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Hey Nerd!

Younger Stan twins. weeeee :la:

A quicky is quick
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HAHAH Ford isn't very happy 
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this fandom is everything i could dream about
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Man. Never thought watching through old arts can be so amazing
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It’s amazing how in the space of 30 years or so nerds went from easy punching bags to a crazily accepted culture, in general. And perhaps being among that group for his love of numbers, writing and computers, I can’t help but feel lucky. :nod:


Anyway, for a quick work this definitely serves its purpose. Even if there was a bit of brotherly ruckus going on, you can’t help but feel they still have a certain respect for each other. Still, is it that much to ask to just leave someone to read their book in that nice weather? :shakefist:


The anatomy of the brothers looks quite solid and the trees (conifers, I’m guessing), are nicely coloured and shaped. Also some good work found on the bunched-up sleeves to boot. The other details that I can see works well, although I have no idea why anyone would use a quill and ink these days. :nod:


Pretty decent work, especially for a quickie. Keep it up. :)

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Thank you for such a great comment :aww:
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No worries, pal! :)
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Stan = Mabel

Author(Stanley?) = Dipper
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Looks that way, but we'll see :)
I can see that happening.
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Yeah. And Dipper be fangirling over Stanley.
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I love your art sooOOOOO much <3
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Best art of the Stan twins yet!
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Nice, like your style. 
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...Stan was definitely the troll brother...
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Haha I love this! :D
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Aww brotherly love!
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