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Bulbasaur loves you! ♥
Do you love Bulbasaur?ü

Inspiration from: pixiv art [link]
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Aw no, this is absolutely Adorable!
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Love it? Of Course I love it! Is one of my favorite pokemon of all time! >w<
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Make sure to sub to my channel pls
PandaisQued's avatar
I do 'cuz I used this Image for one of my youtube thumbnails!…
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Can I use this picture on my youtube video for top 10 pokemon?? :D
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GIF Gravity Falls - Cute!Cuteness Overload MemeGIF Steven Universe - So Cute!SOCUTE!SOCUTE!SOCUTE!plzHeart Blushing Mihashi
An amazon seller sells this as a shirt :/…
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Cute! Good job!
WestOfArkham's avatar
This is so cute, I will have to fight an Ursaring bare-handedly to regain my manliness.
AlexandertheHedgeho8's avatar
I love you too, my little Bulby.
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Found somebody selling this as their own art if you are going after people who do that:…
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Hey mey I use this pic? I'll put link to your profile :3
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*dies of cuteness*
Ponemaster's avatar
yes bulba. I wuvs u
PittheKidIcarus's avatar
Cuteness overload!!!!!!!!
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ooown Bulbasaur  so cutee
Ani-Eimi's avatar
:la: Omg, this is one of the most cutest things I've ever seen! :+fav: :heart:
Venusaur15's avatar
Bulbasaur is love Bulbasaur is life you will always be my favorite
FarraigeFuar's avatar
Hello~ Amazing work! unfortunatelly this girl stole this drawing
AsrielTheDigiFreak's avatar
I rove Burbusaur!^^
I really love him!^^
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Bulbasaur Sprite. Generation VI This is starting to make me think that bulbasaur is the meaning of the universe.No! I can't fall for the cuteness! It's still a great piece of art i love it 
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