it'll be unbearable and I can barely draw a line without it cutting out every two seconds. 

I've researched online and apparently it has something to do with the cables being messed up?? I'm going to assume it's that cuz I've done everything under the sun to fix it, and nothings worked. I've updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled them, restarted my laptop at least 3 times, tried different USB ports and such, and I'm not entirely sure what else to do that might fix it. I've unplugged the thing a good few times, which I've noticed it works fine for about 5 minutes before it starts cutting out again? So I'm going to assume it's a wire issue, which I'm unsure I can fix myself without having to buy a new tablet.

Sometimes I get mad that Wacom dominates the tablet market; if you're going to dominate the market, at least make quality products that actually work. If it's not one problem it's another, and I shouldn't have to reinstall the drivers or restart my computer every time I want to actually USE my tablet. It's time wasting and quite frankly incredibly annoying, and as much as I love drawing with a tablet, I often question the fact that I spent MONEY on this. 

Sorry about this guys x_x here's hoping I can get it working again soon. If anyone is familiar with this issue and has any suggestions on how to fix it, can you please let me know? Thanks guys~
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I keep getting asked the same questions recently, and I feel it's much easier to have them all in one place than to answer every time someone asks, so yeah...

Also, if you have a question and it isn't on here, feel free to ask! I really don't mind.

1. What program do you use? 

For the longest time I used GIMP 2.0, but in the few months I've been using FireAlpaca, and it's so much better. 
I also use a tablet for my work, which is a 'Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch', which has also been pretty awesome for art. Sadly I'm a klutz and I've already broken my tablet pen a little, so it can be faulty at times. 

2. Are you open for requests, commissions, trades, etc?

No for each and every single one. I have bright colourful stamps on my front page saying what is open and closed, so I don't get why I keep on being asked this?... If you've asked this and been ignored, it's because the answer is already there, and I don't want to repeat myself over and over when the information is in your face.

No, asking specially through note will not convince me to change my mind.

3. Will you draw my character if I give you more points?

Having issues with a number of people trying to bribe me with points after I've said commissions are closed. 
I appreciate that you like my art so much, but offering me more points won't change my stance of commissions. Sometimes I'm just too busy to work on art, and giving more MORE points doesn't magically make me unbusy.

Plus it'd be pretty unfair on those who wanted a commission but I told them they couldn't. You just don't tell a person that an item is not for sale, and then sell it two seconds later to someone else who offered a higher price. It's not fair and I won't do it.

4. Can I use your characters for my RP?

No, I'll never allow my characters to be used by someone else. They're my brain-babies and they mean a lot to me, and I have spent a lot of time working on them over the years. 

5. Can I use your art?

Another no. I don't care what it's for; forums, DA avatars, or anything else. I do not appreciate my art being used, and if I catch anyone using it I will report you.

6. Can I use the colours for canon characters from your character sheets?

Of course~ you don't even have to ask, or even give credit, just go ahead! This is for canon characters ONLY however. Please do not use the colours or designs of my OC's.

7. Will you upload a character sheet for all the characters?

I get asked this so often, so I needed to answer this here. If a character's name is listed on a ref sheet, they will get a sheet of their own. If they dont have a name and only have '???', they do not have a set design or a name, but they will get character sheets later on.

I can take a while with some sheets I know, but I do intend to have all of them uploaded eventually.

8. Where do you find the names for your characters?

I use for characters if I am looking for something with a specific meaning for a character, especially main characters.
I use if I'm just looking for a decent name that'd suit.I mostly use it for side characters, or background characters.

9. Your character's name means a rude word in another language, can you change it?

Not really, no, I honestly don't care if their name means dick or nuts in some other language. They have different meanings in African, and my characters are African, so what's the problem? Just giggle at it and move on, because it'd be too weird to call them something else after all this time.

10. Is your Uru related to Zira?

If I had a penny for every time I got asked this, I'd be rich. 

