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Well, after a long journey, the sword is mostly complete. I've avoided the pitfalls of feature creep and "good ideas" and stuck nearly completely to the original design specifications. I've made several revisions for efficiency, cost savings, and quality improvements. But this is by and large a physical copy of what I had envisioned many months ago in 3D studio Max. It's standing 64" tall in the corner awaiting being hung on the wall. It's pretty nice to hold it in my hands, knowing it all would work out even better on round two.

It is nice to know exactly what it takes to get this project or a similar one, completed utilizing the industrial processes I've outlined, which not only save time and money, but also allow repeatability and scalability. The human touches such as the hollow grind will make each sword unique, and in time I'll be able to repeat that process with high efficiency, but that's a belt-grinder and hollow-grinding jig away, as well as having a dust evac system, because that aluminum dust was ridiculous. I learned exactly what it would take to laser etch my pattern into the sword, which by the way is a beautiful finish, but cost prohibitive, needless to say, it HAD to be done, so I could see it, as with the majority of things. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but was able to recover from each of them w/o much trouble, there was a ton of learning involved with this project, I hope I can apply this knowledge in the future!
Well, another month and more progress.

So, I've learned a thing or two about prototyping. Everything is gonna cost you $200 or more and take at least a week to complete, lol. Just expect it, unless you want to hand-jam everything, but for this project I wanted a repeatable process. Needless to say, it's been a very fun and educational experience thus far. With only 1 more major process, and a few finishing things to do (such as attaching the horns to one of the sets of cross guards), I can say the sword is nearing completion.

I had a really cool experience with a local blade smith who was able to grind an awesome hollow grind onto the blade. I'm so impressed with this that I may abandon machining the edge in favor of coming up with a grinding jig for any future blades. I just love the precision of machining, also aluminum dust is akin to saw-dust but obviously alot more dangerous. This thing generated a bunch of dust during the grinding process. So, if I were to do again I'd setup a collection system to keep it at bay.

Thank you to all who've been following, I look forward to completing this project and taking pix!
So, I have been wanting to make a custom GS for years now, ever sense I put together this alter-ego of a costume. This year I finally got around to doing it. I'm learning a great deal about some of the industrial manufacturing processes and how to design for them! It's been a great learning experience and once this thing is completed, I'll have a truly unique weapon of my own imagining! In about 2 weeks I should also receive some 3D printed bits from for some finishing touches. It's been a long process from design to physical parts, but it's been quite fun. It's a living design however, and further updates to my drawings occur weekly!
This weekend was fun, there is a park that I've driven by on occasion and always thought it might be a nice place to do some photos. Zorana and I decided to head out somewhat early, and try our hand at some poses.

Hope you enjoy them, we enjoyed shooting, for both of us, it was our first time going somewhere specifically to take pictures, so it was a learning experience.

Once the initial "I'm in costume in public; this is weird!" feeling wore off we relaxed and really got into it! It was a fairly quiet day anyway, so there wasn't too many other people around.