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Move over

The original Mystery Twins of Gravity Falls fighting over a couch I guess :XD: Love those two, although we still have to find out how they will interact with each other 0_0
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Aw, man! your art style is fantastic! Loving the colored pencil effect! 
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No prob! :D (Big Grin) 
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I love your style on these.
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Sorry but thats Is like a younger brother always acts!
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"You seriously had to sell my two-seater?"
"Hey, fixing that portal wasn't cheap! Besides; the two-seaters on the front porch."
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love these old guys
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Haha, I love it! Ford is like " Move over, moron!" And Stan's like " No no, I need to annoy you shitless right now". Ah, sibling love.
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Yes, sib love is the best :XD:
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Lol I was looking at this in class :D it was free computer time. Love this .
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I can't WAIT to see these two together.
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Oh me too! And at the same time I'm scared they'll argue and never make up 
Given a spoiler that Alex Hirsch gave, that is a possibility!
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They've been apart for this long, I doubt that'll happen.
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Maybe. It's just that who knows what happened 30 years ago, and made the author so distrusting. 
Can't wait to see Gideon's face when he sees 2 Stan's.
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Haha, poor Gideon XD
He'll probably be like, "Oh Christ, they're multiplying!!"
Gideon will nope out of the world
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