No, my Uru isn't related to Zira. Once upon a time she was though; I originally had Zira be the cub of Scar and Sarabi, making Zira her grandaughter. This isn't the case anymore and now I have Zira completely unrelated to the Pride Land Lions. Uru's design still somewhat reflects their old relationship however, as when I redesigned her I couldn't bear to get rid of the stripe.

But I also get asked this question for other characters as well. No, just because a character has a stripe, doesn't mean they're related to Zira. 

11. Why does your Ahadi not have a black mane and green eyes? I thought it was canon that he had those traits.

With my TLK stories I try to move away from TLK:6NA. I wanted to create something unique, and I feel that too many Ahadi designs from other people look too similar... so much so that you can easily get them mixed up; DJCoulz's design is so popular and so overused it might as well be canon at this point (Not that there's anything wrong with her design, I do love it! It's just so many people use it). On top of this, when I decided to no longer make Ahadi Scar's real father, giving him a black mane and green eyes seemed pointless. 

Overall I just wanted my Ahadi to stand out among others, and I wanted him to be recognizable. I wanted people to look at him from a distance and say "Yes! That Ahadi's design was made by Demi!". I wanted to break the mold and be different. 

12. When will your next comic page be coming out?

Honestly? I don't know. I've hit a brick wall with 'A General's Folly', and I'm just not motivated to work on it at the moment...

'You Were My Heart' had also hit a brick wall there was no getting around, so it is no longer being continued. I only cared about one plot point in that entire comic, so there was really no use on continuing it. On top of that, a lot of the plot has been changed (mostly concerning Nuka's relation to Moyo) so yeah... It didn't get very far anyway, and not too many people were bothered about it, so I'm not fussed tbh.

On the other hand, I am still working on another project featuring that single plot point I was excited about... And this time it's going to be planned and plotted out a lot better. It's going to be called 'All That Remains', so keep an eye out for it sometime in the future. It's a short comic however, and probably won't be any longer than 20 pages roughly.

13. Do you plan to make other comics?

Besides 'A General's Folly' and 'All That Remains'? I honestly don't know. I do not want to make more comics because they are time consuming, and I'd rather make single pictures with the story written underneath. However I'm not much of a writer, and I wouldn't be able to make it as good as I wanted...

For the most part I'll be sticking to just short comics I think. 'A General's Folly' will be the last comic I make that is extra long with loads of story.

I have a few other ideas, but I don't want to say for definite in case I don't actually make them into comics.
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Finally caved and decided to do one of these as well, since everyone else is and they're interesting to read. So sorry to be another person filling up your inbox with this but~

1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?
5 years on this account, but 7 years in total if you include the two years on another much older account that no longer exists. I stalked here as a visitor for a year or so before that as well.

2.What does your username mean?
Not very creative here.... Demi-Dee96 is simply my first and my middle name, as well as the year I was born. I want to change it, but there's nothing really suits, and anything that does is already taken.

3.Describe yourself in three words.
Quiet, reserved, sensitive

4.Are you left or right handed?
Right handed~

5.What was your first deviation?
The Moon's Light by DemiiDee
Someone remind me to purge the first three years of art I uploaded here. And for the love of god no one should ever go looking through there either, you can really tell I was 13.

6.What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital art, anything to do with animals, mostly felines. TLK fanart is what I mostly enjoy creating however, as well as pokemon art (even if I really do struggle with it)

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Realism, humans, the two things I struggle with the most. I'd LOVE to be able to draw realistic art. Alas, I'm kinda stuck in the cartoon pit. I want to draw Dragon Age fanart so badly, but sadly I struggle too much with humans (seriously human artists, do you understand the gift you possess????). Also backgrounds! I wish I was better at backgrounds, easily my least favourite thing to draw simply because I'm so bad at them. I feel I haven't improved on them much over the past few years...

8.What was your first favourite?
Baby Alari by tribble-of-doom

9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anything TLK, Pokemon, or Dragon Age is what I favourite the most.

