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Feud and Friendship

The top pic was inspired by a tumblr post with a similar drawing.
Also I'm too lazy to draw guns.
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Omg if it wasn't for the glasses in the first picture you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.
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I finally saw this episode last night! One of my new favorites.
  It was pretty sad how both Stan and Stanford's relationship deteriated over time. But at the same time, I really love how well done their confict was written. It doesn't make it seem like ones the good guy and one is the bad guy. They're both well meaning people that just made several mistakes in their lives.  If they do make another episode with these two in the future, hopefully they will make up as they definetely still seem to care for one another.

On a another note, I really like your work, espcially on this piece. It has really rounded look to it that's very appealing. Great job!
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Yes exactly! They both had selfish moments and instances when they just refused to hear one another out. It's obvious that they connect and have a chance to make up. Stan surprised me at how actually loving he is, but it's not really right to demand a thank you when HE was actually the one who accidentally pushed Ford into the portal. It's sad really, he made two mistakes out of clumsiness and lack of knowledge not out of spite, and his life went to hell because of that. Let's hope they make up :)

And thank you for liking my work :)
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I sincerely hope there will be a cool down episode before or after the apocalypse so we can have family bonding. That would be amazing.
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There sure must be a light-hearted episode like there always was up till now.
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I don't know though, with the apocalypse looming and all...
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Well at least ONE :XD:
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It's jsut that everybody is expecting Stanley to be so angry at Stanford because of the 30 years incident and opening the portal again but...30 years is a long time to be angry at your brother.           And underneath the conman Stanford has a big heart, and if Stanley hurts Stanford I am going to hate him so badly and... Ugh, this episode needs to come faster.
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Oh yeah, I know. I actually see Stanley punching Stan instead of hugging him in the next ep, and it won't end there. I think they'll have some trust issues to work with for the next few eps. And the apocalypse coming and all, yeah it won't be that fluffy all the time. It's just that that how the show is, it has light hearted eps inbetween the intense ones.
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As long as he doesn't blame Stanford for nothing unnecessary, like the apocalypse. If he does, I'm gonna cry.
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We'll see. Perhaps Stan knew what he was doing when opening the portal and pointedly ignoring his bro's wanrnings in the journal. It's not like he was planning to see his brother and then commit global suicide.
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