10.Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

My all time fave for the longest time is :iconiron-lyons: I adored her TLK stuff for the longest time, and I thought she was absolutely amazing. Nice to everyone, found the time to answer every comment, and her stories and art were amazing! In some of my art you can see her style has inspired my own in a lot of ways. I was sad when she stopped writing about TLK, but her book 'The Forges of Dawn' is amazing as well, if not better, and I think I could fangasm over this forever. (Remind to make fanart sometime!)

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?


(I have already met up with my friend :iconr3ldor: in person however!)

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

My skype friends! :icontlkko:, :iconstrayhowl:, :iconr3ldor:, :iconnichers:, :iconkasumarae:, :icontanzani: and many many more of you, there's too many to list xD;; 
Four years ago I joined the ETPR RP forum, and it was probably one of the best things I ever did! They're people I can talk to when I have my down days, people I can have a laugh with, and they're some of the nicest people I've ever met. They're such a huge source of encouragement for me, and I love every moment I spend talking to them over skype (even if they do bully me sometimes :C)

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?
I used to use GIMP 2.0 for a good 4 years of my time here on DA, but just last year I switched to FireAlpaca, and I feel my art has gotten so much better from this!

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My bedroom 8I I'm sad to say I'm a little boring. If you're wondering what inspires me the most however, it'd have to be music.

15.What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Summer of 2013, spending every day talking to my skype buds. I'd just finished my GCSEs, and I had an extra long summer break before school started again. We'd spend days on end (and many sleepless nights!) just video calling and playing Impressive Title. We drew many funny pictures of the best moments and uploaded them here on DA~ It was just a great time all around and I'd love to go back and experience that Summer again!
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Struggling to sleep, so I thought I'd write a journal since it's been a while and I like to keep you guys updated with what's going on.

School has been hectic, final deadline for my course is this week, although I will admit I'll be lucky if I even pass; at the moment it's beginning to look like I won't.
Also having troubles with people at school as well; just a petty misunderstanding that's spiraled out of control into a full blown argument (over pretty much nothing mind you!). Said person me and my friends are having troubles with is currently attempting to convince everyone we're bullying her when we certainly are not; ICT teacher now thinks we're ganging up on her, which is causing a lot of strain in the actual lesson and I can't stand being in there for more than a few minutes now. This also happens to be a lesson I need to finish or I'll fail the entire course, but at the minute with everything going on I'm finding it hard to do the actual work. Kinda leaning towards the "I really don't care anymore" phase with my course, which isn't the best attitude to have but eh. Kinda sad as well since the ICT teacher was our favourite teacher and now he probably thinks we're horrible people. (don't you just hate it when people only show one side of the argument, and don't show anything they've actually said first?) I'm normally a calm and friendly person but I've just been so angry over this it's made me physically drained.

Having a few issues at home as well, Mum is close to losing her job atm and if she does we're gonna be a bit screwed since we're already having a number of financial issues.. a lot of stress there as well actually...

I apologise for commissions being delayed as well btw; I've been super busy with school like I said. I promise that as soon as the summer holidays start I'll start working on them straight away. My motivation has just been sapped recently.

This turned into a very depressing update LOL 

Meh. 2015 has been a shitty year so far. The sooner it's over the better. I just really need a break from school right now I think..
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So I recently decided to make a tumblr account to post some of my lesser drawings that I don't feel like posting on DA xD;; 
There'll be a lot of drawings on there eventually, such as character art, comic WIPS, and of course the random doodle or two xD''
People are also free to ask me questions on there if they want, ranging from my favourite colour to what TLK theory I like best!

Some none-TLK art will be posted there a lot more frequently as well rather than here,so watch out for that!

There's little on there at the moment, just a few drawings, but I do plan to update regularly on there lmao so yeah, feel free to check it out if you're interested. 
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I've been getting so many notes and messages about them recently, I decided to address them here in a journal, so I don't have to keep writing out the same note over and over and it's somewhere everyone can see.

1)First of all, my commissions are currently closed, and they will remain closed until I decide to open them again. I'm not planning on opening them as soon as this last batch is done either, sorry guys! You'll just have to wait. I do not have a set date of when I'm going to open them either, so you'll just have to wait and see. 

2) My current commissions are being worked on each weekend, when I have a sufficient amount of time to work on them. I do have school work to do guys, so I'm not always free. The current ref sheets and personal art I have been making don't take any time at all, and are something I do for fun in the free time I DO have. This means I'll probably be working on one commission per weekend; I'm not a good multi-tasker and I cant work on multiple pieces at once. I have to work on a piece all in one go, or I lose interest and motivation very quickly and it results in a rushed piece. Huge pieces (aka the fully detailed ones, which I have a huge amount of to do atm) tires me out quite easily xD'' sorry guys. 

3) If you're one of the people who has ordered a commission from me, please do not write a comment or a journal asking when it'll be done. If you're curious about it's progress, please note me instead. The reason behind this is that I often lose track of comments and journals easily, and at  least with a note I can have it somewhere I can access easily. 

4) Once the current batch of commissions is finished, I'm going to start using the commission widget that's available for beta testers. With this, I'll also be upping the price of my commissions a lot, as 100 points = $1, and I do feel my art is at least worth more than that. I can't say what the prices will be, but just know that the current prices on my price sheet will not stay, and they are going to change in the near future.

5) Please don't try and bribe me into drawing stuff for you; you'll just end up getting ignored. It doesn't matter what you offer me, if I'm too busy to draw I'm too busy. It doesn't matter what you offer me: points, free art, I won't accept it. If I wanted points or art or money, I'd open commissions. 

That's all I think! If you guys have any further questions, I'm happy to answer C:
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My Stash has been playing around a lot recently, so I thought I'd ask for some help to see if anyone knows how to fix the problem :/

My laptop broke (again) a few weeks back, and I lost a good chunk of sketches, drawings, etc. Thankfully I had been uploading these into my Stash, just in case something like that would happen again (I know, I know, I keep meaning to buy a memory stick, but I keep forgetting).

So I have all sorts of stuff in my stash, but there's this one sketch that I was rather proud of and was looking forward to finishing. However, for whatever reason I'm not allowed to view it anymore. It was perfectly viewable before, but now it just keeps saying it's being "stashed" (wth it was already in stash??). When I click on it just shows me the "this image cannot be viewed" thing. I tried downloading it, but then the page just crashes.

So yeah... Has anyone had this happen to them before? and does anyone have a fix?
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Thought I'd get back into the regular routine of making journals, which I seem to not do anymore xD;

First of all I'd like to thank those for their supportive messages from last Tuesday, they really did help and make me feel so much better. I've been feeling well for the past few days, so hopefully it'll last. 

Next, I'd like to address my two current ongoing comics: 'A General's Folly' and 'You Were My Heart'.
YWMH shall be put on hold for the time being. I'm not happy with it, and I desire to redo the past 4 pages, as I've changed a few things story wise, and I want the art to be on par with AGF. It was originally going to be a short thing, about 20 pages, but it's gotten longer so I want to do a lot better with it. Everyone seems to enjoy AGF a lot more anyway, so I'm not too fussed. I am really excited for events in this comic, so I really want to make sure its amazing as I can make it.

Now, for AGF. I'll be trying to get out a page once every week/ 2 weeks if I can. It's been almost a year since I started it and it's only on page... 13? 14? something like that. This comic is really long, so I wanna get a move on with it if I can. Also, please excuse a few differences in the font and page quality, as I have switched drawing programs. So yeah, there's that. 
I can't promise that I will keep to a schedule, muse comes and goes, and I also have school to think about, but I'll try my best.
What I can promise is that we won't be dwelling too much on the tired old 'my brother is crown prince and I'm not' plot. Just hang in there for a few more pages and I promise the story will get a move on. My main worry is that everyone will think this is a 'BrotherVSBrother' story when it isn't, it just starts off that way at first. It'll get better I promise xD;;

That's about it I think. Have a good day guys~
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